Amazon’s ?NEW WORLD MMO Brings The HORDE|NPCs|Stream Integration? (War Analysis, Community) (1080p)


What’S going on folks and welcome back to some more New World discussion Today, we’re going to be diving into the more intense and all around chaotic side of new world with recent news, These topics will include the announced, Horde events that we’ll be encountering in the game. Alongside the possibility of seeing actual Non-playing Characters in New World and, of course, the article information that circulated regarding Twitch Integration, There’s also something I wanted to touch on regarding that specific part, but we’ll jump into that later And without further delay. Let’S go ahead and get started:

[ break ] Now, beginning with the Horde mode. If you recall, during the first Developer diary for New World Amazon Game Studios, went into a little bit of how the in-game world would try it’s best to beat back at us, Stating that not only would we have to defend and assault territory from other players, but The corrupted that arrived long before any of us as well, These huge battles are supposed to take place regularly on the servers, with hundreds upon hundreds of AI corrupted coming to attack us. There is currently some controversy around this specific feature because of the very next details. Right now, the latest article to speak about this horde mode comes from a german website.

In this article, they quote scott lane The Game Director of Amazon Game Studios. He says that even if you are not a pvp fan and do not like to be in the middle of a battle, if the AI attacks you by the hundreds and you defend yourself with other players, that is totally fun, So PVE fans can also experience what The players in alpha called our highlight the huge battles Now, while this sounds extremely awesome and something that honestly, I cannot wait to see. I do believe that part of the issue that some sandboxes have suffered in the past is that, although they usually do give you the freedom and opportunity to experience all sorts of unique encounters when it comes down to the player, vs environment aspect, they can feel very Lackluster at times,

But having a constant danger coming, not just from players but some real danger from the environment itself, especially one that may cause enemies to become brothers in arms or those who wield the woodsman’s axe or smithing hammer to pick up the blade. All of us, being united against a common enemy for survival, sounds insane. However, in terms of that controversial part I mentioned earlier pertaining to this article, they continue on to state that every territory in new world will have what’s known as a war interface, where you can see exactly when these battles are supposed to start. The article then says that there will be appointment, mechanics implemented, which means that players with larger influence in a territory are more likely to gain access to the battle. This article states that this part comes directly from Scott Lane, but the issue in the community is that, because of the way this is worded, it sounds like there may be limited slots when it comes to fighting these hordes, and on top of that it could be An instanced event:

Which, understandably, I could totally see both sides of the coin in terms of limiting slots. Some players feel that this means to join these big battles. You basically have to roll the dice with your influence and that this sounds like a lottery system of sorts. However, on the other side of that, depending on how big these siege battles are – and let’s say, we’ve got a total of about 500 players joining total with about 50 players from each settlement, just to throw a random number out there. That means that you’d have over 500 plus players going up against a horde of corrupted AI. That’S smashing at these settlements, harder than zombies in World War, Z, Credit where credit is due, that is 100 %, something you don’t see in a lot of these sandboxes

Except the golden few, like Eve Online, we wont count those beautiful titles here And to continue on that topic. If you have to limit access to something like that, I could see why the guilds in game that own the territories would want the people with the most contribution filling those slots, Because those would probably be the people best suited to actually combat the corrupted. It’S a double edged sword, all and all, but I can tell you now this Lumberyard engine they’re using sounds incredibly expansive and whatever limits we may see in the beginning of this game, I could definitely see being increased as time goes on if it’s needed. That is

But the other side of this they mention is that not only will we as people who live in the territories be able to join these battles. But this article goes into stating that Scott Lane says that streamer armies are also going to offered as a feature Which means, if you’re on the same server as a streamer. There is a button to join their group directly. Then the article starts to get a little choppy with the translation by starting off to say, “, Here’s how a streamer’s subs could go into battle with him”, but doesn’t elaborate on that point any further. This part in general, alongside the streamer spotlight topic, we’ll touch on in a second, is why there are a great deal of people wanting to wait on an official statement from amazon regarding twitch integration, And I’m here to tell you we may have actually already had one …, But let me explain, They say that, in addition to the streamer armies, New World is to offer the Streamers Spotlight feature, which is where streamers can identify, in-game or in sandbox terms, paint a big red target on their backs, which sounds a little hilarious and I’m Kind of excited to see how that plays out

And this also reveals, if you were defeated by a streamer and whether or not it was broadcast-ed live So to debrief on this subject, just reading that off the top. Some of that does make sense, Like we talked about before. Amazon, of course, does own the big purple platform, so it would only stand to reason that they would integrate their games with the streaming service itself. I’M sure some of you have seen games like elder scrolls, online and warframe do what’s called drops before, where you could tune into streamers and after watching for a certain amount of time you could earn rewards in-game

I would 100 % expect to see something like this for New World, alongside the upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO they’re working on This could be a game that they can also use not only as a flagship title, but also as a marketing tool to boost the Platform and the traffic and interaction going to it. So that’s why I at first did slightly believe that this could very well end up in the game. But after doing some more research into previous interviews that Amazon Game Studios has done with the public

I found this specific instance where they actually touch on this topic. For those of you who didn’t think that the german article was mostly or entirely correct about this streaming, integration idea you’ll want to listen to this part. This comes from an interview done by MMOHuts, who you may remember as one of the oldest MMO news sources around

This was published on Feburary 8th of 2019 and does provide a decent outlook on how they envisioned the game early on Here’s, the part in question Yup, so it does in fact sound like this was apart of the plan from the get go, But to give my Take on this, the one thing I don’t want to see happen with these streamer armies is have them be intertwined with how many people can join the horde mode in general and what I mean by that is like we said earlier. Let’S say we only get to have 50 people from each territory that can join in the horde mode. That should be completely separate from the streamers themselves, whether it’s streamers that are specifically partnered with AGS for this game or just any streamer in general. That way, it doesn’t get in the way of people that are actively contributing and deserve to get into the horde mode battle. It shouldn’t be any form of bypass As long as they are doing it in some way. Similar to that, I could see it being a start.

And to finish these topics off, we now have even more juicy details about what Amazon might be planning for this sandbox After reading. Through these, I think we’re starting to understand just how Amazon is attempting to lean more away from sandbox and more towards full, fledged MMO. With sandbox elements Recently on reddit, there was a post that went into job positions that Amazon game studios is hiring for, and after digging a bit more into this, I’ve found that not only are they already hiring more people for their iteration of Lord of the Rings Online, But for new world, specifically here’s what they’re looking for They listed for a Senior Game, Server Engineer, which was posted on October 14th, 2019, whose main roles would include things like designing this highly distributed and scalable environment for new world. Alongside measuring monitoring and improving the server stability,

Next was a Environmental artist posted on December 12th of 2018. That would mainly focus on things like laying out and building levels, telling deep and meaningful stories with the environment and building spaces, with strong visual composition and interesting gameplay space. The next two after are the more notable listings, with the first being a listing for a game ai engineer posted on November 5th 2019, which has the tasks of focusing on working with both designers and other engineers to develop and deploy new character, behaviors and features, While Also utilizing both flexible and scalable patterns to ensure a high quality, multiplayer experience And the last last one on that list is none other than a listing for a New World Quest Designer Posted on November 25th 2019, which is oh so close to where we are now And for this one we’re going to read out the entire job details in full For this role, the person would be Pitch and prototype fun and exciting.

Quests and activities for players Create and maintain design, dialogue and lore documentation, Create NPC characters and implement them in game. Own the full quest loop from design through final implementation, Work within pipelines and process to ensure quality and scope are met and maintained Collaborate with level design, UX and narrative design teams Maintain a strong creative relationship between production, design, programming and art & UX teams. So, as you can see, it sounds like Amazon Game Studios is aiming to implement some MMORPG aspects into New World.

Which is a major topic of discussion, And because of that, I ask you now: what type of quests do you think we might get or what types of quest would you like to see For me personally, since this game was first brought up as a sandbox? I just hope it doesn’t take too much away from that aspect, because sometimes questing can make playing a game feel mundane or tedious in some cases like a part time job, if there’s too many repeating ones that you have to do, I think that if they were To add this in as some sort of side mechanic like having bounty boards to go out and hunt down, NPC bandits or maybe even hostile players, if the system supports it Or gathering, quests exploration, quests and others might even be something that could work, But all in All we’ll have to see what they do with it.

No matter what happens, though, it definitely seems like Amazon is aiming to completely blind-slide the MMO market and take their place in it. We’Re going to need those new dev diaries and new gameplay footage. Asap. We’Re gon na need to see what we’re really working with on this one..

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