7 Tips How To Mod Xbox One/PS4 DayZ Nitrado Server [12/15]


Hello friend, and welcome to the 12th installment of this, how to modify your ps4 and/or Xbox one, the throttle server for dayz our disco community is making insane contributions to all they see. Gamers across the world I mean there’s even a free codes channel for you to learn and copy/paste them straight to your server, so don’t hesitate at the end of this video go ahead and go get those codes. The link for that this court is down in the description in this episode guide. I will share with you some of the more common mistakes. A lot of us make when editing coding systems and/or software’s. Some of these tips may seem obvious to some, but to others. It may really clarify a lot.

Let’S get started, make sure to stop your server prior to editing, having survivors and items spawning in and out. It’S not good for anyone, especially for you, save your progress consistently edit one item at a time. Save your progress then move to another item and repeat this process to ensure that the least amount of mistakes are recorded. When you save your progress, the space is my friends.

The spaces leaving the single space will create a gap in the flow of information. So, as Captain Price would say a flawless when you finish editing all the aspects and you feel satisfied and you want to go back into the server and test it make sure to wait at least 10 to 20 minutes before you actually go into the server after You started this will allow the master server to register your changes. Sometimes it may take a little bit longer so be patient. So, having said that, if you are the individual that edits all full pages without saving, while the server is still running and you’re leaving spaces, this shit will not work for you don’t type anything that isn’t numbers. My friend, anything that is code, must be copy and paste it to make sure and ensure that there’s not going to be any mistakes whatsoever.

Only edit the values copy and paste everything else use default values as much as possible, adding too much to your server at one time may make it desync. This may mean that no lewd, zombies or animals may spawn in your server, which will make your effort a complete waste of time be patient. If you feel that you’ve made a mistake, that cannot be fixed use the card on the top right of your screen and learn how to clear your XML file and restored it to a default. There’S far more to learn my good friends, but together we will master this bring me your questions to my discord. I got more tips and screenshots to help you get the basics and also get some more advanced techniques along the way. Also, don’t miss out on the next guide or live stream that comes out of this channel, make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications and follow that by smacking the like button catch you on the next upload stay sexy