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Week 9 leaked challenges Guide – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3



Welcome back guys So week 9 challenge just got leaked i’m going to show you how to complete all the challenge the fastest way First challenge you have to search seven chests at pleasant park So here is a picture showing where are all the chests that you can find in pleasant park you only need seven in total So here is the fastest and easiest way to collect all seven chests in one go So all you have to do is follow the path that i’m showing Get three eliminations at the Fortila You need to eliminate three players of henchmen to finish this challenge I recommend you to kill all the henchmen because we need to kill seven in total to complete the challenge number six So you can complete these two challenge in one go to the fortila Gas up a vehicle at Catty Corner to gas up a vehicle Catty Corner.


You find the nearest car over here So come to the gas station over here and gas the car up Stock campfires at camp cod here are all the campfire’s location at camp cod Collect metal a Hydro16, the fastest way to collect metal at hydro16 is over here. So come right here and harvest some metal Eliminate seven henchmen or marauders. So you need to kill seven henchmen to complete this challenge So if you did what suggested to you this challenge should be done by now. Otherwise, don’t worry We will finish this challenge once we start to do the challenge number seven eliminate 70 henchmen or morauders so the easiest and the fastest way to complete this challenge is get a Helicopter and kill all the marauders you can find around the map Search seven ammo boxes at Misti and the last challenge you have to collect seven ammo boxes at Misty So in this picture, you can see where all the ammo boxes are I’m sure I helped you with at least one challenge.


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