School has always been the bane of many young gamers lives. Man, sitting through that math class and pretending like you give a damn is already hard enough. Especially when all you can think about is playing Fortnite and scoring that sweet, sweet Victory Royale. Fear not friends, we understand your pain, so today, we’ve put together a list that’ll help you sneak in a few matches while you’re in class. The top 10 ways to play fortnite in school without your teachers noticing. 10 Location Location Location First and foremost, where you position yourself is utterly crucial. If you’re right up at the front of the class, you’re going to be spotted, no matter how many precautions you take, or how many of these tips on our list you follow. Sit at the back of your class if you can. Or near a wall, which will help minimize the number of angles that your teacher or others can spot what you’re doing. Corners are your friend. Plus, if you find this extra difficult to achieve, being generous with your bathroom breaks always come in handy if you need to escape momentarily. Just be prepared to tell your teacher you had a pretty toxic breakfast burrito if you end up spending an ungodly amount of time in the loo playing.

9 Phone clip Phone clips are a great way to multitask in general. Want to make it look like you’re taking notes? Need to keep your head up so that your teacher doesn’t book you starring down at your phone in your lap while you run around blasting people with that SCAR you just found? Well, a phone clip is of great assistance in making it look like you’re somewhat paying attention, or that at least your eyes are glued to something else that they shouldn’t be. Ones with a flexible neck like the gooseneck phone clip makes it easier to not only hide your phone, but adjust your screen and angle it however your heart desires. 8 Windows 10 Task View If you’re playing on a school computer, or have a Windows laptop, this little feature will surely come in handy. Windows 10 has a feature called Task view that allows you to create two or more desktops that you can switch between all by hitting a button.

So just make sure you pull up some school related files onto these other desktops, and switch over to them whenever danger is near. Hopefully you won’t get gunned down while hiding your game, though. 7 Apple Ear Buds It should be pretty darn obvious to everyone watching this video that you’re going to need to have your device on silent if you’re playing Fortnite in class. It’s a given. But sound is pretty crucial to playing, and often the noises in the game can be cues that alert you to when another player is nearby. So how do you manage to not sabotage your own game without giving away that you’re playing in class? Ear buds are the answer. Small wireless headphones like the apple ear buds will come in handy if you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your gameplay.

The trick is to either hide them behind your hair, or wear a hat like a beanie or a toque that will sufficiently cover your ears. It’s probably a good idea to only wear one headphone though, so that in case you get called out in class or have to pretend you’re paying attention for a hot second. Speaking of paying attention though- 6 Eye Contact A dead giveaway that you’re preoccupied with something you shouldn’t be during class is that your eyes will be glued to something that isn’t the teacher, or the front of the classroom. There’s an easy way around that, friends. Feign your attention. Pretend to give a crap about what you’re learning by periodically piping in and participating, answering a question, or just looking directly at your teacher from time to time, making eye contact. Now there is a way of going too far with this, so perhaps don’t start enthusiastically nodding or trying to answer questions when you’re entirely clueless as to what the class discussion is. Moderation is key! 5 Clutter is key Depending on how you plan on playing your game, whether it be with a phone clip or with the assistance of some other peripheral, you’re likely still going to need to hide your phone.

A visible phone is a giant red flag to a teacher or other nearby students who may be inclined to rat you out. So how do you keep your device hidden? Clutter on your desk is essential. Toss your bag on that table, have a sturdy stack of books in front of you, or even have your pencil case out; anything that can obscure your teacher’s view is exactly what you’re going for in this sense. Remember, going over the top can also be problematic, so maybe don’t empty out the entire contents of your bag onto your desk, or have a comically large stack of books in front of you. Discretion matters. 4 Pre planned excuses Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Say you get caught, what are you going to do then? Having a handful of pre-planned excuses may prevent your phone from being taken away, or getting you a one way ticket to the principals’ office.

Perhaps say your phone is acting up, and you were responding to a message from your mom or dad. Maybe try to come up with a quick excuse that that’s your phones screen saver. Get creative friends. If you can manage to close the game or open a different app up instead of Fortnite right before getting caught, that always helps with the fib. And, it’s also worth while having one of your nearby friends primed to help soften the fall. Perhaps they can cause a distraction if your teacher gets too close to your desk, or they can back you up and say, yeah, that’s totally your phones screensaver. And remember – the more simple the excuse, the more believable it is. 3 Vuzix Blade AR Glasses AR glasses are the sneakiest way to play while in class, or in any other public setting where you don’t want to be found out. While you most definitely won’t be able to throw on something bulky in terms of eye wear, the Vuzix Blade AR glasses solves that problem; they’re really sleek, and if you already wear glasses, or sometimes bust out a pair, these little guys are probably your best bet at getting away with battle royale and no one having any idea what you’re really up to.

Pair these with a wireless controller that you keep hidden on your lap or under your desk and bam, you’re golden. 2 Laptop Privacy Screen A laptop privacy screen is great for not only sneakily playing Fortnite, but for hiding whatever it is you’re doing on your screen in general when in public. How do these bad boys work? Essentially it’s a thin filter that you put overtop of your laptop screen that blacks out the screen to anyone trying to view it who isn’t looking at it directly straight on. Meaning, anyone who isn’t sitting right in front of it can’t see what’s on your screen for the most part. If you use a laptop in class to take notes, this is the PERFECT way to play Fornite and be undetected, especially if your teacher has a habit of circling the classroom from time to time. Just be sure to keep that whole eye contact number of our list in mind before fully immersing yourself in your match.

1 Wireless Controller If you’re playing on your phone or on a tablet, a dead giveaway that you’re playing Fortnite is that you’ll be holding up your phone. But there’s a way around that. You can lie your device flat on your desk or propped up against your bag or pencil case, all while not touching it with your hands, thanks to a wireless controller. Something like the 8Bitdo Zero wireless controller, which is pretty darn tiny, connects to your device via Bluetooth, and it’s super discreet. You can even pop it on your keys and make it look like a key chain in case your teacher decides to grill you about it. I swear, it’s just a toy! There we have it friends! Did this list spark any other ideas? What methods have you used when trying to play in class? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know! If you dug this video, hit that like button, and be sure to subscribe to top 10 gaming for more lists, fan theories, news, lets plays and much more.

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