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Warn Characters of impending doom – Fortnite Locations


Hey everyone sanger here and in this we’ll be showing you how to complete the week 14 legendary quest to warn characters of impending doom. So for this challenge, you basically have to go around any npc on the map, three in total and just have a conversation with them and in this video i’ll be showing you the location of three different npcs that are very close to each other. So this is basically going to be the fastest way. You can do this in one match. First off we’re going to be starting off up here, then we’re going to make our way down to the npc.

Here it’s going to be superman and then finally to the farmer npc down there, but the first embassy you want to come to is going to be here because then you can either get a car or use the launch pad then go down to that one. So it’s going to be easier to start off up here and the npc that spawns here maven is going to be inside this building here so you’ll see shortly. Alright, all you have to do is go up to this npc again in this building continue and then just like that. That is going to be a warning one character you will see after i get rid of that short person to the top left. That’S one out of three one characters of impending doom.

So then what i’m going to do is take this launch pad down to this farm right here now. The second npc is going to be right inside this house, so it’s going to be superman, npc and again the same thing you just go up to them. You just click the chat button once and then that is going to do it so we’ll go up to the superman npc here, click on him. I’Ve got to warn everyone quickly continue and then again, once i get rid of those bandages in top left, you will see two out of three one characters of impending doom and now to get over there. Where is it there to that farm um?

You can firstly use a car if you’re on from back there – or you can come over here and get a car from here – just hope that the wheel is unlocked in it and then you’re going to just make your way over there to that farm. On the hill, then you want to make your way up to the top of the farm. Again, look inside the building for the bubbles, that’s where the npc is going to be go up to the npc, just like the others again, blah blah blah something about warning. People continue and then just like that that it’s going to complete the challenge. So you have to do if you guys have any more questions about this challenge.

Comment down below and i’ll do my best to get back to you in that. Otherwise, though, that’s it for me for now and i’ll see you next time see

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