Fractured Space Sniper Guide

Fractured Space Sniper Guide?by SerafineIntroductionThe Sniper is not OP.Yes it is a class that is particular effective against new players and it can be...

Fractured Space All Ship Classes Overview

Fractured Space All Ship Classes Overview?by JeriahWelcome, all you new captains! As of the content patch release March 3, 2015, the game now contains...

Fractured Space Equalizer Guide

Fractured Space Equalizer Guide?by SerafineThis guide, based on my personal experience, will help you to get the most out of this formidable little ship....

Fractured Space Assassin Guide

Fractured Space Assassin Guide?by TabbykatzeThis guide is a personal experience of how I have learnt to play the Assassin to help others learn to...

Fractured Space Basic Tactics Guide

Fractured Space Basic Tactics Guide?by Prophet_01Basics and main objectivesThe point of the game is to capture the enemies main base.The easiest way to do...
mining station

Fractured Space Beginner’s Guide

Fractured Space Beginner?s Guide?by Jeriah_nimoWelcome all you aspiring new commanders! This here will be my guide to starting out in Fractured Space, and will...

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