Apex Legends Wattson Abilities & MORE!!


What is going on guys? It is your boy Yogge here welcome back to a brand new video, so guys today, so that’s today, we’re gon na be talking about the new character. That’S coming into apex legends really really soon. I talked about him before in the previous video, which again was where you go. I don’t even want to get into this again. Look. My internet went out. That’S that’s what I’m sticking to again, because that’s what happened but anyways, let’s move past that before I get into this. All I want to say is that from now on, I’m really just gon na start doing Apex, legends news, videos or if something else interesting happens in any other game, maybe black, ops, 4 or a four-night. Maybe I’ll do a video on it. Maybe, but that’s for now, I’m gon na just do Apex legends videos and I’m gon na do live streams on apex and 4 night because I’m poor night I’m trying to compete in the little World Cup type shooting to film me, but so yeah, mostly gon na, Be seeing apex and fauna on the channel and yeah that’s until tomorrow, for for leaks come on so once that happens, you’re gon na be seeing a lot of that real real stunt too.

So I just wanted to clear that up. Anyways guys today, we’re gon na be talking about some of the new leaks that came up for the new character and apex legends called Watson. Now, if you guys don’t know yet, sessions has already stacked a big roster of players with like backstories and strong personalities like that are like different between each one, there’s like a whole list of them. I seen a leak somewhere. I forgot. Where was I? I might still make a video on that. I’M not completely sure. I need to find that article again, if I am gon na make a video on it, because there was a lot of names in there and yeah and they all had backstories and stuff like that. So that’ll be an interesting video to make up, but anyways today we’re gon na be talking about Watson because he has been leaked more than any other character and he might be the one coming next month. So in terms of specific information um for Watson – it’s pretty scarce – I mean there’s not really much on him.

It’S just that uh. He has this picture. I’M gon na put up on the screen, for you guys he has a jacket and it has a lightning bolt on it, which people obviously thought that you know his abilities are gon na, be electricity or he’s gon na be electricity based or has something to do With lightning or something like that, but today we actually got some hard evidence that he might actually have some electric abilities. Also, another thing that that is the beginning part of his name: wat like WTC, like you know, what’s in a lightbulb or something like that or watching a battery, so yeah, I’m gon na put the picture up on the screen here. So this is like I’m not sure if this is the main ability or like the l1 ability, but some do did put this up and said. Tesla trap question mark because I think of the names of his abilities were League, but not the actual pictures are like what it does. People just speculating about the names of his abilities, but they don’t really know yet, but we actually got some hard concrete evidence here. So these rumors and leaks are to be true. Basically what this Tesla trap would do is that um it would work in a similar way to uh the toxic trappers that are used by caustic.

If you guys know the character costing, is you just throw that on this trap? So I’m guessing? This will work the same way but um. I don’t know if it’s gon na do more damage or take people down instantly. It kind of reminds me of that. One fortnight route that they took out of the game, which was in the game of the beginning, the electricity one, if you guys are oh jeez, a full night you’ll know what I’m talking about. So his other ability that has been leaked is that Watson will be able to have like an electric fence kind of he’ll like put a pull down in one area, put another one down in another area and link both fences together and you’ll. You’Ll, be the only one that’ll be able to climb over it like, maybe if other people go through, they’ll get damaged or they’ll get knocked or whatever. That sounds really really unique. It really really cool, like people can shoot through it. It’S like a mini shield. You know I really mess with that ability. I think that’s really really cool so yeah guys that, basically it his new abilities is a Tesla trap and like an electric defense that you can link together now, this sounds really really cool again, there’s not other much more information on them or like when he’s coming To the game, some people are saying: dude, I’m saying um, hopefully either sometime this month or maybe inmate um.

I I don’t know a lot of people thing is coming through season two. I hope they released two characters or a season one because I feel like that. Would add much more content, it would keep players engaged, but um yeah. Nobody really knows, and these abilities aren’t really. You know confirmed by the people that make the game. You know all this could change is subject to change really, but nobody really knows, but again they have concrete pictures and they’ve. You know minded to the data files in order, so it’s most likely gon na happen. As for the date to win, this player has come to the game. I have no clue. Tell me when you guys think he’s gon na come in the comments down below I’m putting my bets on again either sometime this month or next month. Some people are saying June when season two kicks off, but hopefully he does come during season one. That is my hope in a bit, but yeah guys, I guess I’ll, be it for the video.

If you guys enjoyed my shiny like new, doesn’t I still do you know?

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