Amazon’s ?NEW WORLD MMO News #2 – Enemy Factions, Combat Analysis, & Second Dev Diary Delve (1080p)


Happy Holiday everyone and welcome back to yet another day in New World MMO. This morning we finally received our second developer diary for the game, and this one was tailored specifically towards finding more about who we would be fighting in the world of aternum. I’M sure many of you, like myself, were expecting a longer video to come from this, since the delays had happened. It looks like one of the community managers has stepped in to give us a little bit of insight as to what the reason might be.

Or at least in this case, what was not the reason for them having to delay the diary Today on one of the community discords, the Germany based community manager for amazon game studios named Tosch had told us that translations specifically, was not the reason for the delay. As we all had thought, It appears that something else entirely was the cause of this Could be related to re-shoots or audio or footage failures, but we have no way to know for sure currently. Nevertheless, let’s go ahead and dive into this diary that talks about Fighting The New World Jumping straight into what we know so far. The diary starts off with both senior level designer Kim Wood and Lead UX Designer Dan Henuber, as they give us another brief introduction into the world of aternum. They state that in the world of aternum, when we first arrive, we will be at ground 0. Our ships have crashed, which totally explains why we wont be getting ship travel anytime soon and after we set landfall, we will meet others out in the world that we can either band together with fight against or die alone, without

And, of course, this is tailored towards the player vs environment, side of the game. When it comes to player, vs player that’ll be a different story. In these next scenes. We get to take a closer look into the game’s world with some places we haven’t seen before. That also includes a look at what may be an undead camp of the lost One of the entities of aternum who seem to be found mainly near shipwrecks and take up the look of undead. We then get a couple snapshots of territory owned by The Ancients, while UX Designer Hain Lee describes the life or death system of aternum When they designed aternum. She says that they wanted to create a vast and explorable world and that we will quickly realize that nothing ever really dies on this island That no soul can leave the body, and the cause of this is the powerful resource that grants immortality. That is called Azoth. Now this is a part that I wanted to touch on a bit, because I do find it to be an interesting concept, although I can certainly understand how it can sound confusing at first

Basically, what she is saying is that when you get to Aternum like we learned about before your body and your presence becomes attached to it, The azoth that runs through the land influences not only us as people but the world around it. Sometimes this can be for good, and sometimes this can be for bad, For example, as they mention later. There are 4 factions mentioned in this brief dev diary that make up the ecosystem of the island. First, we have the corrupted next, The Lost The Angry Earth and the Ancients For the corrupted. They are the exact definition of what happens when the dark side of aternum begins to take hold in us, corrupting our darkest deeds to overtake the rest of our energy to create beings of pure hatred and darkness. Time and time again, they hint at corruption being tied to the promise of power or our deepest darkest desires. The corrupted is what happens when that sort of thing becomes reality.

And then, on the opposite side of that you have the Lost, Not the Ancients, but the Lost And the reason I say this is because, as we know, and something I want to reiterate on, The Ancients of Aternum are all gone. They are long dead and we aren’t exactly sure yet what happened to them, but I’d bet every penny in my closet that the corrupted had something to do with it. What’S left of the ancients are known as Guardians. Those are the skeletal, like creatures, you’ve been seeing with the fancy head-wear, These entities are 100 % more dangerous than the lost as they are able to wield the secrets of the ancients, as we’ve seen teasers for before, and on top of that, as opposed to the Lost who represent zombies or ghouls, the Ancients have a different look to them altogether, And these guardians are, as I would guess, probably made up of the ancient civilization’s dead bodies. So, whatever power or experience they had before this, they might’ve just kept some pieces of it.

Now getting back to the Lost, we haven’t had a lot of information on who they are or what they are outside of this video, but I believe their name completely spells out where exactly they come from. I believe that the lost are us And that we are the lost when we die Think about it. These lost only seem to live near shipwrecks or near the shoreline or outer areas of the island.

And they even talk more about this during the video by stating that the lost are the soulless wretches of their game. They are people that have eternal life, but without a soul, and since our souls can’t leave our bodies, that’s what we’ll probably become when we die. They state that to become a lost, you will have had to die in some horrific way or have been a sailor. That crash landed on the island and washed ashore here. But, let’s be honest, the only kind of death we as players will be getting in. Aternum is only the horrific type, So that then begs the question of what happens to our souls when we die Well, as Hain Lee had said previously, when we die, no soul can leave the body “. It is the magical resource” that grants the power of immortality.

So, therefore, our soul would then be transferred back into the land to become Azoth, Which does also then make me wonder: are we being sent here by someone or something on purpose, to basically become power? Generators for this island, whether we like it or not, Questions for another time, I’m sure, But we being the lost when we die, does start to make even more sense, while on the corrupted side that, even though they do not dive into them during this video, I Can only assume that becoming a corrupted is what happens when you fall prey to the dark side of aternum, while still having your soul in tact And then for the ones that stand apart? The Angry Earth and the Ancients in the ecosystem of aternum? Now the ancients, as we know, of course, is the civilization that was here long long before us who are all gone and have only left guardians in their wake.

Somehow, retaining this skeletal form and not falling prey to becoming a lost like the rest of us. This may also be tied to their ability to harness azoth as they described during the diary, And even though we may or may not find out what happened to them, or why these corrupted seem to have taken over an Ancient’s ruins. The remains of their civilizations will be there Alongside tributes to them throughout the world. So, as a result, we’ll just have to embark on this journey of learning together.

And then past that we lastly have the natural order of Angry Earth itself, Which is one I’m glad we’re finally having the opportunity to dive into Starting. In this section, we get a look at a different type of what I can only imagine to be an azoth imbued resource that takes more of a nature based appearance, as opposed to corrupted or blue glow. Like we’ve seen in the past, They describe the angry earth as the pure natural power of the island, fighting back against the people who have come to corrupt it And that it will do whatever it can to expel the invaders.

We start to see different types of creatures from the angry earth, including spriggan warriors bowmen, possibly shamans, and even animals like this one, which are considered the other type of guardian of aternum, Just like the Ancients, But this one. I have no idea what to call, because, apparently not only do they take the form of those creatures, but also as monstrosities that we may or may not have seen all of yet. I can only imagine, though, that this might be one of those ( past twitter shot ), But ultimately, with this dev diary, I had a feeling that it would open up more questions than answers.

Because now I’m thinking, why are the angry earth trying to fight against us if it is our souls themselves that fuel the land and become Azoth when we die? Since that sounds like the natural order of things, you would imagine that angry earth would actually be more. Like friendly earth, instead, Unless everything was all hunky doory until somewhere along the way, these menacing corrupted showed up and crashed the party, And that’s when I believe the ancients somehow went extinct. As I talked about in my videos relating to the New World’s story, I feel like either this story makes perfect sense and we just don’t have all the pieces yet or it could be that the story in actuality makes no sense and we’re just starting to peel. It back too hard

Either way, eventually we’re going to learn what happens, And, lastly, but definitely not least right after we get a brief explanation and showcase of what looks like the corrupted breaches and how the corrupted themselves will fight back against us and invade against us from David Ver-Faille. The player experience lead for AGS alongside Dan Heuber. We get a much needed look on the absolute chaos of territory wars, Even though the showcase only lasts a total of 10 seconds. We get to take a look into a bit of how the combat system and 50 vs 50 sieges may work. This is the part right here that they could’ve extended to at least 3-5 minutes alone, and I’m sure everyone would have been more than fine with. I really hope the next dev, blog or diary does focus specifically on or include the combat aspect of the game.

Or even better, if we could get just a 6 to 10 minute game-play video of the siege system or combat system alone, that’s going to be all we need, But this current one starts off with a brief look at utter carnage being unleashed in the middle of A courtyard with people dodging and rolling all over the place, along with bullets flying everywhere And on the left side, a look at someone using a triple-fire ricochet, looking bow skill to blast on the enemy

Which tells us that combat skills or abilities for the weapons has to be a thing and on the right they seem to be defending or assaulting a capture point in the fortress. The flag appears to be resembling their company emblem from what I can see since the faction symbols that we have seen do not take the shape of a bow And a few brief points. During this, we also see what appears to be magically imbued weapons, some wielding darkness or even an ethereal light, as shown by this awesome. Looking crusader who looks like he’s about to get dunked on, We also do get a very quick look at some siege engine fire. As well as building damage shown by the burning palisade Overall, I did really enjoy the dev diary, despite it being pretty short, but I totally understand where people are coming from that want a longer showcase of the combat. I would love to see something like that too. Before launch and or beta if possible, But either way that stuff is right around the corner, so we’ll see what happens By the way. If you haven’t signed up already, they just opened up the closed alpha testing for new world so be sure to check out the website to sign up for it through your amazon account.

The invites are going out randomly and in weekly increments, from what the community says, and even if you were apart of the group of us that was in the alpha phase last year, the invites are completely random, so you might not be guaranteed access to this one. One other thing is for those of you that haven’t been following their job listings. It looks like Amazon Game Studios may have successfully filled or removed the positions for the following roles: Environmental Artist, AI Character, Designer and, of course, the Quest Designer. If those positions were filled and not removed, we may see some more questing interaction later down the line, or maybe even during the launch phase of the game, And with that folks that’ll be all the news we have currently. Let me know what you thought about the dev diary and what you’d like to see next being showcased before Beta or Launch from Amazon Game Studios.

I know there’s a lot we still probably don’t know yet. So I can imagine a lot of you having suggestions for this type of thing. Mine would certainly be more footage of the combat And, as always thank you all very much for watching and you have a good night or day and farewell..