Hello, everyone, my name, is jack and with a new patch, there are new leaks and this time around, we have some juicy new information about valor’s, first event: game mode, information about the duration of act 3 and changes to the weekly mission system and, most interestingly, of All we have a massive dump of info about valoran’s mobile version, so you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one, but before we jump into those leaks, we do have some bug fix patch news.

On the 14th, a small stability patch was rolled out to fix an audio lag bug on icebox, the utter criminal offense of there being no map art on loading screens. A data center issue for latin american servers and a client crash bug, but wait there’s more on the 15th riot, also tweeted out that they are aware of the issues with micro, stutters in game and a fix for that is currently top priority. And, of course, thanks riot, this bug is annoying in the pure sense and i’m sure we will all be happy to see it go. No date is slated for that hotfix at the time of writing this video. However, with that, out of the way, let’s start talking leaks so in the files data miners found text strings that talked about a game mode called snowball. As you can see here, we have modes snowball, then four modifiers or abilities related to that game mode.

Those being bouncy grow ball, rapid fire and skeets. So clearly we have all the things here to build a christmas or winter style event game mode, and i think this is a cool direction to go. Events help keep the game fresh and, especially in a game entirely focused on its competitive grind. Having an arcade style event will really help to change the pace and help alleviate some of the stress that players may feel the big question left is: will we see a spooky halloween event or not? We still have a few weeks left to spooktober and i wouldn’t put it past ryan to do something, but as far as data mining goes, no information has been found to that effect. So far on the more concrete side of things, leakers have discovered that in acts 3, there will be more total sets of weekly missions than in previous acts going up to 13 weeks of missions total. This is another great quality of life change. In my opinion, which the act 3 battle pass seems to have in spades, one of the biggest criticisms that have been levied at the current pass system is just how grindy it can be, and hopefully these extra missions will make it easier to reasonably complete the battle. Pass within an act without an over-the-top grind from average players.

The end date for this act should also help us be able to get the pass done in a reasonable amount of time in the finals was also found. The end date for act 3, which is going to be tuesday january 12 2021, which is a little under three months from now by comparison, act 2 began on august 4th and concluded a few days ago on october 12th, meaning the season was just over two months. Long, maybe it’s in relation to the holiday season, but act, three, assuming the leaks to be accurate, will be the longest act thus far. Let us know if you like these extended acts in the comments down below i’m curious, to hear what you guys have to say on. As for me, it can be kind of a give and take you never know with an extended season that there’s going to be an issue of a drought of content and as far as riot’s release schedule, we’re just not really sure moving on to a smaller leak. The requirements for the leaderboard system have been data mined to qualify for the leaderboard. You have to complete a minimum of 20 ranked matches as well as hit the rank needed to even be on a top 500 leaderboard, which is of course radiant.

The leaderboard is currently unreleased, but this leak certainly helps assuage my fears about it, namely that if there weren’t harsh requirements that it would be dominated by whatever cheater broke into top 500 before getting banned, which really defeats the purpose of the leaderboard in the first place. In other news, the only information related to unreleased agents was rather small and that’s that a previously mentioned aged name still that no longer appears in the game files. Now this could mean a few things. Stealth could have been the code name for sky or riot was acting as they’ve stated, and stealth was intended to be a false, positive leak. Basically riot understands the data miners are all over their files.

The moment a patch goes live and they slip in fake information to help throw us off, which is why, regardless of what we talked about today, take it with a pinch of salt as it could ultimately be wrong regardless, we don’t know what stealth being gone signifies. Only that stealth and ice king were the previous leaked agents and, as i know all too well ice king isn’t in the game right now, so we’ll just have to wait and see and with all of that, let’s talk about the biggest leaks so far and that’s The huge dump of settings for what appears to be a mobile version of valorem. What we see here are a bunch of settings and variables from stuff about joystick sensitivity to commands activated by double tapping the left or right side of the screen. Other interesting settings here are support for gyroscope aiming functionality, which just sounds insane like humor me for a second but imagine chilling in the living room on the couch. Relaxing you whip out your trusty smartphone and boot up some good old valerian. It’S time to game in the most comfortable position you can, but you also want to be effective, you’re, not very good on the stakes, so you enable the gyro aiming it’s time to channel your inner nintendo switch, get your breath of the wild on inside of valerian And, as you see an enemy someone, you live with your mom, your dad roommate, whatever they walk in as you throw your arms to the side at the speed of sound to hit that sick nasty operator shot on the jet flank.

Honestly, that would be really really cool, but in all seriousness, mobile gaming is one of those new white whales for game devs and, to be honest, not all of them are horrible call of duty. Mobile has done huge numbers since its release and the general reception has been quite positive. I think we should keep an open mind here and see what riot wants to do with the game going forward. We’Ve of course, had leaks and info in the past. That valor will eventually go to consoles as well and frankly, i welcome any and all players to help keep the game alive and healthy plus. I just really want someone to whip out the ipad at a tournament and style on people with irl 360s like i just need to see that, with all of that being said, with act 3 out and in the wild now more than ever, getting started and ranked On the right foot is the most important thing you can do to start your grind off right, whether it’s improving your strategical approach or learning how to frag like the pros has all the resources you need to get the rank. You’Ve always wanted, and that’s all we have for today.

Are you guys excited that the possibility of events in valoran what type of event content? Would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments down below while you’re down there make sure to like the video and subscribe as well for more premium content like this, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap would like to thank you for watching, and we will see you in the next one.

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