$600 Dollar GAMING PC 2020 – Build & Test!!


Hello guys, welcome back to my gaming pc series. Today we will be taking a look at the best and fastest $600 dollar Gaming PC that i think we can currently build And we break this video down into three parts. First we’re gonna go over all the parts and why we picked them And then we will test multiple games to see how well this Gaming PC actually does. As always i made sure that all the hardware part fit perfectly together so that we don’t waste any money on things we don’t really need. And of course this channel is not sponsored by anybody and neither is this video so i’m completely free of bias and can really recommend what i think is the best hardware that you can currently buy But now let’s not waste any more time and let’s dive directly into the parts for our $600 Gaming Pc Build. First in my opinion the best processor in this price segment is the AMD Ryzen 3 3100.

It has 4 Cores with 8 Threads and up to 3.9 GHz, which is really good even for today’s incredibly high standards. But this processor is not only quite powerful, it is also extremely cheap with just about $115. In Cinebench where professionals usually test CPU performances, we can also see that this CPU gets really good results for such low amount of money with 2298 points. When it comes to the single core test the results are also very good, because we score 447 points, which is even better than some higher tier Ryzen processors.

The temperatures during all the benchmark and gaming tests were also very stable, and that means that the stock cooler, that is included, is pretty good and we don’t need to waste any money on an extra cooler, which is just great. The Ryzen 3 3100 is also more cost efficient than all Ryzen 5 CPUs at the moment and provides a better Single-Core Performance even compared to the Ryzen 5 2600, which is also an awesome CPU with great value. And so i think given that Single-Core performance is critical for playing games, that the Ryzen 3 3100 is the best value CPU in this price segment. Of course we not only need a strong CPU, but also a great graphics card as that part is really the heart and soul of any Gaming PC.

And for our $600 Build i think the best graphics card that we can currently buy is the GeForce GTX 1660 Super. For my build i preferred the GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC version with 6 G Bs from Gigabyte, but the difference between the different versions from different vendors is not significant, so you could just buy the version that’s the cheapest in your area. I will leave the link all the available 1660 Super versions in the description of this video. Anyways, this GPU is a real powerhouse. For the performance you get here, you had to spend about $500 5 years ago. Now you can get that for just slightly above $200, which is pretty nice. But despite the decent price it has everything that we need.

It has 6GBs of memory, with almost 1830 MHz memory clock. It is VR ready and it gave us a great framerate in all the games that i tested. Of course we also need a solid motherboard that perfectly supports out Ryzen 3. And therefore i recommend the MSI B450M Pro-VDH Max. This motherboard perfectly supports the Ryzen 3 together with the necessary frequencies, the AM4 socket and the 3rd generation compatibility. Now this is an area where are lot of custom builders really make costly mistakes. Don’t ever buy the most expensive motherboards. It’s like buying an expensive Tesla with an engine that can only drive 50 miles/hour. It might look amazing, but doesn’t make you any faster. For the motherboard it’s sufficient to support the necessary frequencies and to have all the connectors we need. and that’s exactly the case here. However at the same time this motherboard is one of the cheapest ones out there, so you by buying this one you save yourself a lot of money that you can then use to buy yourself some more amazing games.

When it comes to the memory we wanna equip one of the two ram slots with an 8 GB ramblock from Corsair with 3200 MHz. This is a really fast ram and the build in XMP 2.0 support ensures trouble-free and automatic overclocking. It also perfectly fits the Ryzen 3 specification making this a must-have for our build. Btw. if you have some money left to spend, the first thing i would do in order to further upgrade this build would be to buy a second 8GB ramblock. 16 GBs or RAM are great and using RAM in dual-channel mode also provides an small additional speed boost. For the memory we again rely on the classic PNY CS900 with 240GBs SSD.

It’s really important to buy SSDs nowadays instead of HDDs, because SSDs are almost as cheap as the old HDDs, but much much faster. So in this case you actually get the real tesla, but for the price of an old Beetle. And in order for the system to always be reliably and quietly supplied with power, we use the Corsair CV 450 with 80+ bronze certification, all of the necessary protection circuits, multirail and dc/dc technology. And in the end all the components are installed in a Aerocool Cylon.

It’s a really inexpensive mid tower case where you have a lot of space for future upgrades like HDDs, or even complete system upgrades. However, when it comes to the Case you may choose a different one, because it doesnt really affect performance and its mostly personal preference of what’s looking good. Of course you can find the links to all the parts i mentioned in the description of this video. So if you are interested in some or all of them, you can find them there. And of course you can find this build and the builds for all the other price categories on my Homepage. There i’m updated all the builds regularly, so if you watch this video a few months from now, then you can always go there and you will find all the latest builds with the guaranteed best value for money. By the way, before we dive into the game tests, i would love if you gave this video a thumbs up, because it helps out my channel quite a lot.

And it helps me to continue making these videos. Also if you like this video series you can always subscribe to my channel and click on the bell, so that you don’t miss out on future videos. But now let’s jump into the benchmarks and game tests. Of course i have tested this Gaming PC in the 3D Mark Time Spy Benchmark and then in multiple games. In 3D Mark Time Spy this Build scores 5902 overall Points. The Graphics Score is 6263 and the CPU score 4452. That’s actually pretty solid especially the GPU scores are quite good. As games do need more GPU resources this Gaming PC seems to be pretty balanced. And now that we got all the numbers and statistics out of the way, Please enjoy the game tests. Now these were all the game tests, so overall i would say that if you want to copy this Gaming PC build you will definitely have a lot of fun playing lots of games at very high settings.

Anyways, I hope you guys found this video very helpful. If you do so you can always leave a like to show some support and of course if you are new to this channel you can also subscribe, so that you can always easily find some great Gaming PC Builds that are optimized for Gaming Performance and Price..

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