8 Upcoming/New Apple Arcade Games


Here are eight new and upcoming apple arcade games, originally released in soft launch in 2019. Castlevania grimoire of souls seemingly disappeared soon. After now, it’s re-emerged on apple arcade. Thank goodness. The game contains 60 levels, a wide range of equipment daily and weekly missions and much more.

This story is set in a world after dracula has been sealed away, and the pages of a new story bringing together heroes of the past, have begun to turn. Grimoire of souls now features 3d graphics, konami said even with this change. It still retains the signature side, scrolling action and the rich world of the castlevania featuring character, designs from amy, kojima and music by machirou yemen. I don’t know if i said their names correctly, the on-screen effects from the enemies and you’re attacking changing characters, and so on. Look simply incredible.

I bet playing this game with a controller will be a treat providing a console experience, especially on apple tv castlevania. Grimoire of souls is most likely releasing on the 17th of september next week, originally released on the app store in 2019. Thumbpath pocket edition will soon be coming to the app store grapes category for iphone and ipad. This game actually won the apple design award for 2019. It was praised for its immersive musical gaming experience with classic arcade action, blistering speed and intense physicality.

It makes perfect sense to be on apple arcade. Now too, thumper features 9 levels where you play as a metallic space beetle matching a dark industrial beat which propels you down a narrow track towards psychedelic, alien space monsters and bosses lego star wars. Battles was originally in soft launch for two years but closed down fairly. Recently, now it’s been confirmed as coming to arcade. You will lead an army of classic lego, star wars, characters in real time, one to two player, pvp multiplayer battles in iconic arenas from the locations.

You know and love from the star wars universe. It looks quite similar to clash royale, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Considering the game will have no ads or in-app purchases collect and upgrade characters and vehicles, build lego towers, defend and capture territory, use characters, unique abilities like vader’s force, lamb, explore the galaxy and strategize in real time lego, star wars. Battles might be releasing on the 24th of september last year, hipster whale added crossy road castle to arcade. Now they are adding the original crossy road to the app store great category on arcade for iphone and ipad.

This iconic mobile game is an adorable endless arcade hopper that challenges players to cross a road bustling with traffic and obstacles, unlike most other games that come to the app store grapes category. This is a re-imagined version. It’S not completely clear what is different, but one thing that i do know is that there is a new crossy road park. Take what i say lightly as i’m guessing based off the gameplay shown on the app store but crossy road park lets you access different chapters and locations. You can choose different characters, unlock monuments and maybe stores i expect the coins you find can be used to unlock and expand the park.

This arcade version will also have no ads or in-app purchases like the free version and will still contain controller support. Crossy road plus is expected to release sometime in october. Zookeeper world is the follow-up to the action puzzler released in 2016 on the app store it combines match 3 gameplay with simulation features for players to create and manage their own zoo. You will complete match. 3 puzzles collect coins and then you can place animals, equipment and plants to increase.

Your zoo’s charm level, which is used to attract more visitors to the zoo players, must manage the requests of the zoo owner and visitors. Doing this will increase your rank and allow you to further expand. The zoo players will also be able to customize elements of the zoo from putting down various designs and decorations. You can upgrade your animals, however, that would work and much more to upgrade your animals, though you’ll need gems, which you can get by completing different match 3 tasks. I hope this is well balanced and doesn’t make the game grindy over time.

Zookeeper world was released on the 10th of september, originally released on the app store way back in 2010 on the 26th of august dudon patchy resurrection, hd was added to the app store great category on arcade for iphone and ipad. The arcade version is the same as the hd and 64-bit version, which replaced the original quite a while ago, confusing yes, but it is what it is now. The game won’t be for everyone, as it has very old school graphics, but it’s an insanely good bullet hell. Classic the game features two game modes, smartphone mode and exclusive adaption, tailored to the iphone and ipad portable format and arcade mode, a port of the arcade shooter classic note. The game is only playable in portrait mode and has no controller support.

Sadly, i don’t know how i feel about this one yet temple run puzzle. Adventure isn’t really like the classic games that were about well running. This one is a match: 3 puzzler, where you will progress through levels inside an ancient temple. In fact, the game is being handled by a completely different developer on arcade scopily. If that’s how you say their name, i’m personally just not into these types of games, but i’m sure some of you will have fun with it.

I would really love to see a reimagined temple run game on arcade. That is a stylized third person. Adventure puzzle game that would be awesome, temple run puzzle. Adventure might be releasing on the 17th of september. What is more, the definition of arcade than pinball zen pinball party was released on the 3rd of september and stands out by having unique tables that are inspired by some of the biggest brands.

Dreamworks animations trolls kung fu panda how to train your dragon hasbros. My little pony williams, theater of magic attack from mars and much much more. There are honestly, not many high quality pinball games on any apple platform, so this is a welcomed edition. The only downside is that the game seems to have some really bad input lag when trying to control the flippers with a controller on mac and especially apple tv. Hopefully, this can be looked into asap as honestly, it’s game breaking at times.

What do you think about these new arcade releases? Are you impressed or disappointed what type of games would you like to see come to the service? Next, let me know in the comments anyway, leave a like if you found this video useful, discovering new games and subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date with everything apple arcade related. My name is stewie and thanks for watching.

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