– Battle Royale games are the latest gaming craze, (upbeat music) and with that many of you have been asking if there are any Battle Royale games on Mac apart from the obvious Fortnite. That is what we are exploring today. The main list of games here is short but make sure you stay towards the end of the video as I’ll be showing a few bonus games that offer Battle Royale type servers. So, without further ado here are the Best Mac Battle Royale Games. (lively music) (lively electronic music) Starting us off at number four we have Super Animal Royale I was invited to play this upcoming game late last week and on paper it appears humble, but it is evident to me that the devs have put so much detail into this 2D game, even with small things. You drop into the map from an eagle, and instead of humans, it features animals blasting one another to be the last one standing. You can choose to be a fox, or a panda, koala, deer, tiger, and it goes on.

On the map you’ll find cool weapons, health, and armor, and I’ve been told more melee weapons and guns are also coming soon. Super Animal Royale can run on most Macs, and is set to release as an early access game on Steam sometime in October. (fox shouting) (lively music) (gun firing) – Yeah! (raccoon shouting) – Number three is ARK: Survival of The Fittest. This is or was a good Battle Royale experience, but the player base is rather small these days. The empty servers might be because Survival of The Fittest was once free-to-play, but now you have to purchase ARK: Survival Evolved to get access to it. Which sucks. The world here is actually filled with stunning landscapes and dinosaurs, and pits up to 72 players against each other. I’ve included it on this list so hopefully we can get the servers more active.

It does have rather high requirements which means you’ll need a Mac from about 2014 onwards to actually run it well. (dramatic music) (dinosaur roaring) Number two we have Crazy Justice. (upbeat music) Here is an upcoming Battle Royale experience that honestly takes far too much inspiration from Fortnite. But anyway, Crazy Justice will offer different heroes to choose from, vehicles, cross-platform play between PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and will obviously have a huge map to dive into. Crazy Justice will also have a co-op story mode. It will be a paid early access title but will eventually go to a free-to-play model.

I don’t know exactly when this game is releasing on macOS, but I expect towards the end of this year or possibly early 2019. (guns firing) Number one we have Fortnite. Without hesitation this game has become one of the most popular Mac games ever. It is worth noting that Fortnite on Mac has had optimization issues, but as of late Epic Games have improved the state of the macOS version based on my experience testing it on multiple machines. It still isn’t perfect, but it is somewhat better. Fortnite isn’t the game that put the Battle Royale genre on the radar, but it most definitely made it more prevalent. Fortnite is obviously free and will unofficially work on Macs from 2012 and up but works much better on Macs from about 2014 and up.

(guns firing) Here are four bonus games that offer a Battle Royale type server. The first game is Rust Battle Royale which is inspired by Arma 3’s Battle Royale. Unlike the normal Rust servers, you can’t craft anything and there is no hunger, thirst, or cold. The game mode is awesome, but sadly hardly anyone is playing anymore, and I had to wait like 15 to 20 minutes just to get into a game. Luckily you can play Deathmatch while you wait. (gun firing) Moving on we have Minecraft Hunger Games which was heavily inspired by the Hunger Games movie series. Matches usually start out with kits available to players which may contain food, weapons, or potions. It’s a more casual experience if you compare it to the others on this list. (thunder cracking) (gun firing) Next, we have Garry’s Mod Battle Royale. There are some Battle Royale modes for GMOD. The maps are significantly smaller than the norm and they can’t fit as many players either. I’d say, this has to with source engine’s limitations. This isn’t really a downside as it’s still fun and intense.

And our last game is Unturned, Arena mode, which has very quick matches lasting around 10 minutes or less. Plus you die really quickly in this game. You can also play on five official maps here. (guns firing) And that’s it. Those are the Best Mac Battle Royale Games. What did you think of these games? Do you wish we had more? Have I missed a game? Do you enjoy Battle Royale Games? Or are you sick of them? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments. Anyway, thanks for watching. Buh bye. .

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