100x SPEED Engineer MOD in Bloons TD Battles


So dudes welcome back some more modded balloons, TV battles this time. It’S the engineer versus the boomerang tower: okay, boomer and there’s a devil ass, something that I did. This modded blue city battles was over two weeks ago and in two weeks that video only has 97 thousand likes come on. We get ninety-seven thousand likes in a day and a half you have you have your boomerang.

I have my engineer: explain how you even boomerang a like button, so you take a boomerang you throw with it. Okay, okay hits the ground hits you in the face. Oh you don’t hurt me hi, okay, so what I’m gon na do things down? I’M gon na do I’m gon na go ahead and throw down my engineer there. There we go there, we go so you had yeah. So you have the boomerang okay, you’re a glaze. I don’t know what does alright. So let me go ahead. Nine inch nails, uh-huh larger surface area. Oh, you will find out soon enough. I know what you’re thinking.

Why are we playing this? Why? Why are we just playing normal blues yeah, remember, remember those files, I told you to download yeah the viruses. Are they those were mods for this game? So the rules are, are with this? We can only have two damaged towers on each side and so okay, so we can have two. I can have to nail our engineers and you can have two guys live right: boomer, hey yeah. Thank you. Boomerangs, look at my beer ice. Look at them!

I’M going to put this guy great, but oh great there, but what we can do is we can only max out one path on each guy, so this guy’s going to be left path. All the way down this right, the guy’s gon na be right path. All the way down right are you sure, that’s the right, big, oh gosh, why do you speak?

You can’t just say like a button in a flight, say whatever why okay go ahead, say whatever you want whatever I want a good job uh, so Biffle yeah I’ll, give it give it give it a little bit of time. Give it a little bit of time and I will explain the mods how much money you got right now, how much money you got rid $ 12.99 B: Hey, Biffle! You need to kill that thing. You need! You need to take it. What do I kill with it? I don’t know what to go with it. Okay, that’s fine! You’re going to lose some life. Thats fine! Take the banana farm right! Yeah, got it.

You see how it has a blue rublyov’ banana’s right yeah. Why they’re blue bananas lose their mean? That’S the first part of the mod I picked up a bit. Oh, $ 600 per banana $ 600 per banana. Now continue to upgrade your banana farm. Oh, are you watching? Oh, no, am I going to lose a life here? Oh, you might want to ice watch out for your mines. You need your live long, wives! Oh! No! No! Whir! Fine! Whir! Fine! Everything’S! Fine!

Are you getting all these bad, my guys, what put let’s do? Valuable bananas? Oh, how much are your bananas now yeah? Oh, we’re losing light unless you hire those so strong. Oh, no! Oh! No! What do I do against those? Oh, No, okay, get money, get money, get money, get money, get money, money, you’re! Funny! Now look how much money? Okay! Okay! Okay! Now we need to put down a monkey village. Okay, I put one down upgrades your radar scanner. Is that the right one yeah? Look at our lives? Oh! No! Oh! No! Oh! No! No, before are you ready to see the mom. I can’t pop that you monkey intelligent Bureau and now go all the way down the right path on that monkey village right, MIB call to army yeah. I got a call to arms. Was that? Do you see you down below your monkey village?

You have an activated ability. What is it okay, when you click it, it makes it to where all your attacking towers attack 100 times faster, not 100 % time yeah 100 times, and you see how I’m the engineer class right, uh-huh you’ll see soon enough. What happens? I want to see what your glaive throwers do. Are you ready for it hold on hold on I’m gon na spam ceramic set you ready spam at me. Let me know what to do it, ceramics, which is that, where do they go?

What just happened? Where do think hello? Oh, oh, oh, okay! So, what we’re gon na do? Are you ready to see my ability? I would love to see yours ooh, okay, okay, so what we’re gon na do? If you scroll all the way to the right on the blues, you can send each other right yeah. There are some very strong balloons. Thats the big boys right. We’re going to see how long each other can last with these higher tier balloons later on right. Oh, okay, I’m ready, I’m ready. Okay, let me see my ability y’all ready. How many times to look at? Where did you go hello? Look at all the turrets wait. Can I keep duplicating then? What can you keep doing it? I get honored weird, there’s no balloons showing up on the screen. They just died.

Do it again, they keep duplicating. Oh, I’m struggling around dirty, yeah, you’re, struggling, hey Biffle. You should probably put down more towers, not damage towers. Just the you know that these guys yeah, so you can get more abilities yeah one of my spam, two of them. What does that? Look like? Oh, hello, oh this is before right. Its so easy for you. I mean we’re only allowed to use two towers so who do you thinks gon na win? Oh, my god, my turn disappearing. Oh, my! Oh, my, oh, my okay, activate! Oh, I might have to put a damaged tower down that was way close. Are you actually losing? I have three: okay monkey, chow: okay, okay, okay, what is your role tower? My other one is a ninja. Oh, alright, you know what I gave you permission to use a ninja just so we can see what oh here comes.

The big Moe amps ability? Are you stabilities? Please, use the abilities. Oh, my! Oh, piffle! Oh, you should probably put down some ninjas now imma put down a couple: more ninja, hey, no hey yeah! You’Ve got to do it. You are going to die. If you don’t listen, I’m putting so many down, there’s not much. I can do about this. Oh, gosh, we’re getting 30,000 per monkey banana box or I forgot we did that. Looking for money is off the screen. Literally, obviously, literally I have so much money. I’M just going to put a couple words open it down.

Mine art is the engineer. Apparently alright. So it looks like we’re on an even playing field, so I have it. I have two turrets down. You have what six yeah, probably yeah, probably roughly around the six, so the the Moab that are strong all the way to the right. I think the purple one is the strongest the purple one right. I want to see if I’m able to defend against a purple.

One, what do you think I think you’re probably able to I don’t know I’m new here to, you want to send a purple one at me, I’ll send one per flight. You okay, go ahead, what purple very far um hello? Oh, that loud, is that? No, that’s not allowed right. Thats not what I don’t know. Okay, here struggling and you can evaporate up so before we test purple towers on you or balloons on you. I first want everyone to hit that like button. Okay, what I want you to do is hold down your mouse on the purple. Moab keeps spamming them at me. Just you want me to spam. A man! Yes, are you sure all right here on spam becomes ready, yep ready, ready? Oh, your Bibble um, Oh game! Words, my RGB, am I lagging or are you liking?

I think I think you’re liking the game, the entire game. Look, how many nails are being shot, you’re shooting an infinite amount. These Purple’s arms are not getting anywhere. I can’t place a perk now these purple Moab’s are not going anywhere. I’M spamming it by the way. I am NOT okay, you can probably stop now. Okay, I’ll, stop! We don’t want to crash this yep. I stopped it. I stopped it. I’Ve stopped it an hour ago, so biffle. How many towers do you have down right now? Probably late 2020. Probably I don’t know, I’m still putting a pimple. How many towers do I have down right now, uh one cute? Thank you. Yeah.

Tell me how bad I am right now go ahead. You should probably use your abilities, I’m using of constantly okay, okay, we’re looking good we’re, looking for fun right now, we’re looking good okay, I might have not! Oh, my. Can I bill innate, Oh Mike, as soon as I use the ability it just disintegrates? It literally gets destroyed hello, Maya. I want to test purple balloons on you in. We could talk about this. I’M going to give you two minutes. Biffle two minutes. Okay, you better activate your defenses yeah, I’m working on my defense’s right. How many towers two you have you’ll find out once I die, I think oh no, I’m about to die, use my ability. Oh, no, you got the call you’re about to die. Look at you all right he’s my building.

Okay! Go ahead! Oh, my! Oh! My are you kidding all right? Oh, look! I’M struggling. Are you struggling to look? How many things are getting sent at me? Get another ability and use my ability there we go there. We go there, we go. Oh, no, wait, look how many towers you have down. I have a lot. I have quite a bit all right people, don’t you dare let me know what it already for the Purple’s yeah I’m getting ready to hold on, or would you like, before your funeral, to sell more purples at me? I look at all those beds. Okay, I’m going to send a couple Purple.

I use that. Okay, here, take those for me with us. Its all bad Bibble. Wait! Its all good! You can’t be okay, it’s all dead, it’s literally being deleted. Its all dead before it cannot get past anything before. I bet I bet you, I can it’s all dead bit full. Take these wounds Jacob, oh right, so bad two towers versus 50 towers. Oh, no, not that full time double time is the worst kind. Do you see that purple balloon? No, I don’t see it. It went away, I don’t study, I have nine.

The monkey tower village thinks no habit spamming this entire time. Hey, let’s go we’re struggling. Is it a struggle? But here comes more oh you’re defending all right. You know what I got. To say what Purple’s got to sell, you don’t know you don’t know and more purples. I got a cell or purple no listen. We can talk about this. Just keep sending just keep sending just keeps you’re gon na kill me there. Gon na add 67 you’re gon na kill me yourself. Oh, we having fun yet, no, no I’m having the opposite of fun. I wouldn’t have agreed to this aw crap. I use my ability. Oh, No you’re making me like crazy um. Oh, careful, are we crashing things? I think we’re can’t see. My screen is full of uh-oh. I cleared your side at least so uh yeah.

Thanks, give me a second for mine. I’M spamming purple, I’m using nine about ten abilities right now. Okay, are you having, but how much fun are you? Having keep in mind, I have two towers. How many do you have my entire screen, whatever that is out there any more blooms at you yeah? Well, I can set balloons at you. I think it’s good. You have too many Blues on your side. Yeah. I think I’m Way too many. Oh, my gosh! Oh, no! Oh, oh sweet! Mama ray! Oh! No! Oh, no! Am I going to survive this? Oh, no! Are you good? Oh, good? Either?

Oh, I’m! Fine! Oh, I’m! Fine! I’M good, don’t you worry about me reading. Look at my screen. Oh, I see a second. Oh, I see it me like this. I’M angry now you may be angry. You know what you’re not going to like a Biffle when he’s angry. Here we go. Oh, no. I don’t know, but I don’t think I can make it. I literally could be. Oh, my god. So what help me live? The center purple screen is finally clear. Is it my screen is not clear. I came to witnessing oh yeah long wait. How did I win the thousand purple ones? He said to me just gaming. It was like hello, I’m over here to play through terrorists, vs

50 boys hey hold on hold on hold on hey. Oh, thanks again for hanging out watching this video and once again before you go hit the subscribe button for daily videos.

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