20 Oculus Quest 2 Tips & Tricks – Get The Most Out Of It! (Beginner)


Happy Oculus Quest 2 launch day! If you?re lucky enough to have received your device already, then this video may come in handy. So, I?ve been using the Quest 2 for about 4 weeks now as you may know. Time really flies. So I wanted to share some tips and tricks that will make your VR experience better. If you?ve been watching this channel for a while, then you may recognize some of these from my Quest 1 tips and tricks video. Still, I hope I can surprise you with a few new ones. Hey everyone! Cas here, and if you like to see more videos like the advanced tips and tricks I got planned, then consider subscribing. Your subscription will help this channel a lot.

And now, join me beyond reality. Tip #1. Back-up & restore save files Ok, first tip is for those who is coming from Quest 1. There is a way to transfer your save files from Quest 1 to Quest 2 via SideQuest. Now, you don?t need to do this if the game supports Cloud Save. But not a lot of developers make use of that. So to back up your save files, connect your headset to SideQuest. If you don?t know how to use SideQuest, I made a tutorial on it, which I?ll link below. Then go to this icon at the top right to view currently installed apps. Here, you can click the cogwheel icon to back up games one by one. Or use this ?Backup/restore all? button to do all games at the same time.

Please bear in mind that this does not work with all games as SideQuest can?t always access every save file. I tried this myself with Arizona Sunshine and Trover Saves The Universe. It worked with Arizona Sunshine, but Trover did not. But it?s better than nothing. Oh and this could also be handy if you need space on your Quest but don?t want to lose your save file. Tip #2. Change your privacy settings With the Oculus Quest 2, you have to merge you Facebook account now too, unfortunately. You should know I don?t stand behind this decision, I really wish Facebook didn?t do this. But, I?m a tester so I can?t stop using Oculus devices, and since you?re watching this. You probably had your own reasons to get one too.

So here?s a tip to at least check your privacy settings before you start playing. You can change these settings in your Oculus app by going to ?Settings? > and then under ?Account? find ?Privacy Settings?. These are my settings. I think the setting you might want to check for sure is the ?Facebook Name? one, put this to ?Only me? to avoid people seeing your real name.

You can also do this in your Oculus Quest, by going to ?Settings? > ?Device? and then ?Privacy?. Unfortunately, there aren?t a lot of settings yet, but hopefully we?ll get more in the future. I do recommend staying informed and educated on this topic, so together we can find ways to protect ourselves until then. If I find out anything, I?ll update you on this channel too. Tip #3. Install games without putting on your headset. Now an Oculus Quest 2 is not so fun without some games. So I got a nice tip for you for downloading & installing Oculus games directly from your phone. So you don?t need to put on the headset to wait until that progress bar is finally 100%. You can just open the Oculus app on your phone. Make sure to connect your Oculus Quest first by going to ?Settings?, then tapping your VR device.

Once it?s connected, find the game you want to play, purchase it if you haven?t yet, and then you can click the blue button to install it on your Oculus Quest directly. You can then see the progress right from your phone, so you can chill out on the couch until it?s done. Tip #4. Connect to WiFi ? The easiest method So do you ever change your WiFi password? I do it every few months, just to be safe.

Maybe I?m a little paranoid, but if you?re like me, then it might be nice to know that you can also use the Oculus app to change your WiFi network and password. It?s nice to do it in the app, because it?s much easier to type your password or maybe copy and paste it from your password vault on a phone then inside the headset. Tip #5. Feel extremely cool with this shortcut There is one cool feature that you absolutely should know of. Passthrough, which is basically the software that turns the sensors on the headset into cameras that show the room you?re standing in. In the ?Settings?, under ?Experimental Features?, you have the ?Passthrough shortcut? option. If you turn that on, you can double-tap the sides of your headset to turn passthrough on easily. Could be useful if, for example, you need to pet your cat because he?s sad you?re spending more time in VR than with him. Tip #6. Change your virtual environment When you launch the headset, you?ll be in the standard virtual environment.

It?s pretty and all, but after a while, you may get bored with it, so what you can do is go to the ?Settings,? then under the ?Virtual Environment?, you can download new environments, like Cybercity. Activate it after downloading, and it?ll put you in this Cyberpunk-like world every time you start your headset. I love this one, it?s one of my favorites. You can also choose for the ?Passthrough? environment, which makes it feel like you have an AR headset too. Tip #7. Hand tracking useful settings Also, in the ?Settings? under ?Device,? you can find the ?Hand & Controllers? settings. Turn on Hand Tracking here if you haven?t yet. Because it?s a super cool way to navigate the headset with just your hands, so without the controllers.

You can also turn on the ?Auto-switch between hands and controllers? option here, which I find very useful as sometimes you just want to check something really quick in VR that may not need controllers. Using just your hands can just be faster sometimes. Tip #8. Feel like you?re in Minority Report with Browser So the Oculus Quest comes with a built-in Internet Browser, called, Browser. Yes, very creative, I know.

But what?s cool with this Browser is, that it can open multiple tabs now, which wasn?t available before, so if you press this plus icon at the top, it opens three tabs in total, which makes it look like you have three monitors. Now if you use hand tracking here and also turn on the Passthrough Virtual Environment, it really feels like you?re living in the movie Minority Report. This is just a perfect way for casual browsing the internet and getting a feel of what it will be like working in VR in the future. Since we are at tip number 9. Let?s talk 90Hz. For 90hz mode to work on the Quest 2, you may need to activate it manually first. Keep in mind that this feature may not be available at launch yet, but after some time, you should be able to do this by going to ?Settings? then under ?Experimental Features?, you can toggle the 90hz mode on. Oculus said that they will make this mode available first for Oculus apps only, like Browser and the Home Environment. After some time they will fix some issues with the Guardian, and then they will open this feature up for games and apps too.

When this happens, we don?t know yet, but I?ll keep you updated. Tip #10. Lens adapters So if you wear glasses, you can order prescription lens adapters and put it on your Quest . It?s not cheap, but it does protect your lenses as glasses could scratch it. If you already have prescription lens adapters for Quest 1, then good news here because Quest 2 uses the same lens size, so you can just use the same ones for Quest 2. We have WidmoVR lens adapters here for Chary, and as you can see, it fits. [Image PEAK: And if I fit I sits meme] Tip #11. Motion sickness Now, if you ever have gotten sick in a car or watching a 3D movie before, then chances are you will get motion sick in VR as well. Please don?t be sad, though, because I?ve gotten motion sick too a lot, and I got better at it.

Just make sure that you start with comfortable games first. You can check the comfort level per game in the app store. And if a game is more intense, make sure to check the settings in-game as well before you start. If a game is built right, you can change settings to your liking, like smooth or snap turning, teleportation or smooth location. Every human is different, so try every setting and see what works for you. If you want more tips on motion sickness, check out my dedicated video on it, I?ll link it below. Tip 12? Already! Oculus Link. Now, two tips incoming for those who got a VR ready PC. Because you can connect a compatible USB cable from your Quest to your PC to play PC VR games using Oculus Link, just make sure you installed the Oculus Home app on Windows and have it launched. Then plug in a USB cable, preferably a high-quality USB 3.1 gen 2 one.

I recommend using the official Oculus Link cable as many other cables can be inconsistent though. However, this could get better once Oculus Link is out of beta finally later this year. But once plugged in, get inside the headset, wait for a pop-up that asks for permission. Allow it, and you?re in. If you don?t get a pop-up, you can also launch it via the ?Settings? then ?Quick Actions? menu. Tip #13. Stream PC VR games wirelessly with Virtual Desktop Now, there?s also an option to play PC VR games, wirelessly. Here as well, you need a VR ready PC. Then you need the app Virtual Desktop, which you can get for 20 bucks and lastly, you need an excellent 5Ghz WiFi connection. You also need a patch from SideQuest to make this feature work. I made a guide on how to do all this last week, so I will link in the description. Check it out if you want to get started with this streaming method.

I recommend checking it out as it is my favorite way to play PC VR games now with the Quest 2. Tip #14. Stream gameplay for parties * uh when we are allowed to those again I mean. But this tip is a way to show people what you?re playing. This is a great feature if you have any friends or family over. You can easily cast your gameplay to your phone. And you can also cast to your TV if you have a Google Chromecast. To do this from within the headset by going to the ?Share? tab, then ?Cast?. Here you can pick whether you want to cast to your phone or a Chromecast. Yes, Jack and Brandon are our Chromecasts names. It?s kinda my weird thing to give our devices male names. You can also cast without being in the headset by using the Oculus App. Do that by pressing this icon at the top right. Tip #15. Extends on the previous tip! Launching games while streaming And if you cast to your phone, you can also tap on the screen to get extra options. Things like ?Launch Apps? and ?Reset Headset View? will be available.

Trust me, these options are super helpful if you want to help a VR newcomer with their first experiences. Tip #16. Bluetooth Again in the ?Settings? then ?Experimental Features?, you also have the ?Bluetooth? option to pair and connect Bluetooth headphones. It works with most Bluetooth devices, and even the Apple Airpods Pro which uses Bluetooth version 5. This is really nice. However, it is still experimental, so it?s very buggy. The one game I want this feature the most for is Beat Saber, and unfortunately, it doesn?t work at all with Beat Saber.

Hopefully, Oculus will fix this in the future. But you can use this with some other games, which can be nice. But do keep in mind, it has latency. Tip #17. Return Games Oculus Policy So, what if you?ve bought a game and it makes you extremely motion sick? Or it?s so not your style, that you regret it immediately? Well then it may be nice to know that Oculus has an acceptable game return policy where you may return apps, games, and many experiences purchased through Oculus for any reason, so long as you submit your request within fourteen days of purchase, and you have engaged with the content for no more than two hours. You can submit your refund request in the Purchase History page, which you can find if you login at Oculus.com, click on your profile avatar, then go to Orders.

Tip #18. Reset View Now, when you enter VR, there are going to be times you may find that the app is not facing your front. To fix that you can reset your view, you can open the menu by pressing the menu button on the right controller, then go to the ?Settings? icon, then under ?Quick Actions?, you can find ?Reset View?. Click on it, to stand in the position you want and click ?Confirm? to recenter. Tip #19. Cleaning Headset Ok, so you?ve sweat onto your headset, or you let someone else try it and it got dirty. You may want to clean your headset.

So to clean it, I recommend using a clean and dry microfiber cloth for the lenses. Don?t use any liquid or chemical cleaners. To clean the exterior, only use non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes and wipe gently. I also recommend getting an additional face cover. One that?s easily cleaned like leather ones. VR Cover has some coming up, which I?m actually testing right now.

So I?ll have a review of these coming up soon too. But spoiler alert, it?s comfortable. So I?ll put a link below in case you cannot wait. Tip #20. Night display It is only appropriate to end a video with the night display. This feature is handy if you are just about to go to bed but you want to get some VR in first. Well, in the ?Settings? under ?Device? you can turn on ?Night display?, which makes the colors warmer. It gives it a yellowish tint, which can be easier for your eyes. And that?s it for my beginner tips and tricks.

Remember, you can use most of these tips for both the Quest 1 and Quest 2 as they use the same software. I have more tips, but they are a little bit more advanced, it?s things like how to increase the resolution to make everything look better, and for example, how to check frame drops. If you?re interested in this video, give this video a thumbs up, so I know I should make more of these. And let me know if you enjoyed it. If you got more tips yourself, put them down below in the comments, and maybe I can include in the next video. If you got time left, why not support us by watching more videos on the screen right now. This is also the last day you can enter our Oculus Quest 2 + Elite Strap Battery giveaway, so don?t forget to enter using the link in the description.

A special thanks go to all our Champions, especially these Patrons down below. Really, your support means the world to us. As always, VR on!.

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