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Facebook Galaxy Online II Home Defense Tactics by Kristijan Gorzdanovski

Home Defence Tactics

As you all noticed,there are constantly a lot of attacks over planets by stronger players.They always pick a week target,with verry low or no home base defence at all and with a low level Space Station.It?s important that we keep our home defences strong,so the most used tactic is a wide fence of Meteor Stars,blocking enemies from attacking the Space Station,and in the empty fields between the blocks and Space Station,are put all of the turrets,Particle Cannons,Anti-Aircraft Guns,And sometimes,if you have a higher level Space Station (level 6+),you put a Thor?s Cannon.So your Space Base should look something like this:

It?s best to use all of the turrets,to a maximum level,and to their building limit?

Tactic Number 2 ? Destroying your openent while he is been delayed by tiny boxes?

-Since there are 2 ways to defend your system,1 made for shorter ranged fighters,and the other one designed for all types of ships?
-This is a tactic where we force our enemy into a trap,he gets the bait (the meteor stars in the corners) while the surrounding turets fire at their ships?They will have to make a trip arround your whole Space Base,while your long ranged turrets attack them?If they are too strong,and your turrets stand no chance against them,theey will still be sent back to their homes due to the round limit (for 2 fleets round limit is 26,for 8 fleets its 29 etc?).
-The idea for this tactic was combined from multiple tactics discussed in this forum and from Space Bases from strong players i have seen?

-I couldn?t snapshot the whole Space Base,so just pucture it in your mind?2 fleets each with up to 300 ships,2 pulse canons,1 meteor star and several AAs arround the base?The pulse cannos cover the whole area with firepower,so the enemy will be attacked on each move while moving to the next meteor star?leveling the pulse canons is verry important just in case the enemy attacks them (NOTE: This strategy has not been tested yet?)

Tactic Number 3 ? Enhanced Fort

After putting all of your buildings arround you Spase Station,on a distance of maximum 7 squares of it,and leaving some space between your defensive structures and filling it with decoys (i used 30+ decoy fleets each with 5 ships on it in an X formation?Wiekes 3 with only 1 engine ? nothing else?)Here?s how it loocked:

Tactic Number 4
This is a pretty good one,but its best when you have a lvl 8 Space Station,so its for the more advanced players?On this image you can find 2 Thors,15 AA Guns,20 Particle Cannons and 40 Meteor Stars?
Its probably the 3rd best tactic arround,So with the following levels,can defend you from 100k ships (TESTED)
-AA Guns all level 6 or 7?
-Particle Cannons level 6 or 7?
-Thors lvl 4 or 5?
-Meteor Stars at level 8-9?
I found out that the meteors have huge importance in the defence system,reasons:
-Every fleet attacks first the meteor stars,than AA guns,than particle cannons and thors?Ofcourse the Space Station comes last when all defences and defending fleets are destroyed?Oh if you have fleets arround,they are the main target?
-So,as long as the meteors hold,the more rounds it will take the enemy to destroy you,the more damage your defences do to them?
-If you manage to level the meteor stars to level 10 or all 40 to level 9,than you can boost up the ammount of ships your defences will destroy to even 150k ships?Talking about howlers with 2 X particle stun shield,2 X heat defusion and 2X space-time magnetic shields?And some good tech advancent?All that is tested and calculated?
-Level your meteors!It?s important?
*Someone sad that this game is made totaly to give advantage to the attacker,and give a big disadvantage to the deffender?I totaly disagree with that since with certain levels,you can get to defend yourself from 500k ships,maybe even Tiamats using Pandora III and tons of sheilds?
Yeah lets get to the image already?

I also suggest adding some decoys in the empty spaces,and make sure they do not have weapons on them,that way the attacker will be delayed even more before being able to attack you guns and Space Station?
You whould get A LOT of help if you have a TANK fleet right next to your Space Station,maybe add only 1 weak gun on it,just to make it move?The tank fleet should consist of 27k ships,9 X 3k stacks,with atleast Howler ? III as the hull and atleast x5 of all space-time magnetic,heat defusion,particle stun shields?

What happens if they destroy my Space Station?

-Don?t worry?All of your ground buildings will remain as they were before the attack,but all of your resources will be taken and all of the buildings arround your Space Station destroyed.Don?t give up hope!Collect some resources and start rebuilding?We learn fromm our mistakes and we shall have revange!

What will happen to my docked ships?

-They will remain docked even after the attack.But the ships that were arranged in fleets and not docked,will be all destroyed?

What happens to the commanders that were leading the destroyed fleets?

-They are either dead or in hospital.If they are dead,you can use a revival card to revive them,which you can get by lucky weel or you can buy it?Those who are in hospital,will remain there untill the healing time is over.You can also use a heal card,to heal them quicker.

FB ID: Kristijan Neo Grozdanovski
Character ID: Admiral55
Server: Ursa Minor

Home Defense Tactics II by Diana Strait

If you ever do any attacking you?ll find that your ships will sucker the defending ships away from the defensive canons. They will pick off the ships and then they will engage the defense canons.

My defense solves this lure away of my defensive ships by spreading out my defensive canons and covering all the area within range. I make sure all the canons coverage is on the outside edges. I also ensure that each canon covers another canon by a few squares to support it. This way I know that if under attack my defensive canons will be supporting my fleet.

I also notice that when attacking defensive structures is that my ships only attack horizontally and vertically but never diagonally. So I placed my space walls (meteor blocks ? or whatever they are called) in a??horizontal and vertical fashion leaving the diagonal squares empty.

I put the thor canon near the space station as it has the most range. The space station itself isn?t that covered. As I know from attacking other players is that my ships won?t attack the space station until everything else is destroyed.

I couldn?t find a way to shrink my screen to show the entire layout so I showed a section between the two corners.

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