4 Oculus Quest HAND TRACKING Games You Should Try!


Hello, everyone cassia and I have been having so much fun, trying things with hent working on the oculus quest. So of course I want to share that with you. Things have changed ever since, and tracking came out like new updates and developers have been experimenting with it. So in this short video I’ll quickly update you on what’s been going on and show you some fun hand tracking games that you can try it yourself. These games are also really fun and easy to show off virtual reality to friends and family, but first subscribe. If you haven’t yet to see more videos like this one and now join me beyond reality, oculus released hand tracking as an experimental feature for the oculus quest, which allows you to navigate around the headset with doubts of the controllers it has been out since December, and Since then, oculus has been releasing updates for it. Newest updates includes improved hand, tracking stability and an option to enable automatic transition between hand, tracking and controllers.

So when you start the oculus quest, you don’t even need the controllers anymore, like before. Just put your hands in front of your headsets cameras and it will start hand tracking automatically. If you need your controllers again, all you have to do is pick them up to use them. I love this figure. It is just so much more convenient to pick up the headset to check something fast with your hands, rather than have to pick up the controllers, while the oculus store doesn’t seem to be accepting updates for hand tracking, yet developers have been experimenting and putting prototypes on Sites quests – these are all short demos, so nowhere near finalized games, hand tracking is also still experimental. So do keep that in mind when watching this video, but I already wanted to show some of these prototypes because they show what is possible with hand tracking in the future. I already showed you the piano, learning app VR curious in our previous video. So today I wanted to highlight four other hands tracking games. Let’S start with the first one, but before we move on, don’t forget to leave a like to support us, so the first demo that we are going to try is the Sun shirts right of the gods hand tracking demo. It’S a simple demo, where I have to protect this sort from these little trolls or enemies, whatever they are.

So, let’s just open the chest to begin the level looks great. I like it so the enemy should be coming in now any minute here they are, and actually here you have two special powers that you can use by putting your hands through the cube. This is sorts kind of power and to use them. You have to pinch your hands as you can see, I’m throwing like little Schwartz at them now and then you can remove the power using this and you can pick another one. It’S this one. For example, this is like a light beam. I guess a son shard. I guess which destroys the enemies like this and it’s hilarious, but the most hilarious part is, of course, is that you can actually use your hands to pinch them to flick them away or to do it like this so funny or you can just pick them up. I think you can also actually pick them up difficult, though oh I think I got one. Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, look at this. This is just hilarious yeah. I think this would be a fun demo to just show people what hand tracking can be like. It’S so funny. I got some beautiful nail polish here ooh. Look at that. If you wait a little longer, a lot of them will be here and then you can satisfyingly snap them all away, wipe them all way. Wow! That’S just funny too! That’S awesome! Alright, let’s move on to the next demo, so the next demo we are going to try is called cubism, which is a VR puzzle game and I have to pinch both hands to start and basically, you just have to put these little blocks into the right area. That’S in front of you is little black lines here to complete a level. Ok, so now I’m getting a little menu here, which is cool. I like this, this mini allistic style for menu. I love that a lot, so we have 6 levels. Most of them are locked for me, but after my first level, which I will show, you now getting a little possible now with three blocks and you can just crap it by moving your hands to one of those blocks until it turns right like this, and then You can pinch your fingers to grab it. You can see the pins all your fingers as well. If you want, then you can place. It example like this. I think you can complete it. How you want doesn’t matter, oh, and it is wrong, as you can see, and I don’t know, but you can also move this whole thing around.

If you need so you don’t have to use your body to move around it. So the last piece we’ll put it like this, Oh as you can see it’s snaps right on it, it feels pretty satisfying by the way. Here we go completed the first one and that’s basically that’s basically it you have six more levels which I’m just going to. Let you try if you want to it’s fun. I like this one so far a lot, and I really hope that once oculus accepts hand, tracking updates and games on the store that we will get. These kind of your puzzle games that you can completely complete with hands, hold even love to see cubism with more levels, and here we are in another fear, puzzle game like thing, and I haven’t really figured this game out. Yet it’s called interdimensional matter and when you launch it, you get spawned straight away in this abstract little roads with a hilarious, soundtrack and you hands are all orange, and so you can grab stuff like this bow over here. But gravity is all a little bit messed up, so I’m actually not very sure, though I mean it’s actually a little hard to grab objects and stuff in here. It’S so abstract. Look at this! I really like this. This design, though this art style so colorful. It kind of feels magical to use your own hands for this, so it says one and then two, I’m not really sure what they mean by that. So I’m just going to press this button because then you can move on to the next round number two. I also give to you those numbers as instructions still don’t know what they mean but I’ll. Let you figure that out yourself as well all right. Let’S move on to the last experience, and we are in mr

Scribbles, which is basically a VR, sculpture, 3d sculpture, design app and the first thing that you’re gon na get is a tutorial which I’ll show you part of, because it really explains well what you can do in here. So I don’t have to do it from the top of my head, so in here you have the power to create if you’re new to mr. scribbles paint your index finger to your thumb like you’re, making, okay sign and scribble away. That’S the first task of this tutorial. You can grab scribbles with your hand to the center of the scribble pinch, your index and middle finger to your thumb, and then you can move an object around and now you can also rotate it row grabbing the object with your non grabbing hands pinch your index Finger and drag to rotate whoa.

Look at that very cool. You can drag scribbles to your garbage sphere and release them to delete them yeah. So there’s a garbage sphere. Here too, you can put stuff in there too. Read them now. Let’S learn about shapes pinch. Your index and middle finger on both hands at the same time, and then you get shapes yes below. You are more shapes, so we got a couple more one like this sphere, but oops one one here we go, you can spin scribbles at this. I, like this feature like this right now. It will spin very cool. You can also orbit Squibbles crap one scribble, okay and then hold your other hands with your palm away from just behind another scribble like this, I guess now it will orbit around this one.

The one that I was grabbing now we will learn about colors. As you can see, a lot of colored spheres are here simply just move your hands towards the stuff, the colors and your hands will turn to a different color. It feels pretty weird, but also funny. You can also blend. Colors, hold your hand, open close to the surface of a color sphere to blend colors. Do it like that yeah you go! This is kind of magical too. Okay, all right! You can also change the color of a scribble drag a scribble through a color sphere. Yeah. Let’S learn about materials you can draw with the shiny material and matte material or a glass material which are here. I guess you have to change this. By going there, I mean how fun is this that you can us use your hands for that and now there’s a slightly complicated one, make a finger gun with one hand, actually haven’t been able to complete that one, because I don’t know how but yeah you can Check it out yourself so yeah I was doing some random stuff, but I think you get the idea what you can do in this app just drawing with your hands one day.

I do really dream about being able to create something cool in VR in 3d, because it’s easier in VR and then being able to export it onto my 3d printer and then printing it out in real life. That’S the dream one day I will do it alrighty. I think we’re gon na move on to the outro a little dip. These demos are so great fun to show off to other people who don’t own a VR headset, yet so go for it and selfie art to your friends. If you want to try it the games yourself, they are available on sidequest for free, I put the links below and if you don’t have sight press yet I put a link below to with our setup guides. So what creative uses would you like to see for hand tracking drop them below in the comments so that everyone can read it, and hopefully a developer will pick something up. We hope to see you all in the next video and a special thanks go so right hand, page ones.

Big test to art are means long term support check out this board games. We are on Steam, another shot goes to bets on VR and as VR and YouTube channel and as always, VR things with the hand tracking on the oculus quest. Oh of course, I love this figure. This is so much more convenient to pick up the headset to [ Music ]