A Critique of Resident Evil 7


There are very few gaming franchises that can be categorized as creating a genre, a zombie game, though not a genre or sub-genre in its of itself. He still sometimes labelled as such as a zombie based horror game, the first ever to crown it was the most perfect zombie game, name ever zombie zombie or the Evil Dead videogames, but it was until 1996.

It became mainstream in gaming with none other than Resident Evil. From there, and until the presence he became the zombie game, the game that did it right. It was the zombie game that incorporated horror and survival elements perfectly with its slight action. Everly, emphasizing exploration of it’s claustrophobic levels to progress further, or even just for secrets. That is until 2009, when it turned to a more action-based style, was made with Resident, Evil, 5 and yeah. And after that we got whatever nightmare that came from and Resident Evil 6, which was fairly decent on Leon’s campaign, but pretty much a more modern Resident. Evil. 5, regardless of criticisms towards the series and these newer titles and all its changes, it was still popular as ever, but the fundamentals of Resident Evil what made Resident Evil Resident Evil was fading into nothingness. Until what about you?

What’S my job to do Resident Evil is back Resident. Evil 7 took us on a strange journey as Ethan on his search for his lost girlfriend Mia to a seemingly abandoned plantation, our farmhouse, not only bringing what made Resident Evil great back to the forefront, but also dick Capcom from it’s metaphorical grave. Up to this point, Capcom game releases were not only support. They were also embroiled in an array of controversies and shady practices when he came to DLC contents. Mainly, anyone remembers that Street Fighter X, Tekken Fiasco and many others. The players goodwill Dwarfs Capcom was an all-time low and then out of nowhere we got Resident Evil 7, which at the time I had zero expectations of and after that we got Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2. We make and Devil May Cry 5, and oh, my god, Capcom.

We love you, especially as a PC gamer, since these ports were amazing, except for monster hunter world. That was a little bit shady, but it all started with this Resident Evil, 7 and two years. Almost three years now: how did they do it? How is Resident Evil 7 so good, especially coming out the back of Resident, Evil, 6 and whatever that is simply speaking, it went back to its roots, yeah, that is he no more multiple different locations to go through. No more silly action Call of Duty style, nothing, grandiose, there’s a few handful of locations with one big memorable, one, there’s creepy enemies and there’s greats and terrifying exploration to be high and instead of a mansion or a police station, we got the Baker’s family house.

Now we all know how the Baker’s are just a bunch of awesome crazies, but now we also know that Jake’s story behind it all with Evelyn, which honestly is a little bit sad. The story of Resident Evil is never the focal point on any game, but here I was surprisingly enthralled by it and playing a second time around, knowing that the creepy old lady was Evelyn all along and their goals created. This really cool experience like I know who you are bad, but also made me, look for little clues and connect the dots with everything like I was watching this movie with a crazy twist at the end and on my second viewing, I’m just seeing all the little Subtle details left by the director, however, like I said we don’t play Resident Evil games for their story. We play for their horror for their survival and exploration aspects and for me I never saw Resident Evil as super terrifying games.

I mean sure the first one hour is terrifying and awesome, with Mia chasing you around cutting off your hands and then pouring alcohol or whatever it is on it and you’re just good the dinner scene after and Jack chasing you defenseless also has to go down as One of the best and memorable Resident, Evil moments or sequences, and even after doing it a couple of times, it never ceases to be scary or heart pounding, but once you get your weapons know your way around the levels. Unless you really start the game, sure you might get the true scare here or there with the Baker’s, but for the most parts the game is simply intense, just like the originals were, and we can see that vividly with Resident Evil 2 remake and compared both of Them as scary parts sure, but it’s just intense and suspenseful, do you knowing what’s behind the door or will you have enough ammo to deal with whatever shows up the phenomenal atmosphere, be the low visibility or all the little sounds like boot, cracking or objects?

Moving in the wind, or just how creepy and messed up this house or this location that you are in, looks like it gets on your nerves and keeps you not only immersed but also tense grabbing your mouse or your controller like it’s the most precious thing that You have and completely forgetting about the real world around you. The first-person perspective enhances this design philosophy even further, and though I love my third person Resident Evil games. The first person really makes it special by making it’s more personal and more immersive.

It makes everything more heightened. The fact that you cannot see what’s behind you or what’s next to you due to the nature of being in first-person, adds a whole lot more than a third-person camera, no matter how tight it is good, being afraid to turn the camera around or face something directly At you is equally terrifying, suspenseful awesome that only this perspective can realistically achieve one of my favorite bets and where this is put that it has in Resident. Evil 7 was when investigating the mysterious bedroom of Evelyn, the constant darkness and tight corridors. All the creepy toys moving for some goddamn reason, but seemingly no enemies, just you and the creepy environment do then finally see her the halma like little girl partially anyway. That was a section I gots the most chills down.

My spine, like I, was watching some like flanagan or area astor movie. If you had this section of the game in a third-person perspective, for an example, would it be as awesome sure, but would it be as impactful not really no and when it comes to sound design? Taking aside at the great atmosphere, we went over, the game also knows exactly when it should be quiet and when he should have it’s nerve-wracking music playing sound tracking games when the ride are often used with a purpose and usually go unnoticed. A game like doom uses that heavy metal soundtrack and beats to keep the player feeling confident and powerful. It adds to overall sense of Nevada’s a game like Dark Souls or Sakura uses those haunting tones to make. You feel afraid it adds to your nerves, even moreso than the fight itself can almost be seen as a cheats to turn off the music altogether. So you can focus on a fight warm and make it slightly easier and a horror game often uses it in a very similar way and on Resident Evil 7.

It’S often quiet when exploring with music, only coming in when near Baker or enemy really driving the tension. Even higher, especially in moments where you hear it, but you don’t know exactly where the mother is or Jack or even the moat creatures, but at the same time the game knows when to keep it quiet. So you get surprised by it. But these small squares are urns, they are not cheap, like you would find on a crappy horror movie, but Resident. Evil 7 also captures the essence of the originals and apt to Resident Evil 4 perfectly and then some of course, due to technology. They can do so much more now with sound and visuals. Then just hide things behind that weird camera angle. That’S the original sad, but when aspects where the game shines, where it draws most of its suspenseful and anxiety-inducing moments, eternal Pickers, of course, based on the nemesis foe of Resident, Evil, 3 or even the tyrants or mr

Axe from the second one, this unstoppable force that chases you around seemingly unkillable until the later phase Jack was intimidating, sure and likely the most iconic, especially in the first few hours, and got them that voice acting was just on point. But for me the mother was one that terrified me, the most with her freaking bugs screams and and their ear walking. So, what’s really satisfying feeling her gross and mid hitted body with shotgun shells and fire, but it’s in those chase segments where the game is at its best when it came to the action side of it’s the knowing that you cannot defeat them, I simply have to Outsmart them until the later phase was handled beautifully and sure, just like the tyrants running, usually gets the job done and repeating the game. It feels like running as long as you have a place to run to feels a little too opie and kind of makes the game a little inconsequential like you are almost breaking it as most both enemies for an example. You can outrun easily.

So when you break that barrier, some of the tension is lessened, but with the Baker’s you still got that eerie dialogue, the crazy shits they do and all the sounds and the soundtrack to make. It’S compelling and the fact that if they caught you, it’s pretty much game over. All of this adds a true sense of threat. Now, speaking of the mold creatures, I didn’t like them. I call me a zombie lover, but I prefer to doggies the reason I don’t like the mold creatures throw story-wise. They make no sense, it’s just that they’re not as interesting or compelling to shoot at with zombies. You have the headshot mechanic, you can shoot their lives or other parts of their body to slow them down, but here there’s just monsters, so they simply not as interesting to me sure they can be intimidating, but the mints that thing that special and magical effects that Only zombies bring in the Resident Evil game and their iconic sounds and behavior that the mold creatures simply cannot replicate. Now the grotesque mutations of the Baker’s now that’s a different story.

Those can be terrifying, but also a little bit over the top like the last boss. Evelyn, the other big creatures, I think they were handled fairly well like the mother or Jack, but Evelyn, I think, went a little bit overboard and Resident Evil games often do that ii did the same in adding this crazy and over-the-top last boss, especially on those later Phases that you can unlock and it was cool better than sometime gameplay wise. It felt out of place up to that point. The game was pretty precise in the combat save bullets and go for soft and weak spots or whay and survived a classic resident evil decisions. But on Evelyn was just spray. It’S like there’s no tomorrow. Other hospitals were not super impressive either. Like I said it’s what you expect from a Resident, Evil game and the most interesting one was the first fight you have with Jack right at the beginning of the game where you have to use the car and you run over him. That was pretty cool because we have these scripted sequences, but when they are a normal boss, fight like the ones you have later on, they usually a bit clunky and always have the gimmick of shooting a soft spot. So the game was at its best.

When you were avoiding bosses, not finding them altogether, which is kind of ironic or just when you are exploring each and every room of these levels, which brings us to exactly that level, design Resident, Evil games, weren’t just a zombie game to me, they were also really Intricate games when it came to their levels, they presented interesting, puzzles challenges and deep exploration when dealing with the environment in order for you to escape and Resident Evil 7 brought that back to the forefront, be whatever section of this creepy farmhouse levels were always interesting and Complex and most important of all, satisfying working through the puzzles or just out and about exploring this horrifying house to find out what he needed to progress further. It invokes a through sense of progression that we deserved each and every thing that he got or accomplished the game wasn’t holding your hands. It was simply giving you clues, be in dialogue or little notes in the environment.

It left all on you to figure out like the dog heads or some key that you needed and the way it all connects the floors and their verticality. The little hidden pathways is just fascinating to explore and see how all of this comes together. You are constantly thinking about what you need to do and how you need to do it always making decisions, leading you to never to be bored even when there’s no fighting or chase sequence, but when there is it completely changes the way you the level places that You deemed safe before no longer are so your whole decision-making shifts constantly keeping you on your toes and adding a nice flow to the way you interact with the game that isn’t always the same, but the changes that evolves.

The inventory management, which I thought would never be back, is also equally engaging sure can be annoying at times when you cannot fit everything like your MO or herbs, and a little check mark, just like the remake on items that you no longer needed would have been Appreciated, but it also forces you to really think about what you should bring and what you should prioritize: complementing the overall decision-making when traversing the environment and levels simple but effective. So all of these decisions outside of the action, which is not a whole lot when you really think about it, really makes Resident Evil Resident Evil. For me, and it’s beautiful to have it brought back onto the franchise all these years later, the only level that I realized that I felt out of place just like the Avalon bus fight was the salt mines. Up to that points, every level was complex.

Intricate with interesting places to discover and explore from the farmhouse to the ship, but the salt mines were just a linear and boring looking level where you had a shitload of resources from the earlier missions where you played as both Ethan and Mia. So all that level. Just felt like I was playing Resident, Evil, 5 or 6 and overall, the game reminded me a lot of a horror movie where the first two acts are amazing and then the ending just gets a little silly or rushed there’s great moments. Sure, but again just didn’t feel very consistent, especially as I said on subsequent playthroughs story. Wise. The game also ends on a cliffhanger, but also ties in with other Resident, Evil games or the universe.

If you will, by bringing press and the good boy umbrella, to clean up the mess, nothing eventually ties in with the DLCs, not a hero, which is fairly decent, pretty action-packed and develops the salt mine level to be a little bit more interesting and finishes off the Other member of bigger family Lucas, which really gets forgotten in the main game, I was actually pretty confused the first time around and the game didn’t make it entirely clear that we didn’t get rid of Lucas, and here you also find some neat gameplay ideas like the More powerful, mold creatures, no, the nothing new, but you know new to the Resident Evil 7 game, but for the most part, is an action. Focused they’ll see you with nothing that really stands out just a fact. That is cool that we can play as grass again and of Zoe, though that’s a different story, entirely: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] god.

Damn I never thought I would love resident evil, brawler like game like Jesus. This was awesome. I think I loved it way too much, and it was intended story was neat, and I love that about. I can freakin punch zombie, mold creatures and have a boxing slash MMA match with mutated Jack Baker witch how the hell is this still alive. The dude literally has half a face left on its entire body come on, but you know what so many games trying to do. First-Person melee combat well in terms of how it feels and how its tactful you can feel it with animations in Skyrim and Resident Evil. Not even trying and they nailed it punches, feel awesome and sure there’s like two combos to do, but they feel awesome fun to use.

I just didn’t get tired of it. It honestly. I wish it was longer. I felt it was way too short. I wanted to punch more small creatures, more zombies and eat more worms, because why not I mean I love the Resident Evil. 7, the main game, it’s brilliant game in many ways, but Joe Baker punching zombies. Now dad is what got my money’s worth: [, Music ]. Ultimately yeah, I I really needed to the data but silliness aside, which is another trademark of Resident Evil games, not just with the boxing type of gameplay found in this DLC. But you know the game is silly. I mean all those dismemberments with the Baker’s the lag. It’S just so ridiculously awesome and yet another aspects of Resident Evil that is once again back.

It’S a silly premise means on mice and they embrace it, and I love that, but I’m really thankful for its developers as they showed to corporate Capcom, that, yes, we prefer. The whole school Resident Evil game since, because of this game, we got Resident Evil 2 remake one of the best games of 2019. How crazy is that a game from like what the 90s became one of the best games of 2019, and now we have resident evil? 3, and as well and possibly even aids all because of this, a beautiful and very disturbing grows an anxiety inducing Phoenix