BEST Magnus Moments in Dota 2 History


[Music] bottom is the shadow demon they’re fighting without him and they’re trying to break the base right now. This is a dangerous move by Vega could end up costing them fun. Extraor can seem on the back side right. Oh, no, this could be adults. The double skewer back to the tier 4 sponsor may fall here.

They get him, he’s dead for 70 seconds. That is a really long time by leshrac bloodstone standards. Now no one may get caught. Devi, unfortunately, is currently lackey to secure. He doesn’t fit. Our needs. He’S thinking about, if they have not cracked these racks Omega you’ve got a pair. It is beautiful play the follow-up. Is there disruption from solo, not going to be enough? No one comes out still has the age is still doing damage but they’re able to cut it out a boat’s gon na be careful they’re doing such a good job. Hiding him out slowly but surely Aegis, is going to, be pond. That’S definite change here.

We are Vega ready to try and pull the upset here in Game. Two. They dropped Game. One walk away. This woman’s going to beat army best RP, the cave brings it back into the static store, but the follow-up is finally there for Mama. Oh, boy, he got the second one jersey’s capsid, with the best artbeads we’ve seen old game the damage just not there. Yet they got ten seconds ten seconds to try to do as much damage as they can, but the public I want to bail out.

Do they go from the drone they’re looking for it buttocks here, so need everyone back the lurker in the front lines above this rupture debts gets disrupted for now, but I don’t know if they can kill him off. They won’t. They feel bonded to come through now. The shadow wave gardels rapist on the ground he’s got my back. Everybody buys Negus of vi’s turn to throw bodies at rags. Here we go round two fights.

Lets see if they’ve got the goods, that’s a full team, buyback Dinh Diem does not have an RP does have a refresh if he’s able to get back. In the meantime, no one caught out, that’s the RPM of the refresh. No one is down. I said nuts Philemon Navi has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat while halfway down the throat and they take the superior – are right now huge initiation there from Dendi and go back he’s going to take down his brother to the ice cross.

A fourth kill, if decided Navi now, they’re looking for in charters, they get the skewer back. The charges well, they’ve got the Dajjal Navi is doing it and Navi will get the team by destroying the side of team spirit. They’Ve got an Aegis on the internship. She has got a second life there, but they get a little burst it down again. The ice partners they’ve managed this time walked it off she’s a walking this one up. Trips can kill 50 Geronimo deletions.

Interest. Are the fighters as well? Don’T want going to come out. We can be from a boat trying to focus down the attachment they should get upon. It lead to 13 charges down, but she just have to be kidding her, oh, so the aegis he’ll be back for round two. It comes out to put the ice water. Then these seven eight against the arc in concert is gon na clip triple dippers, ichiro, Alchemist Magnus and Nick bump Nix, as well as Carl all the bolt back in the last six minutes and that’s coming down and they gon na Jam. They go fidget.

They don’t see him then they’re starting up on moon sheet. Sentry Ward’s is going to have a crack, there’s a summer bushing they can. I bring it down, beats Carnevale. Think of the hawk can’t compare no lie alive, not dead. Yet, though, feeds on the live Nets, losing life quickly fall stopped away. He’Ll live, he’ll live, but super will not, but she’s in there falls out the way super of the team they later they do and orange eSports a five-man RP after that Foreman pop speak for him.

We got chains away our Caymans George fresher available, my god, the helpee done for doing nothing. You know: okay, the Arab spirits, doing diamond scope tree protected, so it’s not like they. They picked it in reaction. Neither sells true, I don’t know it’s. It’S a was a treant magnus talking about that, like picking peel industry, that seems a little bit here. We go there. We go another fourteen hundred creek coming out for yet another kill. Obviously the media buy back in now. Pa just has to get the hell on out of there, he’s trying he’s like you know what I’ll man fight this fan.

Lancer realized. That was a lot Scott three, oh that’s that is game GG well played, is called officially this time to crack open the smoke of their own, and now it breaks it’s on the solo. Pretty dream initiation here, warlock opens did the four step, though, keep him alive. Fresno commits forwarded, it is the exit back for a moment. Do they have to kill a prince illusion? They kite it. They control, they tore it him down. Oh, holy Sh, my keys yeah, it’s nice that he got this here to talk for a fanatic.

It opens up a lot ages in hand, though [Music], also each other. I bet it’s different: full of envy, elegance, ultimate soul, so Darrow Blake, the grave Raven come out Armour. Also caught between five hits alone. Dropping as Astra CNC, radians top barracks are under attack. [Music] boy seems ready to fight around the pit said. Can he find a chance for yummy chalice on the high ground, they’re going to head into the pit? Oh, gee, they’re, confident knowing Sam and sitting there on the high ground ready with the counterplay? Are they this slide to change the record to get the killer to Japanese in the middle, using himself with the flame jouji fries surrounded, sofas, he’ll go down as well. Bushka runs into me.

Meet you happy about this. One chop down bikini was used the arm blades forward, knowing that he wants to get something out. This is giving me the bikini we’re hosting cosecant of Michael toe Amanda storm pushed by 10,000 that were ahead of Masons, then yeah, it’s really nice that they have. You know the death profit crypts, warm, plus the Magnus shock wave to go the solid that you have the stun but again the bonus. Is there we’re going to TP? They get the silence, he’s gone for the ramp, [Applause]. The counter initiate fantasy does not really have good, be pushed.

The only thing that really bring the men ready to fight tubular has to Graham himself 11 chatted later from the side, the division for which I get by back either. I’Ve was actually bought. The ego song, because they really think maybe even good, finishes about that people they’re going to heal up find that picking off but outcomes 11. They understand that if they get a big win here, they can take Roche and cheese, cheese and aegis. Looking for the leaf for [Music] get the killed us part else is going to fall, Trixie is low himself, but now Matar actually has to be careful.

Although he’s going toe-to-toe with there I’ll sit here, I’m going to back off in time be my Mickey’s back. He doesn’t ever looking to play, but I might not matter because the dragon slave and they take out through here and down ghostly, the gem has dropped. They lose the Lycan, but boy. Oh, boy,

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