Fortnite’s been making Bank off of its character skins and emotes that people can buy and customize their character words But they don’t have to if they don’t want to write while all these character skins may have the same hitboxes and stats There are a few character skins that actually give you a pretty hefty Disadvantage when it comes to playing the game, despite how cool they may look what is up guys Jimmy arkaos Welcome to chaos top tens. And today we’re gonna be looking at ten of the worst fortnight skins that you should never use you should never spend your VIII bucks on and you should never Equip for multiple different reasons. Let’s get started this month’s fake giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console (but not really cause it’s fake) All you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video be subscribed to the channel and turn on your notifications So you never miss an upload and in the comment section Let me know why you want to win the ps4 and include your Twitter handle so I can contact You if you’re the winner the winner will be announced at the end of the month Kicking off our list is none other than tomato head That’s right.

This extra saucy mascot of tomato town one of the I hate tomato town I don’t know why I just don’t like it He was the first he was first added to the game on April 21st of this year Tomato head is a fun Pizza themed character who came with a special delivery bag bling and a pizza slicer pickaxe Which I wish I would have got that. That was actually pretty cool Now overall tomato head is one of the funniest looking skins ever added to for tonight But he unfortunately isn’t the best choice if you’re trying to go unnoticed tomato head sticks out pretty dramatically went on the battlefield due to his obviously large tomato head and His bright color scheme as most characters don’t feature much bright orange or green like this guy does like I said tomato head is a great skin in terms of design and fun factor, but in terms of gameplay He’s probably not the best choice.

You don’t want to stick out in fortnight Number 9 we have nightlight this is a very very Stylish skin that was added around the beginning of season 4 night light was that as part of the neon glow set on May 3rd Of 2018 it is. It’s basically a rave inspired skin featuring tons of bright colors in stark contrast in the color scheme however This is the main problem most of the time the darker character skins will blend in with the environment More and be better for playing sneaky, but skins like the nightlight feature a dark base but with a bunch of bright neon colors to go alongside it which makes the color stand out and pop even more than they normally would which ultimately Will make your character even easier to spot now It is definitely a cool skin, but it does not do you any favors when you’re in combat? That’s kind of a trend that you guys are going to be seeing on this video And I beret we have one of my personal favorite skins I don’t really like putting it on this list, but I’m gonna do it.

Anyway crack shot I cannot deny how impractical it is if you’re actually trying to use him as a win now the crack shot skin is a nutcracker themed skin that was first added to the game in December of 2017 for the Christmas season for 2000 V bucks and it hasn’t actually returned since January It’s a very very rare skin. The skin itself is pretty awesome. It’s very detailed But what makes this skin so bad for gameplay is the size of the crack shots head It’s way bigger than other character skins now. This does not make his hitbox any bigger Thank goodness But it does make you much easier to spot and it makes it much tougher to peek out from cover Without being seen to try-try head glitching with crack shot now while other characters you can crouch behind cover and peek out Crack shot and that’s not gonna work crouching behind cover isn’t actually going to conceal you Since your head is so freakin bad Now there was a time Where this was one of the the most deadliest skins in terms of if you saw a crack shot coming It was probably a good player, but now I don’t know I just think people have realized that he kind of puts you at a disadvantage you hardly ever see anybody running him anymore Now number 7 we have light show The cheaper skin was added to the game may 3rd of 2018 at the start of season 4 and yes It’s part of the neon glow set light show is the male version of the night light skin and unfortunately, yes it suffers from the same downsides that she does including that very stark contrast to the colors in just the abundance of Brightness on it makes him a much more noticeable target than other character skins in the game now thankfully thankfully This skin was only 800 B bucks.

So you didn’t get too screwed over by how unhelpful he is during combat, but Regardless while V books aren’t aren’t cheap. Anywhere you go regardless he puts you at a disadvantage Just like his counterpart nightlight at Number six this is one of the most recent skins added to port Naughton It’s pretty popular in the last few weeks and that’s kind of how it works Fly Trap now fly tribe debuted on June 9th, which is my birthday of 2018 is one of the superhero themed skins and he is a toxic plant themed character and to be honest.

He looks pretty awesome Unfortunately, he also sticks out like a sore thumb deering gameplay aside from the fact that his hair is Massive and it sticks up way further than most other character skins his signature pickaxe the tendril also has some pretty weird effects that pop up after the swinging animation and they briefly Obstruct the screen now the effects aren’t nearly as detrimental as the character skin itself flytrap Definitely earns a spot on the list for how much he stands out compared to the other characters and he does he puts you at A disadvantage not only for his character skin But also for his tendril and I I’m gonna call it now here in a week or two You’re probably not going to see anybody using this guy and he is awesome Looking but when people figure out that they don’t have the advantage with the skin They’re gonna move on to something else at number five We have the dark Voyager when this skin was first added to the game A lot of people were talking about how much he stood out and it’s it’s still true Dark Voyager was the tier 70 reward during season three’s battle pass and he’s a very cool astronaut themed character But what makes this character so bad during combat is the fact that he has some of the most dramatic Differences in his color scheme between the dark and the light he is a pitch-black character But with very very bright illuminated lights on his sides that stick out like crazy That’s the contrast again the neon lights make it super easy for you to spot him from a distance and be tracked Even through the environment.

So while the skin may be one of the coolest from season three’s battle pass He’s definitely not the best choice if you’re trying to go out there and get some dubs He’s gonna put you at a disadvantage and I think he is one of the easiest skins to spot from a long long distance away When it comes to fortnight Number four we have the rabbit Raider This is another one of my personal favourite skins in the game But there’s no denying how much of a disadvantage it puts you at when you use it the rabbit Raider was first added to the item shop on March 31st 2000 as part of the Easter season for 1,500 V bucks and it’s a fun combat themed tank on the Easter Bunny You wear this bright pink bunny costume with a hockey mask and some a grenade strapped to your chest The design of the character is pretty cool. I’m not denying all that but the reason the skin is actually bad for the gameplay is its color the rabbit Raider is one of the brightest skins of the Game and it’s extremely easy to spot them from a distance and track them around cover with other darker colored skins It’s harder to follow them around when they’re running through the trees or the shadows But the rabbit Raider is so bright and in-your-face that you’re never going to lose track of him once you actually spot him Speaking of pink bright skins at number three, we have the cuddle team leader This was added to the game with the Valentine’s Day update.

They’d also added the crossbow rest I mean rip rip the crossbow while this skin is pretty cool. It was a fun idea for a shooter It has a lot of the same disadvantages that the rabbit Raider does as well as some that the crack-shot one has the cuddle team leader is a big pink teddy bear costume with a large mascot head and while it May be funny to kill your enemies as a teddy bear This skin is also bright pink and it’s easy to spot and track through the shadows and distances plus Not only is cuddle team leader bright pink, but it also has the large head compared to the other character So once again cuddle team leaders hitbox is no bigger than other skins That’s a myth but the fact that it’s larger makes it harder to be sneaky and stay behind cover I mean, it’s an awesome skin This is one of the most popular skins in the game But unfortunately, it combines the weaknesses of both the rabbit Raider and the crack shot and tomato guy during your gameplay Ad number two the Reaper.

That’s right also known as John wick this skin is often used by the super tryhard players who build like crazy and they go for insane clips The Reaper was the final battle pass reward for season 3 and it’s often Well, it has a stigma connected to it when you see in gameplay. So why does it get on this list? You may ask well for that reason when you’re playing squads and you come across an enemy John wick chances Are you’re going to automatically assume they’re a good player. You’re gonna go just gonna open fire at them at once, right? You’re just gonna go all-out. That means if you’re playing is John wick You’re probably going to get double and triple team much more often than normal So while this skin may be pretty awesome and it may not have any straightforward disadvantages like the others on this list it’s deels the number-two spot today for the fact that most everyone is going to be gunning for you and go out of their way to see if they can kill you kind of a test of their might if you will if they see a John wick and Finally at number one today Default skins that’s right.

There’s default skins we’re gonna finish off the list the only skin that gets barrage and double trip to triple team more than John wick is a Default, it’s kind of a fun Stereotype in fortnight that the default skin players are all bad and easy kills and while this isn’t totally false It’s definitely not always true But I’m sure you’ve played for a night with a squad and someone calls out a default at which point you automatically assume They suck So you charge right in on them and you start opening fire? Default skins before and I’d have a much rougher go than any other skin of the game Because everybody assumes they’re bad and will throw out most strategy just to go kill them for some easy points So while the default skin isn’t something you can buy or unlock it’s definitely getting the number one spot on the list today Due to how much rougher the defaults actually have it in-game and there you have it my friends Those are ten of the worst fortnight skins in the game You’re at a disadvantage with these they’re not worse because they look bad or anything.

They have disadvantages to them So you guys let me know what skins should have made it on this list which one on this list Do you agree with the most and if you guys enjoyed the video drop a like make sure you’re subscribed to the channel turn on those post notifications So you never miss an upload and there’s a fortnight playlist below if you guys want to check out all the other videos I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you guys soon.

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