Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ash here, coming at you today and rage shadow legends, welcome to the video guys! I am feeling really really good vibes today send us some of my positive energy. Your way, hopefully you’re doing well out there. If not, if you’re stressed, if you’re anxious, if you’re upset, take a deep breath, breathe it all out, man breathe it all out. Everything’S gon na be okay, because today we’re doing another shot.

Opening video we’re giving more of our money to plarium. I actually apologized in my last shot opening video and i’m like listen guys. I apologize. I’Ve been doing a few too many shard openings and a lot of you guys overwhelmingly in the comments were like hey dude. We clicked on the video we’re here to watch more shards being opened, so ask, and you shall receive, let’s go ahead and do this guys.

I unexpectedly am doing a void chart over i’ve, been saving void, charts for quite a while. I think i have one or two on my free to play as well i’ll check that, after i’m done recording on my main, i’m going to open them 10 at a time here, not here to waste your time i do have to make room, though i just Noticed that right now, 3.99 out of 400, but we have a 10 times chance for cardio. He has an a1 that heals all allies and a2 that has revive on death. Uh cannot be removed, a block debuffs for two turns and remove all debuffs.

That’S insane both for the arena kind of like a sky touch, shaman type role against torments against hegemons and really anywhere, because he has also increased crit rate, increased grit damage on all allies and then has an ally attack on a four turn. Cooldown decreases the cooldown of this skill by one turn: if an enemy is killed from the attack man, this guy is so good man. He also has this cool passive. You guys can read it we’re not here to talk about them at nauseam. We’Re here to go ahead and pull, let me summon one shard to fill up the old champion tank.

Then i’ll make room and i’ll come back to you guys so i’ll be right back all right guys. So we’ve made some room a hundred dollars going to against malaria every single time that we pull a legendary in today’s video uh. Let’S save some kids lives in a or by combating a totally preventable disease. Now i might stop when slash if i pull cardio but keep in mind here, it’s only a 0.5 percent and i’m not even anywhere close to the mercy timer.

So man we’re getting a lot of uh we’re getting a lot of uh points here in the clan vs clan huh forgot they added all those points, we’re not getting a lot of epics, though man yikes every single time. I see one of these blue things come up. Okay, okay, we got inquisitor shamil he’s really solid here uh, but i don’t want to go over. I want to. I want to keep this opening going here.

I want to get that legend out. Man, cardio cardio. Do any of you guys have cardio man? If you have them, i’m sure you use them a lot right. Why do you keep coming in uh?

In my face cam and my webcam spot man prondar is not too bad. I will take a quick look at prundar right, so he has the decreased speed on the a1 on the a2 and aoe provoke at a 75 chance on a three-turn cooldown, increased defense on himself defense base champion and then strengthen in continuous heal on all allies. On a four-turn, not a bad champion received so 20 less damage from enemies under provoke has a 25 percent chance make it 50 when booked counter-attacking whenever an enemy under a provoked, debuff attacks, this champion or an ally. So that places more decreased speed and stun. When counter-attacking not a bad champion, look at all these books, man, this dude, he should be a librarian bro.

Look at this eight eight levels, at least only one level on that one, but six levels on the passive: that’s where they really get you. What do you have defense and doom tower battles by thirty percent? I don’t know i i forgot who it was. Somebody was tweeting at me. Somebody tweeted at me that they love prundar.

So there’s some believers out there. Let me know if you love any of these champions that i pulled today so far, nothing too crazy, inquisitor, chemiel, again really good champion. I should have just looked at his kid huh uh, but a bunch of blues gross gross gross gross, because our d part relic retender, we love reliquary, wish. I could put her on my free-to-play account want to make a little trade a little trade plarium trading champions. Is that going to be added to the game?

Never harrier. I hate you harrier those long time. Viewers know that i hate harrier, [, Music, ], all right. Dude, how many do we have left here? Jeez, 22, god!

Here we go guys here we go 10, more and mercy anybody car, a cardinal okay, cardinal by the way, a lot of people are struggling with the bomb champion bomb dreadhorn right, uh cardinal can be a great solution to that. You build her with very, very high resist. I hear the music okay [ Music ], soulless yeah dude where’s cardio, where is cardio [ Music ] solas i already have solas – is why i’m so you know upset about he’s, not a trash champion. He does a lot of damage seeing him more in the arena now, especially arena defense uh in arena offense. He just deals an insane amount of damage in pvp, especially good for faction wars.

Now he got a big buff uh. He just for me he’s all about damage right and, of course, her fashion crips can’t get a better order than that 44, so not a bad champion after the buff, but man, oh man, let me clear up some room. I have 12 more left. I’M gon na keep going for it. Man, i’m gon na, buy one more pack too, so i’ll have around 20 or 30.

Then we’ll check the free to play be right back all right guys. We have magic. We have 40 new void, shards, let’s open them. 10. At a time again, 10 at the time we’re not gon na mess around mancardiocardiocardio come to papa.

Please jeez man, you know what’s gon na happen, i’m gon na have like one void shard on my free-to-play account and you guys have been watching the channel. You know insane just insane luck, you don’t know me, but my name is harrier and i love you on a harrier on my free to play account and uh. I’M gon na pull him like with one void. Chart. I’M not gon na get him over a hundred shards here on the main account nothing right, soulless and then boom we’re gon na get him on the free to play.

That’S how it’s gon na happen. Okay, i’m joking we’re, probably not gon na get him on either account here. Azure hate you wan na did that big void rebalancing. I think they forgot a lot of champions. No, they forgot, like all the epic champions they nailed it with physics.

Ska fix is solid. Warcaster is okay: uh skatefix has a what four turn cleanse in the kit. Let me check real quick. Let me check real quick yeah. Four turn cleanse with block d buffs and a shield for two turns not a bad champion at all in aoe attack.

Two of stealing a random buff, not a bad champ. He was added pretty recently. Let me know if any of you guys invested in him. He was part of one of the uh fusions right, uh, okay, one of the fusions i didn’t go for, but i probably should have like cardio come on. Man come on dude, all right, all right, a bunch of blues man, a bunch of blues and i’m singing the cardio blues, guys god, i’m just gon na rage, open ten engines, because i’m in that kind of mood right now, god, where are you cardio?

God? Where are you cardio all right ball, this drug, lord jerang yeah? No thanks, man, all right i’ll, be right back on the free to play. Guys, let’s see if we have better luck there, all right guys. So we have two void shards on the free to play.

Account we have 16 ancients, saving them up, man saving them up. Let’S see what we get here. Two voids boom, okay, a rare dude. I have so. My luck is so incredible here on the free to play that i almost expect a legendary, but we get an epic instead, but it is hey lua on my free to play.

That is actually going to be very helpful right on the a2 attacks all enemies. Three times each critical hit heals his jamming by 2.5 percent hp on the a3 decreased targets. Turn here by 100 will ignore shield and block damage. Buffs lucky shot great ability here.

I’M thinking i am going to actually build lua, probably gon na, be my first void champion that i build out here on the account uh. No, i have r i have raglan. I have raglan on the free to play. No big deal guys we’re gon na go ahead and end it there hundred dollars to charity. Hopefully, you guys had better luck if you did pull for a cardio by the way, disclaimer don’t pull during non-two times events unless you’re looking to waste your money, just like i did in today’s video.

Thank you so much for watching guys, really appreciate you and, as always, take care guys. [, Music, ],

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