Apex Legends Mobile Release Date In USA


Will apex legends come to mobile? If, yes, then, what will happen to its competitors like fortnite and pubg, So wassup guys? This is the team of 64bitrage, so without wasting any further lets go for it. Mobile gamers will feel glad that CEO of EA games Andrew Wilson, confirmed that apex legends will come to mobile And his exact wordings were we’re looking at how to take the game to mobile and crossplay over time. And i also expect that this game will have tremendous value in Asia and we’re in conversations about that, and this confirms that they are working on mobile port release.

Date isn’t confirmed yet we may see this game at the end of this year, so stay tuned with this channel and we’ll tell you about it when it’ll come. One thing ea CEO said is wise: that this game will have tremendous value in Asia, because originally pubg was a pc game, but they made a port for mobile because they knew that mobile games have potential and the game was super hit, still its trending. They knew that they’ve made enough money from pc players, but now its time to earn from mobile players And then fortnite came to mobile. It didn’t get attention like pubg, but still got popular on mobile, because that game runs only on high end phones, whereas pubg runs on a mid-range phone People purchased in game skins. Whether we talk about fortnite or pubg, you know almost every player buys skins in fortnite and it leads to profit of the company.

According to a report, it is told that in-game purchases done in free games have higher revenue than paid games. Amazing fact, right and now apex legends is going to give competition to pubg, mobile and fortnite – we’re not talking about pc here, because it is paid but free on mobile, even system requirements are not revealed yet, but EA will try harder to push its game. Ea would want its game to run on every phone, but if we talk about pc’s, graphics and requirements, then it might run on flagship phones only, but by downgrading its graphics. What if they make the game run well on mid-range devices Like Pubg on pc, is a really heavy game and to make it reach wider. They released a lite version for both mobile and pc. What if EA, does the same, and else we’ll know when the company would reveal anything, and that is it for today, Do like the video and subscribe to our channel and call of duty mobile is also coming so tell us about which game you’re excited.

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