800+ Shiny Pokemon Transferred into Pokemon Home!


[, Music ]. It was a long journey to get to this moment team. But here we are. I had a system transfer my 3s and do a bunch of stuff, and now we are going to dive into the world a poky Bank and all of the shanties that we’ve gotten in previous games with a few exceptions. I’Ve got this this chunk right here of I don’t know. What’S going on here, I got a bunch of different cartridges and all sorts of stuff man. I’M gon na try this crystal game. First, this one first, I don’t know if it’s gon na fit into the 3ds, so I got these SoulSilver cartridges.

Well, I don’t, I don’t, think that’s going to work here all right, but let’s get it started. So let me let me start with with with this guy, I guess: should we go in chronological order, okay, so soul, silver, platinum, soul, silver. Let me just get these out of here cuz. These aren’t gon na count like we’re only focused on Sun and Moon X & Y Ultra Sun and Moon Omega Ruby, alpha sapphire, why? I have a lot of cartridges guys, so this is gon na, be something special here: team. Okay, so let me return home here and they can’t be in your party right. So let’s do it. So, let’s start, what do you guys want me to start with? Should we go in chronological order with with X & Y? Let’S do it alright, let’s pop it in and let’s see what happens now, I’m gon na give you guys a heads up here as I do this. I’M only gon na be transferring in legitimate Pokemon.

Now you might be a little confused because I’m a someone who plays legitimate, but for those who don’t know there was a period of time where I did draft League Pokemon and I would use Pokemon that were generated. So those Pokemon were. But I gets it to be hack, so I’m not actually gon na transfer any of those in only legitimate Shaunie’s and things that I’ve captured over the years and I actually, as of ultra Sun Moon. I started separating out the game that I used so like this cartridge is my my kind of draft League copy, and then I had another copy that I kept everything separate on so actually for the sake of for the sake of doing this, let’s, let’s get an Encounter here I’m gon na reset this, and how do you soft reset in this game? I don’t even know, let’s just see, it’d be so funny. If I got a shiny on the first encounter dude, that’s until it means a man Skippy its Skippy dude, okay.

Well, anyway, let’s uh, let’s forget our trip down memory, lane team people, the og a drive. Our members are like wait a minute. I remember Skippy, okay, so let’s take a look. This was a let’s see we got here. I’Ve got min Chino, Skippy, Daenerys and then honey. I dude honey. I think we were actually this is actually a hunt for for Combee is actually what we’re doing. I’M gon na go look in my box and just see if there’s anything worth to transfer here in this copy, I’m assuming there is and then we’ll just actually open up Pokemon bank and do it that way, I think, will be the best back. Let’S see here, what do we got? You’Re gon na hate, Shawnee, zinnia, hey you guys, Sean he’s just not seeing Shaunie’s here I don’t know if I have shinies in this company. That’S why I wanted to just check it. First cuz, oh, wait a minute! These are shot YZ, Lumiere, Easter, Danny boo, wait! A minute wait is this Danny’s copy hold on. I know this is my copy with Dan is the OT? Not even a drive is the OT okay. I think that’s it. So, let’s, let’s open up, let’s, let’s open up Pokemon, home or Bank and let’s get these bad boys transferred in and let’s make it happen. Okay, okay! Here we go! You just Pokemon bank use this game guys. Look at this stack of games that were going through today, like seriously I’m not even kidding what I said. Look at this!

That’S how many games I’m gon na check right now. That’S 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Cartridges shun evike of all dude overdrive. Oh my god, it’s about a better get wild, okay, uh! Apparently, oh, you know what I actually had this organized like a Dex at one point: this is the og shiny mountain right there. That’S it right there! Okay, I guess we’ll start at these were organized look at this. These were actually organized the first shaadi on the shaadi decks. They were organized guys at one point in my life I tried to organize this and I have so much given up. Okay, that’s the first game down. That’S the first game down: okay, with a cynical and box to what was it? Okay, let us return to the main menu and on to Game. Two here we go. This is crazy. Dude 999 hours, there’s like 2,000 hours in this game. Oh my goodness. What was i doing guys? We were rocks, smashing Ford. Well, does anyone remember that we never got it? No, we were rock smash roboticle and we never got it wow wow we were.

We were rock smashing for barnacle and never got it dude and I have a shoddy jiggle it. It didn’t even get anything. Okay, what’s the transfer these dudes up? I think this is my og Pokemon. Why copy? By the way? I’M pretty sure this is the og one that I like started streaming on. Did I start sure you know why. Well, this was my main one, at least so. Alright, let’s head over, that was the first box that we use. So, let’s just go over here and then I’ve got two boxes of Shaunie’s to transfer in which are all these guys, so we’re gon na transfer all these dudes in yeah flop a king Matt. Thank you so much man, and then I got all these guys. It’S just like road to 50 road to 100 stuff. Here I think you should Ultimo we’re working on some other stuff right now. Matt thanks letter bits Matt. How are you and then I just had that other box with the three in it?

I think with the giggle, if and oh yeah – these guys are here all of these guys. I forgot all these guys. Oh my god! This is a lot okay, I kept the Celebi too, because why not but yeah, I think, that’s everything guys. That was everything right. Like I said we’re leaving the steelix behind, I think that was it and I’m leaving that vivillon behind that was Shani as well, because it was traded to me. So I don’t care about it. Then I grabbed that pineco. I just want to make sure I grab the pinecone, so I remember there was a pinecone Shani that we came across and I remember if I snagged that. Oh it’s right here, yeah that was the one okay, I think we’re good to go. I think we’re gon na go and that’s it. Oh, it’s a nice cartridge team.

Okay, let’s see what we got going on here. Oh boy! Oh! This is my original Omega Ruby file this this vivillon, if I’m not mistaken, if I’m not mistaken, yeah, okay, hunter Talent, a shoddy Duskull named Fred dude, all right, let’s start going through this man, we got some crazy stuff here we got some crazy stuff here. Let’S take a look, we got a shine desk all named Fred. Thank you, naive for the mines, purple Wurmple. Okay, what remember what I said you know, there’s gon na be some hacked Pokemon and we look at this. This box of 6iv dinos with destiny, knots and different natures is an indication of that. I wasn’t kidding. Okay, we’ve got some stuff to go through because there’s some shot ease here is, I don’t know what we’re doing with this bola. So, let’s get him out of here: okay, [, Music ]! We got this guy light bright, shiny, magic arm, a fever. This is this is the road to fifty guys. This is the road to fifty Shani’s right here. The first ever shadi series and montage that I ever did deathly. We have a poliwag name deathly.

What’S the capture date on this, does it is it gon na be accurate? I have no idea. 2014. 10. 19. 2014. That sounds right. I think it sounds right. Okay, so there’s a lot to transfer in from this set here. That was some cool stuff, though this was my main cartridge guys, so this is gon na be a lot of the goodies from the Oh, a stays here. This is a lot of the goodies from the over a stays here, I’ll go back through it after I do it once oh wow, we named this Pete Pikachu Avada after he passed away. That’S crazy dude! I didn’t even call that out earlier. I didn’t even see it. You just started to poison a glock. First, two mountains are Bulbasaur and cool finish nice man, that’s cool dude. These are all good. These are all good. This is the championship team. Again I mentioned that I would transfer that into the bank. Wow, mr

Ollie is going big time, five thousand bits what’s up in Sally dude. Thank you so much man, thank you, so they’re written the first Shani by the way on the stream right there. Thank you, mr. Ali. Oh, you know what this crobat, I think, was the last member of this. This team over here was right here. This was the six-man team. Thank you. Mister I’ll leave her five thousand bits taking the number-2 spot of the week right there wow. That was the six member of the team and they’re all around the same level. So that’s how you know too, but I’ve talked me a minute to realize it was in a different box or whatever, but okay, so the next game team. You guys ready to keep Rocking. I do appreciate all the support.

I know this is different than our normal content, but I hope this is fun for some of you guys, especially some of the longtime a drive army members and and some of the newer ones. Maybe you might be not remembering some of this stuff or not knowing it, but hopefully it’s entertaining for you very at the very least. So, let’s get through alpha sapphire here first I got three alpha sapphires to get through and then we were moving on the Sun and Moon. Apparently I have an x and y cartridge that I don’t know if I went through yet so we’ll check that all right, Pokemon bank Satan knows best thanks to the nine months dude how’s it going yeah, I dropped it. Honesty likes a few times and competitive. So you might see a few of those guys, but that’s why I’m not transferring those up I mean when I see it, I generally know pretty quickly. You know what it was from so again we’re only taking legitimate Shaunie’s up with us to pokey bank, with the only exception being 12 Pokemon that are from my championship, teams which, which we already grabbed six of em and then we’re gon na find the other six Which should be in, I think, Sun or moon game, I’m I’m sure we’re getting that next, so sudden meet is next, so I checked the Pokemon party already wow. Do you! This is crazy guys. This is actually kind of a wild wild thing. Okay, there’s a lot of Legendary’s man cuz.

I need to check my party anyway Francis. I know it saves a little bit of time, but it’s not that big of a deal okay, so we’re gon na head over to this spot over here. Well, we’ve already transferred a lot of stuff, and these guys are the guys that we’re taking with us is there any space I’ll save that okay done with that, we got about 600 plus Johnny’s ever transferring right now guys. So, probably probably I don’t know it’s tough cuz. I know I have over 700 between all my games, but obviously let’s go and things like that. They were not actually looking at right now. So, okay, that games done and we are moving to the next generation of Pokemon, no wait just kidding. I have another alpha, sapphire copy wait a minute. Apparently I had one more alpha sapphire copy. Let’S take a look, alright, well we’re about to move into Sun and Moon guys. Can we get a hype, train started for Sun and Moon, we’re about to move to the next gen the final part of this process? Man? Alright, so I’m not gon na be grabbing any of the heartgold SoulSilver stuff, because I haven’t beaten black and white to to transform yet or whatever so those and I’m not done with those playthroughs.

So this is just the stuff that I’m not going back to. So let me just snag those hey toko Adam that you guys have loved, there’s snipe those two Shaunie’s for Danny and [ Music, ] Shaunie’s I’ll give her that surskit back one of these days. Okay, what do we got here? Well, that’s a shoddy bikable that I definitely definitely trained up. Let’S see here, modest Route, one level, four one: eight 2017 baby, already that’s a win right! There, level! 100. Okay, I got to figure out what is going on in this PC, because I have no idea what we’re even about to get into right now, but there is a lot to go through on this. One is NT low. Thank You Fiona with a thousand bits acid. Thank you very much Twitter. Thank you very much. What is what is even yo? This is the team I brought with me to the last regional I went to before Texas. This is the team Wow. This is legit cuz. I definitely wouldn’t a brought a knowledge it. A bit Pokemon with me yeah, I hashed that that’s legit dude, that’s legit! That’S a friend guard Clefairy bro, wait a minute! Yeah! Do you! This is the team that I brought with me. I’M bringing this Clefairy just because it’s friend guard wow. We have a superior for joe thin wow, we’re about to get to level 2 on the site: train team, okay, so we’re gon na we’re gon na set up the box right here. Let me clear these guys out cuz, I don’t know. What’S I this!

This is about to get really really hectic. Cuz there’s a lot of things in this game. I have no idea what to even expect right now in terms of Shaunie’s and what what not I have no idea what’s in this file. I have no idea what to expect right now, so just an FYI for our stream schedule coming up guys. So here’s the dealio no stream on Friday why it’s Valentine’s Day imma spends telling my wife and no stream on Saturday or Sunday while I cuz I’m adding a competitive event. So that’s just the reality of it man. You know. I told you guys if I’m gon na compete at these events you boys got. It will take some time away from streaming. Unfortunately, so we’re gon na miss two streams in the weekend and then I’m taking I’m taking taking valentine’s day off man cuz, I told you guys one of my big priorities this year is to put my family first, which sometimes I kind of suck out. So that’s the deal family first man, it’s my new, my new. I want to make sure I don’t just say it, but I actually do it yeah. Okay, we’re done with that game on to Pokemon moon. All right this course was not Shani. Hewed dad’s back baby was our number one number one gifts up giver last week, what’s up Hugh dad welcome back my friends Andrew thanks for 44 months, all right, so we’re done with that game on to the next I don’t know actually all right.

I think we’re good there on to the next moon and then we are going to ultra guys you’re going to ultra all right. So you got two ultra Sun and moons, and two ultra ultra sons and two ultra moons. So the first one I’m going to do is my hacked copy of ultra moon. Now, I say attacked because this is the copy, and at this point in time I started separating my draft League Pokemon from my other copies, because I started taking the hacking stuff. A little bit more seriously and I wanted to keep everything separate, because I never wanted anyone to ever question the legitimacy of my Shaunie’s. So this game should have nothing on it. As far as I can remember, but we’re gon na look at all the competitive pokemon and then we’re gon na wave goodbye. So this this should basically be just boxes and boxes of competitive Pokemon, and this was the game that I competed in. We may grab the championship team for the Viking boat, so that would be the only thing so yeah. These are all from competitive, a lot of victini’s.

This was the last game I played with this team. What league was this then? I remember it looks. This. Is the last game I would have played with this team here? I law I must have lost in the playoffs. I must have lost in the playoffs with this team. Anyone remember WBE season 9s season for pgl. I was singing yeah p4g. I don’t remember. I remember what league it was but again yeah. These are all just competitive minds and I used in different teams. As expected, alright box of shiny number one box of shiny and number two boxes, shinies number three: I’ve done a lot of shiny and the guys it’s it’s crazy. When you look at it like this and you’re, just like wait, what is happening right now? Oh, my goodness, all right, two more games to go team. I think one of them is gon na be action-packed and the other one is gon na not be so action-packed. So two more 3ds games to go and then we can move to the Nintendo switch, which I’m very excited to do all right in the final cartridge for the 3ds is now yeah. Do you not do not surprise straight guys? There are corrupt, Pokemon being sent unsurprised straight. This is not a joke by the way. This is a real thing and they can mess up your game. So do not surprise straight right now, just don’t wait until you see a tweet from me saying it’s. Okay, again, all right do not surprise trade.

I’M gon na go as so far it’s time, not doing surprise egg Sunday anymore, I’m not doing any surprise trades. I don’t even know how I’m gon na do reign battles until these things get sorted. I’M not losing my save file over some stupid stuff, so Marvin give it out a son to tie. I don’t know what I guess I was doing. Oh yeah, we got shot he’s in our party. I could tell you that I’m sure, raids and stuff are fine, guys, I’m just telling you what I’m gon na be doing. So I guess I can do my own raids, yeah, but just just a warning. The surprise Street is the only one that we know for sure is causing issues, but Thank You, Marvin forgiving, a sub we’re about again we’re gon na buy to get a lot of shinies in here team. Oh boy, what’s going on here, I don’t even know what this is. Okay hold on were confused. Okay, these are there’s the Celebi. We found it and that’s the I think, that’s the events. I know you could hunt. Is there any just in this game right, yeah, yeah? Okay, that’s the Celebi. We found it a 2000 encounters in pokemon crystal legit, shiny Celebi, which is really cool. I do have a shiny cast for me. Yeah we’re gon na transfer it up we’re getting there. We’Re almost at that point guys: okay, so Q. Whatever box I was at before: okay yeah, we got all these dudes. I didn’t know about the cast forms, though well these guys here these three and then this box. I think that was it, but I’m just gon na scan through again. Okay. So I think I’m at the point now where we we do the the big whoop into uh into the the other thing. Let me do the big whoop today, whoop okay, so let me search my FaceCam here. Look at this.

Can I interest you in Gen, 6 and Jenna 7, anybody, anyone wan na Gen, 6 or gen 7 game. I’Ve got a few. This is before. I only had to buy one copy of the game, and rather I bought like 8 million copies of the game, so throw those in there and apparently my stylist. What flying earlier too, which is cool, I guess, who needs that many, a professional Pokemon master, does actually thanks for asking ok, alright! So now, what do i do chat? I don’t do anything on the 3d anymore right. We’Re done with this. I just closed it all out and I connect now via what do. I do now move Pokemon Pokemon home, ok, so I’m just gon na I’m just gon na close that I’m gon na undock my switch I’m not about to get shenanigan here and lose everything I just did okay, so I’m gon na begin move you’re about to send Pokemon, please note that you want me to send them back. Okay, uh! Okay, do I just click begin? Oh wow! I see them all right now. I see them all. Okay, I guess I just press all. Then I didn’t have to do anything that was so easy.

Okay, yeah, I see them all right now, yeah hog, you should subscribe to man. You too man made video about it, yeah. What’S going on with YouTube, it’s weird, oh yeah! I can’t even log in right now on YouTube Maya. My growlithe video was supposed to go. Live but I can’t even log in so that’s that’s great. This is my channel still exist, guys or no yeah. I search any drive. It’S still there. Okay! Well I’ll, just post the grog on Twitter, the video went live so 709 Pokemon most. Those are Shani’s. 709 uh, I think I just do all boxes as they are right and just just yellow it yeah cuz, I’m not gon na, do one Pokemon time. This is ridiculous. 3,000 home points, oh my god, I’m so excited! Okay. Let’S look we’re not even done yet. Oh, my god, can I transfer okay, so I have to go. I have I’ve shinies in my party that I have to go deal with. Oh my god, guys live 70 shinies.

Okay. How do I get out of this thing? Okay, so Pokemon home and then listview? How do I get to Pokemon home though this is the main menu go to pokemon, then home? Oh duh got it. I don’t know why. I never even saw that all right here we go and then how do I view? How do I change the view list view? Oh, oh yeah. A drive army five-six years of hard work wait yeah six years. I was thinking if I missed something. Look at this. Look at this look at this. Oh yeah extra filter shiny that you can filter. Jonny’S got oh yeah, 820, 821 Wow. Oh my god, dude, oh my god. That is absurd! Absurd over 800 legit, shoddy Pokemon in Pokemon home. I need a life. Oh, my god chat turn up like you’ve never turned up before this is six years six years. Look at this wow wow dude that look at the magic carves, the pincers gripping. Thanks to the 53, I got Mewtwo’s I mean this is something dude. This is something Wow Anthony. Thank You, Man wow. This is, this is something team. This is something this is impressive. I am I’m impressed by myself right now. Actually, oh well, I be we got like Selvi dude. I mean we’re out here to you we’re out here. Man the go blues suicune.

Oh my gosh, look at my Wingull squad, dude like why do I have so many Wiggles? Oh, my goodness. Thank you wax it for the8. Thank you Bob for the cheer, and this isn’t even my sword and shield ones or Pokemon go. But we’re not counting those not right now anyway, oh dude, this is something man. This is something right here: wow wow, that was special team. That was special until next time. Until next time wow, I woman a hunter ran, I’m actually gon na go, get a beverage and then I’m gon na hunt, Durant’s and stuff like that. Hopefully you guys will stick around for that. Shawnee hunt today was pretty nuts, though man, that was, that was really fun. Thank you guys for joining me on that journey. If you happen to see our summary, I hope to have this edited up for YouTube as well. So you know like the video subscribe. You guys a new and thank you guys again for watching again we’re gon na continue to keep going so have no fear. [ Music ]. You