3 BIG Reasons To Be EXCITED For New World in 2020


3 Big Reasons to be EXCITED for New World in 2020 Whats going on youtube i’m fryster I hope everyone had a fun and safe new years because it is now officially 2020 which means a lot of things, but for the purpose of this video, and why youre probably here, its the year that New World will be releasing and so, lets get into the 3 BIG reasons for you to be EXCITED for New World in 2020. ! Intro Starting with our numbers 3 reason, and that is the fact that we are getting a New IP, from a new studio, with genuine intentions. Now i know what you’re saying right now, companies that make bookoo bucks like amazon generally dont have good intentions and make every move in an attempt to squeeze every dollar out of you.

Here’s why I dont think that will be true with Amazon Game Studios. While the parent compant amazon does make a lot of money, its not like they are strapped for cash and with a new studio, they have not captured people’s trust, (or their wallets) and cant spit out a rehashed game or dlc every year like some other studios. cough* cough* all of the call of duty games anymore. New World or Amazon Game Studios for that matter have not proven anything to anyone, and if they do want to be successful and profitable in the long term, New World should be a game revolving around creating the best possible experience for gamers, not just saying youre going to do it. It’s also just really nice to have a fresh IP in the market. While i am a big fan of prequels, sequels, and spinoffs if I enjoyed the original game, thats where you get into a sticky situation where you think to yourself, is the company just trying to milk the product dry? or are they really trying to flesh out their IP and make it as great as it possibly can be.

Next up the number 2 reason to be excited for New World is just the fact that we were given a release date for the game. It shouldn’t be something to be that excited for, but in these days of gaming, it is. Many new games that have been coming out lately, especially those that are more ambitious or are trying a new concept in their game, release in early access, for a lower price, and often times do not even list a release date up front. While it is nice to pay a lower price, youre almost always paying for a lower quality product up front and you get the experience of playing through the development of the game. What does that mean? well you now pay them to beta test their game, build hype, and suffer through bugs and problems while the game is being built. you cant really complain too much about the games since its still in development, and the developers can really kind of build at their own pace.

And then finally when the game does release, the hype is built back up again and they get to sell the game for an even higher price! its like getting 2 release dates. While this is all fun and good, it can be trying on the gamer when there isnt an offical release date in sight or a roadmap thats updated. It will be nice to get an official Beta for New World in April of 2020, and then a FULL release of New World in May of 2020. Its full release price of $40 is a good price point for a buy-to-lay game and with how smooth and polished the alpha seemed to be, There are high expectations for a fun and fulfilling release of New World. Lastly, the number 1 reason, I think, to be excited for New World, is the engine and servers its being built and run on. New World is being built on the Amazon Lumberyard game engine which is based on the CryEngine. Amazon Lumberyard is already integrated with Amazon Web Services, which means the studio, engine, and servers are all controlled by the same company, that same company who’s bringing you New World.

Nothing is worse than when youre playing a great game but you get the lag, stuttering, and freezes on a regular basis. You can buy as many GTX 2080’s as you want but if the game is coded poorly or hosted on subpar servers, there will be nothing you can do and it usually ends up ruining the entire experience. Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention how Amazon also owns Twitch? you can probably expect to see more than you’d ever hoped of New World when it launches and everyone and their mother is being directed to watch New World on twitch. There are exciting times ahead and as you can see, this is really only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the potential of what I think New World can be. First and foremost, if you’ve made it this far, I just want to say a big thanks to you all for watching and supporting me because none of this is possible or makes sense without you watching, so thank you.

Next, I really hope you are as excited for New World as I am as there will be a lot more information, gameplay, and news coming soon. If you havent already, make sure to join us on reddit on the NewWorldGame subreddit for all the up to date news, discussion, and entertainment. Thanks again for watching, I’m Fryster, and I’ll see you next time..

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