As expected, Sea of Thieves was released yesterday and the game is, very much like what we’ve seen in the early tests, the past few weeks and months. There was this running pre-defense of Sea of Thieves, by Xbox fans that secret depths, were lurking under the surface, that we were only seeing, the tip of the iceberg but, that simply is not the case. Before we continue further, and give you our Honest review, Please Like this video, of Wiki Tips, and click Subscribe, to get unlimited free hacks, and tips on Sea of thieves, Sea of Thieves feels like a good deal, when rolled into Microsoft’s $10-a-month-for-a-whole-bunch-of-games, Xbox Game Pass, but less so when you realize, this is being sold as a $60 title to most players.

Playing the game myself, watching more advanced people play “later” stages on Twitch, it seems very clear that this is a totally unfinished game, and yes, my earlier, much-derided predictions about Sea of Thieves having No Man’s Sky’s strengths and weaknesses were warranted. Some things about Sea of Thieves are great. I really like the fundamental mechanic of missions, being little more than a map and an X, and it’s up to you to figure, out where you’re going and what to dig up without giant flashing indicators, on your screen telling you exactly where to go. And there’s obviously a lot of fun, to be had in a larger crew with friends, goofing around, trying to steer your ship properly, but being matchmade with randoms, or being forced to play solo siphons, almost all enjoyment out of Sea of Thieves immediately. The problem is that Sea of Thieves is not a complete game, It just isn’t. It’s maybe 5 or 10% of one, but given what other open world/co-op games can offer you for $60, it’s just astonishing how little Sea of Thieves offers. Here are some Points to Consider, Point Number 1, All three factions feel the same, with nearly identical, radiant fetch quests that have you go to X island, to get X thing and return without sinking/dying.

Raids are just some waves of skeletons, Point Number 2, The islands are almost entirely lifeless. You can see them all in about a day of play, and they almost never house, anything interesting other than your quest objective, however pretty they may be. Point Number 3, Enemy variety is almost non-existent, skeletons, snakes and an “endgame boss” kraken that has already been turned into a meme by players, as the thing is just tentacles with no actual body lurking under the water. Perhaps a metaphor for the entire game.

Point Number 4, Progression is almost entirely cosmetic, short of a couple new weapons and items. And while you can change your ship’s sails and paint, there are fundamentally still, only two kinds of ships in this entire pirate game, which seems crazy. Point Number 5, PvP is a poorly thought-through griefing nightmare. Other players almost always attack on sight, derailing your quests or just being flat out annoying. My last three quests in a row, I went to turn in a chest and came back to find that someone had stolen my empty ship for literally no reason other than to be irritating. Apart from this, There are a few “Legendary” goals to attain after a metric ton of grinding, but I doubt many players will be engaged long enough to reach that point. Even many of the Twitch streamers I’ve seen seemingly having a blast, with this in front of tens of thousands of viewers eventually admit it’s hard to know, just how long they’ll play, because of the limited content, and that clearly the game needs, a lot more added to it.

APart form this xboxtavern says, Sea of Thieves offers a stunning world, for players to explore and uncover its secrets. It’s fun, often hilarious, and unique. Though, the lack of meaningful structure and its simplistic gameplay really do hurt the experience. The game needs, to offer more than cosmetic stature and acquisition if it wants a lengthy lifespan. Still, this is one of the few exclusives, that Microsoft can, and should, be proud of. My first hour with the game, once I could get by the server issues, was very bittersweet. I died more times than I cared to count, mostly due to being outnumbered by enemies, or other players. It didn’t matter what I was doing; voyages, forts, decoding messages hidden, in bottles, or even casually exploring, I constantly found myself, on the wrong end of the ratio.

Still, I was having an absolute blast, for the most part. Sea of Thieves is no stranger to the spotlight, in fact, it loves the freakin’ thing. If you want to play sea of thieves for free, subscribe, our channel and comment below, after subscribing. We will keep on sending, you Latest update, on this game..

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