Why Tfue WINS Every FIGHT | Fortnite Battle Royale Tips


Tfue starts out at Greasy Grove. He somehow manages to get three kills with the odds stacked against him. Let?s see how Tfue fights his way out of a tough early game. Tfue manages to grab a pistol and pushes the first enemy he sees. If you are lucky enough to find an early weapon and see someone without one, you should always push. The more time you give players to find better weapons, the worst it will turn out for you. After taking a couple of shots, Tfue notices the enemy grabs a pump shotgun. Now wait a minute, a pump shotgun versus a common pistol? Every player knows a pump shotgun outmatches a pistol in every encounter, but Tfue remains calm. Tfue lands 1-2 shots on the enemy and uses the R.V. to line of sight his opponent. You should always use line of sight in a 1v1. Consider using right-wall peaking In these sorts of situations. Look to use objects in the early game to make up for yoour low mat count and to try and get a slight advantage over someone with a better weapon.

Tfue notices his enemy isn?t pushing. He doesn?t want to waste any time, other player are ALWAYS lurking so he decides to push. Tfue uses line of sight again to get an easy first kill. Using line of sight in various situations can be highly effective in avoiding damage, a lot of pro players use this tactic and I suggest you do too! Tfue heads back into the store and notices another enemy looting up, he pushes the enemy aggressively and gets the kill. Now there are two tactics Tfue used here, guess if you can spot them? When he noticed his enemy drinking a potion, he used the cashier to gain a height advantage to get a good shot off.

Once his enemy was low, he bull rushed in looking for the kill. After you get your opponent low, you should never give an enemy time to recover. Make sure they can?t get a heal off, especially in solos. Don?t leave them any time to think! You may think Tfue is done fighting in the early game, but surprise! Another enemy pops up behind him. Fortunately for Tfue, he?s always ready. He places a wall to avoid taking damage and does something everyone should learn, a peak-wall shot. You want to pre-aim and precisely time when your wall breaks, instantly taking a shot at them. You then want to replace your wall before your opponent has any time to react. Tfue executes this perfectly and finishes off kill number three. In this clip, you learned how to protect yourself with objects in the early game. Whenever you?re low on mats, look for good cover, especially ones that help you right wall peek! You also learned to always push early game when you see someone weaker than you. Whether they have less health, a worse weapon or no weapon at all, capitalize on your advantages.

And the last thing you learned is a great peak-wall technique that every pro uses. Catch your enemy by surprise by landing a big shot just as your wall breaks. Now let?s get into number clip 2! The second clip shows some great takeaways from a competitive duo scrim. Tfue uses intelligent rotation tactics to his advantage, and most importantly you get to see Tfue work in a team. You will learn just how pro scrims work! Tfue starts off by rotating toward highground early in the zone while most of his opponents are fighting down below. You should always look to rotate early. Rotating early to the last few zones can have tons of benefits. You can shoot at every player rotating in and it ensures that you are safely in the zone, that way you have position on them and can snag all their loot as they are desperately trying to get to safety..

Tfue manages to pull off his fifth kill by lasering a guy down below. He then notices an enemy trying to grapple up to him, so he simply places a floor, keeping high ground. You can easily counter any grapple play by just placing a floor, forcing them below you. Tfue then finds himself in a BAD situation. His ally starts covering fire while Tfue attempts to rotate. He pulls off the escape and gets to high-ground using his grappler. Pro players LOVE the grappler and you should too. The grappler is a highly effective weapon late game because it lets you rotate so fast. It allowed Tfue to instantly take high ground with his ally while they spray down below. Tfue again uses line of sight with the RPG to ensure he takes no damage, securing the victory. In this clip, you learned several things. Rotating early into a moving storm late game can have tremendous benefits. You get the chance at easy kills, early high ground and better positioning, all with an early rotation. We also saw an easy counter to the grappler. And lastly we saw another classic Tfue line of sight play. Tfue always uses his surroundings and walls to his advantage.

It?s a great thing for you too learn as well. This final clip is a great display of Tfue?s ability to remain calm under pressure. We?ll see Tfue clutch a win in a competitive duos game with no materials. Hopefully you?ll learn a few things and end up clutching a duos game for you and your friends! Tfue starts off with a pretty solid endgame loadout. He starts off by rotating to zone with a grappler, since he doesn?t have mats. Take note on how Tfue positions himself during the entire fight. While the odds are stacked against him, he remains calm and focuses on winning the game, because that?s what winners do! You should always focus on your positioning heading into any fight, it can mean the difference between life and death. Tfue gains high-ground with a grappler, lands a beautiful shot, then bails. Now you might ask why didn?t he finish the guy off? Tfue knows that his enemy has a teammate, and that there is another team nearby.

You should be aggressive, but think of it has controlled aggression. If you?re putting yourself in between two teams, you?re probably being too aggressive! Tfue waits out the situation and once the time is right, makes his move. He grapples up and finishes off one of the duo teammates. After getting kill 6, he bails again because he notices that one of the enemies is building up. This was smart because he forced a 1v1 and then after, he can reset the fight from a more advantageous position, on his terms.

Tfue very well knows the storm is pushing, if he commits to the fight, things can get sloppy. He rotates downward as the storm pushes him into the zone. He applies pressure on the last two enemies above him and they die of fall damage, earning another victory royale. Let?s re-look at this end game scenario. There were two solo players, one duo team and Tfue. While Tfue could have attempted a double kill or played more aggressively, his non-aggressive playstyle payed off. By allowing the enemies to kill each other and intervening when he needed to, he ended up winning the game. I cannot stress how important controlled aggression his, especially during the late game.

You never want to put yourself in a bad situation in the late game. Taking a bad fight or even a bad shot can prove fatal. Think about your current situation and if you gain anything from taking a fight. Don?t just go in like a chicken with its head cut off. Be patient. You?ll improve an incredible amount just by changing what type of fights you take. You learned some more great tips from the last clip.

Tfue showed that you should remain calm even while having no materials. Positioning is the name of the game in the late game. Use everything to your advantage to stay safe. No game is out of reach. By taking smart fights, you can easily earn more more victory royales!.