20 SECRET Fortnite Map Changes YOU NEVER NOTICED!


So you jumped out of a battle bus, a few hundred thousand feet from the ground a few times and all of a sudden, you think you know the map, but I bet you didn’t notice all 20 of these secret map changes. I did oh yeah, yep, okay and what’s number one Pleasant Park, wait a second! That’S actually right!

Oh Fred got ta root it, but number one is in fact the bush face outside of Pleasant Park. The first map change on our list shows its face just outside pleasant park and is one of the small point of interests that you can find around the island. Under the name of grumpy greens, this pio eye features a set of bushes grown in the shape of a rather angry looking face.

It looks pretty similar to the face on the merry marauders skin. If I had to compare it to something this fun, little change was added back in patch 11.30, which was the update which gave us Winter Fest and snow on the chapter 2 map. Hopefully, these greens don’t stay grumpy for too long, though considering we’re now in the new year chin up Bush’s number 2 igloo for gingy this next map change was added in the same update as the grumpy greens place.

It seems to be a pretty legit solo drop. If you’re looking to have a quiet, early game, they glue itself has a chest on the outside along the front entrance along with another inside towards the back corner. There also a few ice blocks inside and outside the igloo that contains items. If you don’t get a decent starting load out from the chests in there, you can find some other areas just around the location, like some nearby houses, an inch in number three spot.

We’Ve got bears everywhere for our next entry. We’Re not entirely sure why this random map change popped up, but regardless it’s on our list, just west of logjam Wood Werks over near the sea, we can spot a truck. That’S crashed and fallen off of the road, with its holiday-themed delivery being thrown across the ground near the wreckage it’s a sad holiday tale.

Yet we see a small nod to the Metal Gear series with a bear lying on the ground wearing an eyepatch loosely resembling Solid Snake there’s a chest in the truck. So if you’re in the area at least you’ll get some loot for visiting this little accident, number four dance cabin, what are the holidays without a little party? Epic know this that included this next map change with that mine. Now we got a pretty sick party cabin to explore in chapter 2. As of the Winterfest update, now, we’ve seen loads of disco, themed rooms and places in fortnight for previous seasons.

So it’s only natural that we’d see another here in Chapter two. There are about four chests throughout the area which are all pretty easy to find, but I definitely give you props if you manage to hear the one above the stage over the insanely loud music number. Five is the crack shot house from season seven now this next entry will certainly appeal to you. If you enjoyed season seven a lot, this location features the return of crack shots house to the chapter two map. You might remember this house from the cool stop-motion season.

7 opening cinematic, which fun fact was actually made by hand. Now this Hut was added to chapter 2, with the Winterfest update as well featuring a Christmas tree, lined with three chests as present for us to crack open to shabby for a single building and in number six we’ve got the log workshop. We actually brought up this location earlier in the video and it’s the one and only logjam. Wood works with the holiday updates. The factory itself received gingerbread workers and presents on the conveyor belt and along the floor of the facility.

The rest of the place is holiday. Themed as well with lights and decorations, lined around the inner and outer workings of the workshop, we’re pretty much out of the holiday season already, but if you get the chance be sure to check this place out before it changes back number 7 dirty docks ice factory. The next map change on our list is a dirty docks and it recently changed from just a plain factory over to an ice factory. It’S a pretty simple change in at first glance, but with the production within the factory changing as well.

We got a few neat additions within the new factory. The ice bins inside the compound are searchable and you can find things like a snowball launcher and those lumps of coal which can be found around the map. It’S a pretty sweet change from its previous incarnation, but it might not last long if the snow goes away soon, so check it out. While you still can number eight is the ice blocks throughout the map. The next map change is less specific to an area, but is it a general change across the entirety of the floor tonight, map that changed being the addition of ice blocks throughout the map, mainly in areas like the ice factory from the last century, along with a Few other areas throughout the island and some of these you can find things such as weapons sneaky, snowmen and even slurp fish.

These ice blocks do take a while to break, but they can definitely put you ahead match pending on what you find in cases then make sure to look inside of them before you spend time cracking and open as they are transparent, but at number nine we’ve got The shiver in this next location is the shiver in hotel that was added along with the winter update this location, as the name implies mimics, the look of an icy holiday themed resort, similar to something like the Ice Hotel in Sweden. The location itself features some pretty dope sculptures that depict the skins you can buy in the polar legend skin pack.

This spot is just south of retail Row and if you manage to make it down there, you’ve got a few chests to crack open for your troubles and in at number 10 we’ve got the chair truck this next map changes somewhat of a call back to chapter Ones, West world locations, specifically the chair house, that was first introduced for the fort by challenges in season 9. The call back, however, is this nifty little truck located down along the road near the docks and it’s flatbed contains loads of chairs, which can be super helpful for getting wood in the early game.

It’S super easy to skip past this a little nod to chapter 1. What, if you do end up over the docks, be sure to drop by and take a nostalgic look as small as it is. In a number 11. We’Ve got Star Wars for our 11th map change. We’Ve got the inclusion of craters from crash TIE fighters around the island with stormtroopers guarding them. Now these just started popping up all around the map.

After the Star Wars update dropped during the live event. Back in December, we managed to pick off the Imperial forces on the ground. You’Ll see them drop, an infinite mo blaster rifle along with the chance to drop some heels. It’S a pretty worthwhile reward, especially in the early game. The only thing that’s dangerous about going here is that the stormtroopers can actually do a lot of damage to you. If you’re not careful, later number 12 we’ve got crashed Ferrari.

Some of you movie buffs may recognise this next map change as its reference to the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but this little location it seems we’re in the aftermath of one of the movie’s most iconic scenes over near the coast to the west of Holly hedges. You could find a sweet-looking modern house. However, if you venture through to the back of the home you’ll notice, the window is busted open. Not only that, but if you go further in exploring the site, you can even see a red car just like the one within the film. As you can see, it’s crashed upside down on the ground below this is a direct nod to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I mean the house is exactly the same.

It’S a cool little Easter Egg, but at number 13 we’ve got the frozen chair. This next location is resting, just north of Pleasant Park along a small hill as what appears to be a massive frozen chair. There’S no designated point of entry, so you’re gon na want either laying on the chair itself or bring some mats with you to build your way up onto it. Once you’re inside you’ve got a nice spot to loot with a few chests and ammo crates and a pretty appealing interior to look at as well similar to the shiverin.

You can find some ice statues lined up along the walls and a couple of ice blocks that give the room some pretty unique lighting and in at number fourteen we’ve got trees growing every Christmas needs a tree and for this next map change, we see the nursery Growing a new set of trees on the hillside behind the stumps of their fallen friends. Now this is actually a really neat touch by the developers showing that the trees got replanted in game. I wonder if this was a sly nod to Mister beasts and to trees. Pretty a pretty classy move on epics Park, but sure this was their intention. I mean epic even went through the effort to make all the cars in the game electric. So it is almost definitely a sign telling us to look after our forests by number 15 major Pio eyes have Christmas trees.

Speaking of Christmas trees. These next changes pertain to a number of those popping up around the map and some major points of interest. Some of these POS are misty Meadows, lazy, late, holly, hedges, Murphy swamp and a few others, basically, the main locations of the map, as is custom with for tonight’s Christmas trees, they’re adorned with presents of the form of chests underneath, and they did something similar in 2018. So it’s good to see Santa dropping in the floor tonight once more to deliver presents to us number 60 creative mode hub world changes.

This next changes searching considering the location isn’t directly on the Battle Royale map, but we’re gon na include it anyway, as it’s a matching. Okay, I’m changing the rules. This location is the creative world pub which technically leads the battle real world. So it’s kind of a loophole anyway, if you were to venture into creative or playground, you’ve noticed all of the holiday themed, decorations, scattered around the area, making it feel super festive and fun number 17 trucks moving around each day with trees on the back there’s a Sneaky set of changes that ethics included in some of the recent map updates.

These include the trucks from around the map delivering Christmas trees to all the major Pio eyes around the island. It’S a pretty stark change. From the last times, we had a Christmas event and the tree just sort of popped up out of nowhere. So it’s a really nice touch to see them actually taken and transported to the locations rather than what we got previously and to have this happen over the course of a few days shows some pretty awesome forward. Thinking on our part of epic as well, it’s a little things after all, later number, eighteen retail rough with all these holiday themed updates to the map, surely we’d see some other places get makeovers and sure enough. We see this happen to retail ruff right now.

A Christmas crew of sorts has dropped, loads of holiday, themed decor around the area and a new theme for the main shop with nutcrackers and Christmas trees, scattered about has been added within that building. It’S pretty sweet to see these older areas get some festive love, but next year I hope we get a couple more callbacks to old locations like fatal fields or maybe even tilde towers, but number 19. We’Ve got Toronto’s secret Styles over this next one. We’Re kind of cheating, but this map changed, pertains to all those porta-potties.

You can enter and hide in around the map. Right now have you happened to be wearing the cerana Skinner, while doing so it actually unlocks the secret style for her after you decide to exit. There is another secret style for her. If you go and hide inside a dumpster, I don’t know why she gets tiles.

For jumping in dumpsters and toilets, but if she loves doing that and fair play to her butter, number 20 pili peaking through the window. So in this slot we have a pretty strange one. We’Ve got our boy pili peeking in through the windows of the Winterfest cabin that you can access from the lobby. Honestly, this kid Loki be one of the creepiest Easter eggs, I’ve seen in a long time I mean I can’t stop thinking about those piercing black eyes staring at me from outside the lodge, even if it’s a little bit on the sketchy side. This is a change.

Only the most keen eyed players can spot next, we’ll probably end up seeing fish. They come down the chimney, but hey don’t click off the video just yet got ta check out this other video right here. Click the annotation on screen, remember to use code t5g and we’ll see you guys next time have a great day.

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