Blind Trapped in a mysterious mansion, lead a devious warden and escape the treacherous hallways and rooms. As a blind man, use your echolocation in its unfamiliar lands. Use the Oculus’ controls to feel every corner using your gift of instinct and uncover the truth. It comes out this September 19. The Twiggles VR A 3D virtual reality experience that puts you in the world of Twiggles. Solve multiple puzzles by leading these adorable Twiggles to collect their stars. For creative players, design your own puzzles and share it to the game’s community. It comes out this 20th of September. Zero Killed A tactical VR multiplayer shooter that mixes tactical gameplay and PvP multiplayer. Set in a devastated region, be a part of the elite special forces, Zero, and survive the bitter reality of their world. Think, plan, execute and repeat as you choose from a wide variety of characters. Use your VR gear traverse the realm and engage in insane multiplayer matches. It comes out this 26th of September. Nano Nebula A space exploration indie game from Pretty Okay Games. Set thousands of years in the future, explore planets, solve puzzles and battle hostile creatures in VR.

It soothes your mind, taking you to places you never know existed. It feels like a childlike gold rush in space. It comes out this September 28th. Mind Labyrinth – VR Dreams Just like Nano Nebula, instead of diving into various planets, lose yourself into a magical forest and other imaginary environments in a dreamlike scenario. Appreciate every little detail the game offers, and interact with every living thing lurking around. For casual gamers that just want s to destress, this VR game is just for you. It comes out sometime this September 2018. Sleeping Dawn VR Another survival horror experience that supports co-op. Play with up to four players into a virtual reality trip to slumber pandemonium. Face your deepest fears in its procedurally generated mazes.

Use the right tool to survive this hypnagogic fear as the game comes out sometime this September 2018. Beat The Rhythm VR The only rhythm game on this list. Similar to Beat Saber, but you’ll be deflecting projectiles with your laser blades, or shooting the drones with guns. It’s taking Rhythm Beating to a whole new level. Use your Oculus to eliminate incoming notes and groove along with the tunes from the game. It comes out this Fall 2018. The Midnight Sanctuary CAVYHOUSE’s strange horror indie game that has a playable VR demo on Steam right now. From the creators of other occult horror visual novels like This Starry Midnight We Make and Forget Me Not Organ, comes a surrealist VR visual novel that takes you to Daiusu Village, an island located far from Japan.

It comes out this October 4th. Evasion If you thought 2D bullet hell shooters were hard, wait till you experience it in the third dimension. An explosive VR game, stay on your toes as you run and dive for cover against a horde of alien AI. Play Solo or co-op and choose from their array of hero classes, each with unique roles and abilities. Truly stunning, it’s set to release on Oct 9th, 2018 Flying Aces – Navy Pilot Simulator This story-based VR game takes you to the cockpit. It’s a recommended experience for players who want to know what it’s like to be an actual Navy Pilot. The Oculus Rift allows a riveting sky soaring experience.

Learn hand eye coordination, decision making, and get better and better to climb the ranks. It comes out this October 11th Runes: The Forgotten Path A renegade wizard in a land of grit and grime is what you’ll be when you immerse yourself Stormborn Studio’s upcoming action adventure. A fantasy world set in a dreary post apocalypse, explore its detailed worlds using its unique locomotion system that combines first and 3rd person perspective. Solve puzzles and cast spells, once it releases on October 31st. Aria’s Wing It’s no How to Train Your Dragon, but this casual racing game definitely tries.

Hop on to their legendary dragons and ride your way to the finish line. Currently in Early Access, it’s not the best looking game out there. But, it will scratch your itch for fast-paced multiplayer dragon racing, if you’re into that thing. It’ set to release on December 10th, 2018 Jet Island A relaxing free world skating game. Take your hoverboard around Jet Island and glide through air and mountainous terrains. Aside from the tranquil hoverboarding, there’s action to be found, with 4 massive boss fights and a hundred kinds of drones. Optimized for the VR, playing along wit h friends online once it release on December 31st, 2018. AlterVerse: Disruption A concept brewed in the minds of developers for up to 7 years, this VR game is currently still in Early Access but it’s got us in high hopes. AlterVerse aims to blend Scifi, Medieval, GrecoRoman, Pirates, Vikings, and more into one seamless universe.

Enter the dimension-bending portals and engage in raids from all over the multiverse. An ambitious premise, it’s set for official release this third quarter of 2018. Ghost Theory While most games focus on supernatural fiction, Ghost Theory goes the other direction with a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal research. Birthed on Kickstarter, Dreadlocks has high hopes for their upcoming survival horror. Travel to real-life haunted locations, and try your hand at ghost-busting. It’s coming on the fourth quarter of 2018.

Visage Putting you square into haunted manors and creepy landsapes,, Horror has slowly become one of VR’s hallmarks. This indie survival game follows on the footsteps of Capcom’s Resident Evil, promising traumatic surprises wrapped in heart-thumping tension. Retrace the events in one house’s history, and unravel all of its dark past. Set to release sometime in 2018. Space Junkies From Ubisoft comes this frenetic shooter set in outer space. Take part in the endless gunslinging as you battle it out in 2v2 or 1v1 modes. Like fortnite but with jetpacks, this game doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. With full VR embodiment, weave through the stellar arena, and dance around your unwitting enemies.

Coming sometimes in 2018 Alvo A VR game for Counter Strike fans, Alvo has all you need in tactical combat action in the world of virtual reality. Shoot it out in the three different, but deeply familiar game modes. Find and defuse bombs in Search and Destroy, capture points in Domination, or go all out in the brutal deathmatches of the Free 4 All. It’s set to release sometime this 2018. Adoption Two heads are better than one, and that goes especially for horror games. Playable on the PC and the VR, dive into this co-op adventure and play the role of Stranger to an even stranger girl looking to find her missing mother. Pushing you into a nightmare world of the bone-chilling paranormal, it’s set to release sometime in 2018 NIGHTSTAR: Alliance Still currently on Early Access, Tiny Levithan Studios’ arcade VR game send you off to their vast, action-packed cosmos.

Rife with the bright neon lights of intergalactic battle, establish your place in the universe by forging the ultimate fleet of battlecruisers. Defeat the evil enemy AI, and bring back human supremacy. It’s set for official release on June 18th, 2019 .

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