? Asus TUF a15 Vs Acer Aspire 7 ? | Best Gaming Laptop Under 60000


So first Of all thank you to shan ghosh for giving me an idea for making this comparison Video. So In this video I will not be getting into Details about both the laptops, instead I will be comparing the points where it matters the most. So watch the full video and I will tell you which one is the perfect Laptop for you. So lets start with the build quality, both the laptops have been made with plastic. But asus tuf is having military grade durability Rating. Which simply means that asus is having an better build qulaity. And Asus is slightly heavier at 2.3 kg while acer is comparatively lighter.

In terms of Design asus has a more gamer looks while acer is having plain build which I think it will be more suitable in office.so it depends upon you which one is better. Next Big difference is in the display, if you want it for gaming asus is clear winner here bcoz of 144 hertz screen, apart form that both the laptop are having an ips display, even if you are getting it for editing stuff, the display on the asus tuf is slighlt more color accurate as it covers 43% of adobe RGB while acer is stuck at 36% adobe rgb. Next Both the laptop are having an backlit keyboard but on asus its an rgb Backlit keyboard.and who doesn?t like rgb. In terms of performance asus is having an ryzen 5 4 th gen processor, which is of course better than intel i5 9th generation processor. Ryzen 5 is an six core cpu and intel i5 is an quad core cpu, so in terms of multicore performace ryzen is an beast but intel has edge in terms of single core performance, but that doesn?t mean that intel is better because every modern game or software will take advantage of multiple cores.

And if we talk about GPU acer has an edge by having an gtx 1650 ti over gtx 1650 on the asus, but in gaming you want be able to utilize the extra fps because the screen is capped at 60fps on the acer. Now let?s talk about the cooling , So these are the internal of asus and these one is of acer, acer is having much larger heat pipe in terms of surface area. And about the ventilation , this is the back panel of asus and this one is of acer .here acer is much more ventilted than asus .

I am not saying that any of these laptop very good cooling but in comparison acer is having an much better thermal design than asus. If we about talkabout Upgradibility, the Biggest difference here is that you can add an hard disk on the asus tuf while on acer you are only limited to an ssd. Apart From that ram is upgradeable on both the laptops. Now lets Talk about the battery Life,Both the laptop are having 3 cell 48 whr of battery, but in normal usage you?ll get more screen on time on the acer aspire beacuse an quad core processor will consume much less power than an hexa core processor, but it won?t be an Major difference.

So overall, asus is clearly an winner here as it is having more advantages than acer, in terms of build quality and performance, and an faster screen. But if you are want it for office work and want an powerful laptop with good thermals and you don?t want gaming looks then go with acer. So that?s all from my side,Thumbs up if you like the video or thumbs down if you didn?t. and tell me in the comment section which one is better according to you, or any other points which I missed. Thanks, I will see you in the next video,stay home stay safe..

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