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Asus ROG Strix GL703G Battery Replacement


Hello, everyone and Welcome to HowFixit In this video. I gon na show you how to replace the battery in an Asus ROG Strix GL703G laptop To disassemble Asus ROG GL703G. You will need next tools: Phillips 1 screwdriver Plastic tool In the description Ill leave, links where to buy all the necessary tools. Turn the laptop over and remove the screw on the bottom cover.

Remove the four screws on the hard drive, Lift up the hard drive slightly and turn off the cable. Remove all the remaining screws on the bottom cover Next take a plastic tool and begin to open the case of laptop. I recommend using a plastic tool so as not to damage the laptop case.

When opening Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard, You can find the replacement battery for your Asus ROG GL703G laptop using this part number c41n1716. In any case, in the description under the video, I left a link where to buy a new battery for Asus ROG GL703 laptop

Well, that’s all you were on HowFixit and see you guys next time,

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