Where Are The Cakes In Fortnite To Complete Challenge


 is celebrating its first birthday in this weeks update and it includes some new challenges for players to complete There are three tasks for players to complete with a birthday cake back bling being the main reward once all of them are complete The limited-time challenges will let players unlock birthday-themed sprays, emoticons and back bling, as well as bonus XP to celebrate the occasion One of the tasks require players to dance in front of various birthday cakes that have been added to the map as part of the celebration Here is a guide of where you can find them and how to complete the challenge. birthday challenges Deal 1,000 damage to opponents ? Unlocks the Birthday! Emoticon Dance at different birthday cakes ? Unlocks the Happy Birthday! Spray Play 14 matches ? Unlock 5,000 XP Complete all 3 challenges to earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling.

 The items will be available to unlock from Tuesday 24 July until Tuesday 7 August, so you will have two weeks to complete the challenges How to complete the birthday cake challenge One of the tasks you need to do to complete the birthday challenges is to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes on the map There are currently ten different locations where we know you can find birthday cake and once you get there you just need to perform a dance emote When you have done this for all ten cakes you have completed that challenge and unlock a birthday-themed spray Here is a list of the places where you can find the cake and we have also circled the locations in the map below On the path south of Lazy Links among the golf greens you should spot a birthday cake.

One of the birthday cakes can be found near somew of the wooden lodges towards the west part of Lonely Lodge Retail Row has a birthday cake that you can find in the centre of the road. The north of Greasy Grove has some birthday cake there not far from the Durrr Burger You can get a slice of cake near the middle of Fatal Fields out in the open. Flush Factory has a cake sitting outside the front of the factory A birthday cake can be found in Paradise Palms on the sand near the apartments. There is some cake on the greenery near some of the houses towards the east of Pleasant Park Loot Lake has a cake at the very south of it near the start of the river. A birthday cake sits on top of a hill to the south of Risky Reels .

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