One of the main differences between Video games in real life is the fact that when you fail in a game you usually end up dying as a result however there Are a lot of games out there where you can’t actually die regardless of how hard you fail? What is up guys Jimmy your chaos welcome to chaos top tempted today? We’re gonna be taking a look at ten video games Where you can’t die and just as a little disclaimer This is going to be looking at games where you specifically have a character representing you who gets in harm’s way, so Obviously you won’t find games like peggle or Anolon here because everyone knows you can’t die in those This is going to be a list of games where your character probably would have died in any other game So if that makes sense let’s get started be sure to enter the monthly $200 Amazon gift card here on the channel it’s really easy to enter all you have to do is like the video make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and turn on your Notifications for a chance to win leave a comment why you want it with your Twitter handle And I will pick the winner at the end of the month good luck kicking off our list is a no-brainer But I have to put it on here Deadpool.

That’s right the game based on everyone’s favorite Mercenary this game was developed by high Moon Studios and released in 2013 a decent average reviews due to the great humor But the repetitive gameplay the Deadpool game Definitely did pull any punches when it came to the violence as you can slice people to ribbons you could do anything Just anything you want to to reduce your enemies to a bloody pulp, but just like in the comics Deadpool Can’t actually die in the game regardless of how many times he gets blown up Dismembered or split into half if you lose half your health you simply go to this black screen where Deadpool gives you a snarky comment For letting him lose the fight, and then you’ll be right back in the action This was a nice little touch that kept the game close to the source material since I imagine it would have been kind of difficult To create a video game based on a character.

They can’t really die in combat And number 9. We have Mario Kart, and this is an extremely popular racing series and friendship destroyer, that’s right Midea friendship have died from this franchise it started all the way back in 1992 with the release of Super Mario Kart to the Super Nintendo Entertainment, System, and then it was expanded upon Mario Kart 64 in 1996 and Mario Kart Double Dash in 2003 despite the fact that you launch sales at people you send them flying off the track or even Turn yourself in a giant bullet smashed into your opponent’s you can’t actually die in this racing game if you manage to get thrown off The stage you’re just gonna be grabbed by lakitu and place right back on the course you are in all since invincible And ever right we have Batman Arkham series And this is the critically acclaimed superhero trilogy from Rocksteady games Throughout the series who plays The Dark Knight as he faces off against just about every villain from the comics and does his best to Keep Gotham safe But despite the amount of killing that happens in the series in the pretty violent ways that Batman can be taken down You can’t actually die in the Arkham games if you end up losing all your health you’ll be shown a cutscene of the current villain Mocking you before the screen goes black, but you technically never die this was likely to keep the game rated T Instead of M as Those games were riding right in the middle line of those two ratings as it was and you always want to go to the side of T if you’re the publisher because you can sell more copies at number 7 We have the Sims now The Sims is a long long long running franchise that kicked all the way off back into year 2000 it’s still going today Although it may have hit a dead end with the sims 4 due to the poor fan reception This series is all about life simulation and plague God to a civilization of people But throughout the game you can’t actually die yourself in fact You can’t even really fail when doing most things since the game is all about you doing your own thing and finding your own way To have fun, so I guess putting this game on the list would be a little bit cheating, but it’s my video It’s my list.

I’m gonna put it on here a number 6. We have Pokemon and this is a game It’s very careful with the way it words its actions in order to maintain that that that elusive ewriting Okay the Pokemon game started back in February of 1996 and quickly became one of the most financially successful game franchise of all time in a huge huge following of passionate fans Throughout most of the Pokemon games you play as a trainer who ventures around the game world Finding and trading various pokemons in hopes of becoming the world’s best however It is not actually possible for the player character any of their Pokemon to die regardless of how much damage they take if your Pokemon Gets absolutely destroyed in battle.

They will simply be knocked out They’ll take a little nap and you can take them to the nearest pokey center to heal them up you as a trainer well You’re pretty much invincible as well Cracking into the top five today. We have splatoon. This was Nintendo’s attempt to break into the multiplayer shooter market and quite honestly they managed to pull it off quite nicely especially with the sequel the first Platoon game was released for the Wii U in May of 2015 in splatoon two launched for the switch to lay it years later unlike other games of the genre though Splatoon is a third-person shooter where doing damage to the environment is a large part of the objective not just doing damage to the enemy Team, but given the fact that you’re using paint instead of actual firearms It’s not possible to die in the splatoon universe which isn’t a big surprise given the fact that it’s a Nintendo game And I seriously doubt they would release a multiplayer shooter with actual death in it regardless splatoon is a very fun and unique take on the multiplayer shooter genre, and it’s worth a try if you’ve never played it before you’ll probably get addicted to it a Number for grand theft auto here, you’re already typing away in the comment section You’re you’re insane Jimmy.

This can’t be on this list now hold on I know what you’re thinking obviously It’s possible to diagram Tata Or is it? Let me ask you guys a question What happens when you die in GTA you respawn at the hospital right? So did you really die? It’s a pretty small detail that a lot of people overlook with their play sure you can die on the multiplayer Aspects because that’s a game mechanic in place for obvious reasons, but when you’re playing single-player.

You’re just roaming around the map causing trouble It’s not actually possible to die so if you end up getting smashed by a truck shot to death by the police or you jump off a building you will find yourself popping right back up at the exit of the Hospital a few seconds later as if it never happened the wonders of GTA Modern medicine a number three we have fortnight battle royale this is another game that is very very careful with its wording in order to maintain that T rating for nigh battle reales hands-down the most popular game of the world right now and is a Massive 100 person multiplayer shooter where you guys all drop into a large map and you have to be the last person or team left Alive in order to win when you’re playing with your friends, or you’re watching a streamer play for nought It’s pretty common for you to refer to what is happening as kills because we’re used to that term being used in other games but That’s not actually what they call it the game when you take someone down to zero take their health down to zero it’s called an elimination it of a kill this was likely done in order to can’t help the game maintain its more lighthearted tone and Also appear more appropriate for younger audiences.

This is also Why would you eliminate someone in fortnight that little drone pops up and erases their body as if it was some kind of virtual simulation Instead of something actually happening very very it’s very very sneaky very sneaky epic games But it makes sense a number two we have Super Smash Bros this popular fighting fridge I started all the way back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 has grown at an insane rate Thanks to its passionate following and the rise of melee in the world of eSports Smash is a very very unique fighting game where you’re not actually trying to run down someone’s health bar But rather you’re trying to get them off the stage making it more like a variation of king of the hill than a traditional Fighting game and when you knock someone off the stage and they plummet to their doom there will be a big explosion And the character will cry out in pain But when you go to the post game stats you will see that those eliminations are referred to as Kos instead of kill so I guess it’s possible to survive a 50-foot fall into a giant explosion after all because they deem it as a knockout not necessarily a kill family-friendly people and Finally at number one now you’re gonna shake your head again, but hear me out Mortal Kombat vs.

DC Universe Finishing off the list today is a game that actually got quite a bit of backlash for the lack of killing involved you heard me Right people got upset for the lack of killing which sounds pretty backwards on paper, but it was justified okay listen Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was a crossover fight again released back in 2008 to average reviews due to the decent fighting mechanics in the expansive roster But the overall underwhelming Performance as a game for the game was announced fans were pretty excited to see all the gory ways that the DC characters will be Able to take out the world combat fighters and vice versa but they were very disappointed when the decision was made to cut the glory Out entirely and have a deathless MK game that doesn’t make sense the story goes that the game was approved and started development of at some point during the process the DC had changed their minds and Did not want their heroes to be shown killing people or getting killed at which point the game had to be toned down dramatically But the heroes could not and their fatalities were limited to extremely wimpy Finishing moves so while it is possible to die in the game if you’re facing against the villain if you’re fighting against the superhero You are Oh Invincible and there you have it my friends Those are tip video games where technically actually you can’t really die Let me know some more that should have made it on this list.

Let me know which one of these games I talked about is your favorite game out of this list and there’s a playlist below with all the other video game top tens it go up turn on your Notifications ring that little bell because that’s how you get notified drop a like if you enjoyed and I will see you guys very very soon Be sure to enter the monthly 200 dollar Amazon gift card here on the channel it’s really easy to enter all you have to do is like the video make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and turn on your Notifications for a chance to win leave a comment why you want it with your Twitter handle And I will pick the winner at the end of the month good luck

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