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What’s up sailors and welcome back, today we’re going to be making a parallel video to the 7 potential issues that may arise in New World. This time around we’re gonna be diving into the possible solutions. At the time of this recording, I racked up a total of 1300 hours in the current version and a few hundred in the previous alpha, these are the opinions I’ve come up with in that whole time as a result. Let’s go ahead and get started… First things first, I wanted to make clear that this is not a “what they should change or tweak video, but more so what they could add to improve the current experience”. They’ve already got a boatload of feedback between the preview event and between the alpha,so this one will focus on a different side.Let’s start with the big one.

(1)More Player-vs-Environment and Player vs Player Content. Now this one is easy to throw out there, but the question is, what types of content would fit in this game? Let’s start on the instanced side. There’s been a lot of people that I’ve seen personally talk about them adding dungeons and raids into the game. I like the idea of that being added on top of the current, but I think where people start to dislike that idea is when you start wondering about a group finder.

And that’s something that I don’t think anyone wants. Me personally I would much rather prefer if they did do any kind of dungeons, or instanced content, that they follow the style of Dark of Camelot, or even their current arena system. We have to form these groups ourselves either from chat or from our guilds and go to these locations directly to enter. Then it can create the instance once everyone’s inside. Some games I remember had bulletin boards where you could advertise for that sort of thing as well. I think even that would work as long as they don’t do group finder. Of course they would need to add raids groups in addition to this, which I was really wishing for after we did that world boss run.

This would also serve as something raid groups can’t zerg down, which I did notice some of the players having an issue with. On the open world side of things though, they definitely need more open world dungeons such as mangled heights, and the malevolence tower, and also dynamic events. We know of a couple upcoming areas that haven’t been officially released yet such as queensport, and reekwater. This gives me hope that they will incorporate more areas for us to take on challenging mobs and bosses. But we also need more dynamic events guaranteed. This one I’ve been thinking about a while. I think it would be great if they added ones like merchant caravan escorts, ones where enemies are continually spawning and coming at the payload, and you have to defend it with other people that show up.

This can travel to other towns and give you a reward the longer you stay with it. Another is World Bosses, we had some fun with the current ones but they’re more like field bosses than actual world. Alongside raid groups, we need bosses that will compensate the zerging that we can do, again, take Black Desert Online for instance. Some of you know I don’t like a lot of things about it, but one thing that I can say, back when I still played, they had a hell of a boss system. The mechanics and sheer power of bosses like Red Nose, Kzarka, or I’m sure the dragon with they added it, were sure enough to stop an entire raid in it’s tracks.

We need pieces of content that are so difficult for large groups, that we need to memorize the mechanics, incorporate strategy, and faceroll our keyboards to beat. These should also by default, have a good chance to drop legendaries. Other pieces of content on the PVE side they could put in would be more PVE arenas like the spriggan, just with other bosses and hopefully more challenging mechanics, and things like NPC battles between actual Settlers of the Island, and the Ancients or the Corrupted. One thing I would really like to see is more NPCs fighting in or being apart of the world itself, even if it’s also just them walking around in the streets. We can’t be the only ones on this island and it would be nice to use them in more ways than just standing characters. On the PVP side, I’m still an advocate of – if they don’t want always open PVP servers, or endgame lawless zones, then the only other reasonable thing they could go for, would be arenas and battlegrounds.

When we have the territory wars, it can be really really fun. Some of the battles that take up the entire 30 minutes with opposition, or you manage to win in the final 5 minutes feels insane. But it doesn’t happen enough to satisfy the PVP side of the game. It’s true that they’ve been trying to focus more on the player vs environment side, since the last alpha. But this game still revolves around the faction system, the territory warfare, it’s still a very core part of the gameplay, even the opt in PVP plays a role in the Faction Missions. And that’s also how the game is advertised. But right now, even though that will attract PVPers, it’s not enough to keep them. They need pieces of content that people can engage in all day long, and get rewarded for it. The Opt In PVP isn’t enough, it’s very situational that you’ll find a good fight on even levels and numbers. I think this system would really support having arenas and battlegrounds, alongside a proper dueling system. But if they want to focus more on the open world side, there’s options for that too.

I think something that would be great either way, is an honor system. Maybe they could incorporate a leaderboard that rewards those who get top rankings, but having pvp quests and or an honor vendor with PVP gear, would be awesome in my opinion. Especially if it looks different than the crafting and dropped gear. Something to incentivize players that like to fight and give them their own form of progression. What I’ve learned about PVP players while playing these MMOs, is that including myself. They’re very easy to please. You give us like 2 or 3 different battlegrounds in New World, that you can queue for or enter all day long, maybe just a 3v3 or 5v5 arena, and that’s it, that entire side of the community would probably be satisfied for at least 6 or 8 months. You wont need to continually add more to it for it to be long-lasting, ESO only has a handful of them, I think World of Warcraft only has like 11 total, and even final fantasy 14 only has like 2 or 3 modes I think. I can only remember feast and frontlines. Something else that would be great for the open world side, is open world points of interest we can capture and fight over.

Very similar to Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodill campaigns, which to me, is exactly what New World feels like to a degree. I think because the systems are so similar in terms of the faction warfare, putting fortresses or watchtowers that we can battle for and earn rewards or influence, would be a perfect fit. Especially if you can do it all day long, adding this in conjunction to an honor vendor, would probably be a fine substitute to arenas and battlegrounds for a while. Alongside PVP based dynamic events, these would be optional of course, but the moment you enter them, they flag you. Something like that, I’d be really curious to see. (2)Next one after that would be the questing system and storyline, this one is pretty easy to talk about because a lot of people already know the solutions to both of them.

First thing of course is more dynamic questing, different types of objectives besides just go here, collect that , or go here and kill that. Which truthfully, those are very very common objectives and forms of progresion in MMOs and have been for a very long time, but I think also that there are ways they can mix it up. I’m more leaning on the side of, they need more cinematic storytelling. Start adding in cutscenes like for joining the factions, have a bunch of NPC settlers gathered up in front of the faction leader as they give a speech, or for marauders, jump have them jump into battle and make you participate. Give you an idea of each faction while adding some flare to the introduction quests. We’ve seen from the starting cutscenes that they can make some pretty good ones, I think they could really expand on this. In addition to that of course, we also need some real characters in this storyline. Isabella is one I’ve been talking about forever, because I still really want her in.

But alongside that, we don’t really have any characters on our side that could add to the experience. Most of the time you would meet characters that would grow as time passes in the world. Maybe the humble farmer you pass by and talk to for 5 hours in your starting experience later grows to become a king that you now take your main quests from. We could really use some to rally behind and help expand the lore, they’ve already mentioned that they plan on incorporating characters from the past and future of history, which is something I’m really excited for, but having some other characters in addition to that would be more than enough.

And they wouldn’t even have to voice them right away, that could always come later, if it comes at all. (3)Next thing would hands down, be more customization. I’m talking about in the Character Creator, our armor and weapon designs, our houses, getting more customization with our weapon builds, such as weapons that stack specifically off dexterity like maybe the upcoming rapier and spear, or maybe more weapons that build off intellegence and even focus, like more magic staffs, maybe some gauntlets, and other magic based weapons we could use. In addition to the greataxe, hopefully greatsword, and other weapons we’re waiting on. For the armor and weapon designs, I’ve touched on this before but since they’ve talked about how they do want to make use of past civilizations, pulling weapon and armor designs from those time periods would be awesome for me.

And I’m just guessing they want to pull more from the past as opposed to the future, even though it’d be hilarious, I don’t think we’d be seeing rocket launchers and gatling guns anytime soon. Would also be nice if we did have more tiers of gear though. Instead of just 5, maybe shooting for 6 or 7 after a big update. For the houses, so far I do like the building system, but it would be great to customize them a little more. Be able to add in walls, doors, more furniture, fishing and gathering nodes, things like that. (4)For the second to last one, this one is about world building. Another simple one because basically, all we need is more areas that feel unique, in terms of the settlements especially.

Instead of them feeling copy pasted, how about for Queensport for example, one of the ones we were able to find out about during the preview, have that be a capital city. Make it almost as big as if you took 4 or 5 cities of Everfall and smashed them together. Alongside that, having more unique areas out in the open world like maybe a fortress filled with the Ancients or Lost, and customized points of interest would be really cool. Would also be nice to get some more resource and especially crop spawns. Instead of getting a lot of them through just provision chests, give them more spots around the map, to compensate how many players per server. Some of them still don’t have spawns. (5)And the last one would be a better progression system. I’m talking more tiers of gear, better gear from crafting, PVP gear of course, and maybe even more bonuses for reaching higher levels of crafting past the soft and hard cap.

Maybe having more stages to that would further incentivize people to keep going. For the gear side, like I mentioned before, because we aren’t losing this gear due to durability breaking or full loot PVP, I feel like the economy will eventually get to a standstill where no one needs to buy tier 5 gear. Adding more tiers over time to circumvent this would be great, especially if they’re more difficult to obtain or craft each time. And maybe they could even add another sub tier like I mentioned before, where after you get rare, epic, and legendary, you could then get ascended. Which is obtained through specific methods or a very low chance in crafting, with or without a recipe. For the standing levels, we’ve e already seen that it can go pretty high. There’s been some info datamined about it, but the last public showing we had, showed that it can rise as high as 300 if you look at this footage. So that parts probably fine, on the leveling side, I’m not sure if something a like a champion point system would work here, like they have in ESO for example, or if they would increase the level cap after big updates or expansions later down the line, but the previous suggestions for gear progression, I would really love to see.But with that folks, those are the 5 main solutions we might see in New World’s future alongside the ones I would love to see.

Let me know if any of these support what you were already thinking or what you would like to see instead. Thanks so much for watching, and have wonderful night or day. Farewell..

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