ALL NEW Apex Legends Season 4 MAP CHANGES & *SECRET UPDATES* To World’s Edge!!


Loh, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back as you can see, the season four map has been updated quite a bit. This free main updates, but there’s also a few little unknown secret updates around the map so other than that we’re gon na get straight into this grand tour of season, fours welds edge. So, like comment subscribe hit that notification belt and we’re gon na get straight on with it, starting it all off a capital city. This is the main hot drop that this is the before, as you can see, and keep note of the snow-covered.

Well, the ice-covered building tops because look at this, the actual main building in the corner is still the same, and a lot of buildings around the edge are still the same as they were before, but the central area of Capitol City has been demolished. This tall building has been knocked over and you can actually slide down this there’s like a little ramp at the end. That gives you a massive boost and I’m pretty sure, they’ve done this on purpose, but this is just such a really cool little thing and it’s so much fun to do working our way up to the main broken building the insides are completely demolished outside you’ve got The car and the rubble inside there’s the buildings just breaking apart order, lockers or the water coolers everything’s kind of just being knocked over from the impact of it all and like the other side, you can just see all of this destruction all over the place. It’S gon na be interesting to see what we can do with this new area, but in this building next door. This used to have massive walls that honestly were really annoying to fight round and they’ve removed the walls from this building, which personally, I think this is a big improvement.

But now, let’s move on to the actual main broken fissure area. You can see like part, the ground has come up where this is the end of the fissure here, and this whole area used to be an open park. You can see the left side remains there. Now all the supply bins have been moved around the edge, but the lowest you can get is round here on the left just on this little ledge, and then you’ve got this building here that it’s just pure broken down like apocalyptic type buildings. I love this type of stuff and then you also got it. One of the main buildings just completely fell over the fissure, creating this bridge and you can go underneath. There’S a bit of floor loop down there, but on top there’s free supply bins and if you work your way up to this building. This is one of my favorite spots to land, there’s floor, loot and three supply bins and a survey beacon. But when you’ve dropped down the building, this is the underneath tunnel area. Be careful because, when you drop down here on to the lower level, it looks like there might be another platform, and I actually almost jumped off of that. The other day when I was on low health, so be careful, you don’t kill yourself.

The train station is essentially the edge of the blast radius. Well, the impact zone. This is where you can see all the glass is shattered, but the other buildings. On the other side are still the same, it’s just all the icin that has been removed and there’s just more and more supply grates than ever before. Around capital city, with the lava just be really careful if you’re on low health, because even though it does do only 25 damage, it does do a little bit more if you like, fall lower when you come up, it makes you such a sitting duck that you’re. Just gon na get rinsed like so easily unless they’re really bad shot. Now, that’s pretty much all of capital city, but over in the corner. The southeast corner you’ve got these new supply crates and a big old truck there. That used to be like in the middle here, but they’ve moved it back into the corner that was empty over there. So I’m kind of glad they did that it gave some kind of defense. The circle does like go in there every now and then, but moving on to the choke point that leads down into fuel depot. This is just one giant fissure on the right side to be very careful with that, because there’s no right side to get on.

It’S just the left, but now you don’t have to worry about that giant Tower in the middle when people camping up on top this lower end, as you make your way down is, as you can see, it’s no longer the fuel depot. It’S the planet. Harvester this place is huge and in reality you can’t actually use a lot of it, but it’s still really nice to look at a new playground to play in so getting a real, quick look at the old fuel depot before we transition in this was quite a Busy area considering it was a very normal-looking area, all common buildings, and then they thought you know what let’s make use of this an April in this giant. Planet harvester from Hammond, robotics and yeah just be careful of that red laser beam, as I said this place is gigantic. It starts at the train tracks. This is where the map changes start. That building has been changed into like these snake, like Hammond, robotic buildings and there’s free of them on each corner, one leading up to Capitol City and one leaning up to try yard. But let’s get in for a little bit of a closer look and just before we go into the actual planet, harvester there’s a little bit on the Left. We need to look at so to the left of your depot.

There used to be all of these buildings here and they’re completely gone. They’Ve only put one of the new buildings here and it is quite packed full of loot. There’S free supply bins around it, they’ve actually added a new zipline down in the water there, as you can see which it’s brilliant for getting to train yard so back to the planet Harvester. This is basically cut up into quarters and these two main quarters I’m looking at here. They actually have insides loot, balconies that you can get on top of and they’re very big hole weight areas as you go in it’s very high ceilings. You’Ve got this pipe work. You can’t actually hide up there. Yes, I’ve tried in the central area.

You’Ve got four supply bins, but you there’s a glass window covering that red beam. So you can’t accidentally kill yourself there and, as you work your way down, you’ve got the lower levels here and there’s two supply bins on either side. As you know me, I have been looking for hiding spots, trying to figure out ways to outplay people, but there is literally nothing if you find something, please let me know, but as you can see for now, it’s just about being in the right place at the Right time and at the right angle other than that there’s not much more to this area, you can’t really get any higher. This is the height limit, so it looks massive, but it’s just a few main corner buildings around the edges and then snake-like buildings that lead off to other areas. Now you can obviously use the zipline to get on top of this planet hot or not on the very top.

That would be lovely, but we can’t do that and on the sloped bits you can’t stand on them. You slide straight down, but be warned. Don’T try and be smart and get on these ledges. You will get instant killed by this. Well, not insta killed, but if you stay in it you will get instant killed and then trying to get out is very tricky when you’re knocked down and you might just end up accidentally killing yourself anyway. Now, at the back of the map, they’ve added this survey camp, this is to fill this area up because it was so empty in the circle did actually quite go here quite often, but be warned. This zipline is a one-way zipline. Once you are off of it. You can’t get back up there if you try and climb there’s like push barriers that push you off so unless your octane or par finder you’re, not gon na, be able to use it again, but, speaking of going back, we are looking at the survey camp.

This is actually chocked full of loot, there’s so much loot. Here you find the Armory’s here. The weapon racks in each building you’ll find like at least two sections of lots of floor loop and then an armory on the other end at the back. You’Ve got all these supply crates. It’S one of the few locations that has four supply crates in the circle, but pretty much every building is oh, it’s not identical, they’re all different, but they all have the same setup. They all have that bit of floor loot and they all have the weapon rack in the middle. You’Ve got these two big trucks again. They’Ve got some loot in not much as you know, but there’s four main buildings and the free we’ve seen so far. They’Re, the the good ones they’re pretty good, but this building on the west side is the one you really want to go to this four main floor: loot sections and the weapon rack on the end.

So if you want lots of loot, that’s the building. You want to land him first now finishing it up. We have the train, yard they’ve, actually added these vertical zip lines, as you can see going up, and it’s it’s so useful like to get the climbing method to get up was. It was fun and it was good to figure out and stuff, but when you’re in a battle come on, that’s a bit of a joke. So these zip lines very much going to help stop people camping up here so much when they’ve only got like a sniper when they’ve landed, but it’s only those tip two zip lines on that side. There’S no zip lines on this side and then another change they’ve made at the train yard is in the vault cave area, when you’re going up they’ve actually added another supply bin just next to the door, which personally, obviously that’s just more new great, more defence, great Bubble than that, I hope you enjoyed the video. Ladies and gentlemen, like comment subscribe, hit there notification bell and let me know anything that I may have missed myself. Any changes you’ve seen adios