BEST Way to Mod Beat Saber on Oculus Quest 2 for Custom Songs, Sabers & More (Ultimate Guide 2021)


Do you want your Beat Saber to look like this? Or this? Well, it’s possible to make it look how you want with BMBF! And they released a _massive_ new update last week. Without going too technical, this is probably the biggest visible update that offers better stability, so even if you modded already, it’s recommended to update BMBF.

If you haven’t yet, well, I can tell you that having custom songs, Sabers, or even Blocks is a ton of fun and adds variety to the game. Hey everyone! Cas here, and I’m getting many questions about Beat Saber modding and how to add mods like custom Sabers. So today, I wanted to share an ultimate guide that covers all for Oculus Quest 2. This guide should work with any version, as I include a downgrading method.

But if anything changes, I will update you, so consider subscribing for that and other VR-related content. I appreciate it. As always, timestamps are available below if you want to skip through. Now, before we enter beyond reality…. Huge thanks to the sponsor of today’s video VR Wave.

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It will tell you Developer Mode is not intended for piracy and other abuse. At the time of making this video, nobody has yet been banned for modding Beat Saber, but this may change in the future so do this at your own risk.

The other thing to consider is that if you mod Beat Saber, you may encounter more bugs than usual. Also, certain features like official multiplayer aren’t available after modding, but some of these features can be re-added with mods. However, mods can be unintentionally broken with new Beat Saber updates. So after doing this guide, please don’t update your Beat Saber until the BMBF devs tell you so.

Don’t worry about anything going wrong because you can uninstall everything using SideQuest and reinstall the Beat Saber version from the Oculus Store to go back to normal.

Ok, we’re really getting started now with… What you need: Your Quest 1 or 2 with Developer Mode enabled Beat Saber bought from the store and ready to install A PC or Android phone with SideQuest installed Step 1. Turn on Developer Mode on Quest & Download SideQuest Make sure you have Developer Mode enabled on your Quest.

You can check if you have it turned on by launching the Oculus phone app, then going to Devices > Select Your Quest 2 > Scroll Down and find Developer Mode. If you have this option and it’s toggled on, then you’re good to go to step 2. If not, you need to turn it on first before you can install & use SideQuest. I made two guides for this, which I’ll link below. One is for PC, and one is for Android Phones.

I recommend doing the PC one if you have a PC as it’s easier for this guide. Since most of you have already enabled Dev mode, I’m not going to go into this here.

So let’s move to…

Step 2. Backup Beat Saber Save Data This is an optional step for those who want to keep their scores and other settings because when you use BMBF, you will have to uninstall Beat Saber, and you may lose your saved data. So if you want to keep this, you can back this up using SideQuest. So launch SideQuest and connect your headset, click on the folder explorer icon, navigate to sdcard/Android/data/com.beatgames.

beatsaber/files, and then copying the files AvatarData.dat, PlayerData.dat, and settings.cfg to a different folder on your PC by clicking the Save icon.

If you don’t see some of these files, then you don’t have to back it up.

When you want your saved data back, just copy these three files back to this folder by clicking this Plus icon and then using Upload File To This Folder. Step 3. Install BMBF on your Quest In this step, I presume you have enabled Developer Mode on your Quest and installed SideQuest on your PC or phone as per my guides linked in step 1. – So launch SideQuest, connect your headset with a USB cable – If you already have an older version of BMBF installed, make sure to uninstall it first by going to ‘Currently Installed Apps’ > Search for BMBF in the field > Click the cogwheel > Click Uninstall App > Wait until you get a message that it’s completed. – If you’ve done that, you can search for BMBF in the SideQuest store.

– Click Install To Headset. The app should start installing immediately, and once done; you’ll see a message below or check the status using the Task List icon at the top right.

Step 4. Get The Right Beat Saber Version For BMBF Now, make sure you have bought Beat Saber in the official Quest store. If you already installed it, launch Beat Saber and check the version by looking at your feet.

Then go to the official BMBF website and check what version you need. For the current BMBF mod, you need version 1.16.4. This number may change in the future and that’s okay; just note any latest version.

Yes, v1.17 with the Skrillex music pack came out yesterday… A cool one, but at the time of making this video, it is NOT yet safe to use this version with BMBF! It will work in the future if this website changes and tells you so, but if this page hasn’t changed, then DO NOT update your Beat Saber game.

So if you’re not on the right Beat Saber version as the page says, continue watching, and I’ll explain how to downgrade. If you ARE on the correct version already, skip to the next step with the timestamps below.

So if you’re not on the right version – you have to uninstall Beat Saber. You can uninstall Beat Saber with SideQuest. Click Currently Installed Apps at the top right. Then search for Beat Saber and uninstall via here. Now, let’s get the right version via the Web Downgrader.

Open the link in the description. Then in a new tab, open and make sure you are logged in to your Quest account because the Web Downgrader needs to check if you bought Beat Saber. Yes, this no pirating! 😉 Now go back to the Web Downgrader tab, make sure Quest is selected and type in Beat Saber, click Search.

Click on Beat Saber, not the demo, but Beat Saber, this one and download the correct version by clicking on it. Today, we need 1.16.4.

Go back to SideQuest and install the .

apk you just downloaded by clicking ‘Install APK file from folder on computer. Wait until it finishes, and let’s move on to… Step 5. Double-Check Your Quest Settings If your Beat Saber game is a fresh install, make sure to run Beat Saber once. If it asks you to update your Beat Saber, do _not_ update! Click Update Later.

Then play a level and immediately fail before modding! Also, double-check your Beat Saber version by looking at your feet in the menu. Are you sure you’re on the right version? If you’ve done that, there’s one more thing to do: disabling multi-user accounts. You can find the Settings in the Oculus Quest menu at the bottom left.

Click on Quick Settings > Click on Settings at the top right corner > Go to Experimental Features, Scroll down and make sure Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing is toggled OFF here.

Once modded, you can turn this feature back on. Step 6. BMBF Time Okay, by now, you should have BMBF installed & the right Beat Saber version. Launch BMBF by opening your Quest menu, click on your ‘Apps’ > at the top right, in the drop-down, filter the apps on ‘Unknown Sources’.

Click on BMBF. – Allow permissions if it asks. It’s possible you have to relaunch BMBF after giving permission. If this doesn’t work, restart your headset and relaunch BMBF. – Scroll down and follow the instructions strictly!

– It will ask you to uninstall Beat Saber first. Just click on the beautiful pink button, and it will ask for permission. Click OK. – Now you have to patch Beat Saber, so click on the Patch button. Wait until that finishes.

This may take a minute. – Once done, it will ask you to install modded Beat Saber.

Click on the pink button again. – You will get a pop-up that says for your security your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps. Click on Settings here.

Then toggle ‘Allow From This Source’ to ON. Please make sure to do this step correctly, or it won’t work! – You can go back now with the top left arrow. Scroll down a bit, and again, click on Install Modded Beat Saber. – It’ll ask for confirmation; click on the Install button.

– Now, wait until that finishes. You may get a pop-up now that says to Restore App. Do not click on Restore here! Ignore it by clicking ‘Close.’ – If you get a pop up from BMBF itself that asks to restore songs, you can do that.

Don’t confuse this with the other pop-up 😉 – You may also encounter a crash that says ‘Package Installer isn’t responding. Just close it and restart BMBF if needed or maybe restart your headset if that doesn’t work. – Now, you should be back on the BMBF app, and you are ready to download custom songs! Step 7.

Add Custom Songs & Play!

– Now one tip, if you’ve already downloaded songs before, you can go to Tools in the BMBF app and then click ‘Reload Songs Folder,’ and it should place all songs back into the new version. – To download new songs, go to browser, and you can choose to download custom songs via Beast Saber or Beat Saver. – I’m here at the Beast section, and if you scroll down, you can find a couple of songs already. Click on the icon that looks like a little cloud with an arrow pointing down. After clicking, it may take a while before you see a green message that says the song is added.

– If you’ve added all the songs you want, make sure to click on ‘Sync to Beat Saber’, the big red button at the top right first, and wait until it finishes and shows you a green pop-up that it’s done. – But once you synced to Beat Saber, you can now start the game by clicking on the top right button or start it manually in your library. – Again, do not update the game and ignore the restore pop-up if it asks.

According to the BMBF team, this warning is more directed to pirated versions of the game, so if you’re just modding, there will likely be no consequences for ignoring it. – Then go to Solo where you can find your Custom Songs with this new icon!

Here’s a quick tip from the BMBF devs. Most maps in the top sections were created before good mapping practices were established. They recommend to try songs released between late 2019 and now to get the best custom levels experience. If you find a great one, drop a song suggestion in the comments below so that everyone can get some more tips, me included 😊 And now – Enjoy! INSTALLING MODS, CUSTOM SABERS, BLOCKS & WALLS – Start Ok!

So I wanted to include a guide on the most popular things to customize: Custom Sabers, Walls & Blocks. Let’s start. Step 1. Verify Mods To get customization working, you will need the Qosmetics mod.

But we have to check if you are ready to download mods first because you need 7 Core Mods for this to work.

– So go back to the BMBF app in your Quest headset. – Make sure to click on ‘Sync to Beat Saber’ on the top right corner if the button is bright red. – Wait until it finishes, and then go to the Mods tab. – Here, check if the 7 Core Mods are installed on your Quest. When making this video, SongDownloader and PinkCore do not show up in this list, but they should be automatically installed.

Step 2. Download Qosmetics – Okay, in BMBF, you can now go to Browser. – Then go to Get Mods. – If you scroll down, you can find Qosmetics by RedBrumbler. Click on the Blue download icon to install it.

Wait until it gives you this pop-up. – Then Sync Beat Saber to install it. You should see a pop-up that Qosmetics has been added. – If you Start Beat Saber now, you should see Qosmetics settings in the BS Settings. – There’s already a Custom Saber, Block, and Wall for you to try out.

– But of course, I’ll also explain where to find these Custom stuff in the following steps! Step 3.

Installing Custom Sabers – You can find Sabers by joining the Qosmetics Discord. Then under Finished Models, you can find the #qsabers channel. Here, look for a Saber you want.

Then download the .qsaber file. – You need to upload this file to the BMBF Web Interface. – For this, put on your headset again, launch BMBF and go to the Tools tab. – Here, at the top right, you should see ‘Accessible via Browser at’ and then a local IP address with a port number.

Make sure that this IP address is not because that won’t work. If you see this number, restart your headset and make sure you’re on the correct WiFi network as your PC.

• If you see any other IP address in BMBF, type in this exact address in a browser on your PC. Mine is… Then just press enter, and you’ll load into the Web Interface; yes, it looks exactly like the app 😉 Just remember that the Web Interface only works if you have the BMBF app launched in your Quest.

– Go to the Upload Tab here. It should already be loaded. – Drag and drop your custom Saber file here, or click on Upload Files and navigate to it. It should then start uploading to your Quest wirelessly. You should get a green pop-up that the Saber is copied to the Qosmetics sabers folder on your headset.

– Now, if you start Beat Saber again and go to the Settings by clicking the cogwheel,> then Click on Qosmetics Settings > then Sabers. Your new Saber should be here, and you can Select it! – Once selected, you’ll be able to slash boxes with your brand new Sabers when you start a song 😀 Step 4. Custom Notes / Blocks & Walls Finding Custom Bloqs or Walls is the same as with Sabers, you can find them on the Qosmetics Discord under #qbloqs for notes and #qalls for walls.

However, you can also find cool blocks and walls right in the BMBF app on your Quest.

So go to BMBF, go to Browser, then Get Models. Click Download of whatever you like. It may queue the Download. Click Sync to Beat Saber at the top right to start installing it. When it’s finished, you get the blue Start Beat Saber button again, click it to launch Beat Saber and go back to Settings, Qosmetics Settings, then check out your new Walls or Bloqs here.

And, you’re done!! If anything goes wrong with the Web Interface, you can also manually upload your custom stuff in the correct folders. You can use SideQuest’s explorer for that: You can also create your own Sabers, Bloqs and Walls, but that’s beyond the scope of this guide.

So I will link the Qosmetics Github page that includes directions on how to create your own stuff in the description below.

Definitely let me know if you make something cool, and I’ll try to check it out! And if, for some reason, something doesn’t work, then please check out the wiki page by the Beat Saber Modding Group themselves; they’ve made a great textual guide with troubleshooting tips on almost everything. For now, that’s it for this video! Hopefully, this helped you out, and if I did, I would love to see a video or screenshot of your new Beat Saber setup! Send it to me via Twitter or Instagram @casandchary and I’ll re-share the coolest ones!

Leave us a like if you found the video helpful! Thanks for being here, and a special thanks go to all our Champions, especially these Patrons down below.

As always, VR on!.

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