Hey guys what is up – and i welcome each and every one of you to a relatively quick new leak of legends video. So, as usual, every two weeks, we talk about the big changes coming to league of legends very, very soon, probably tomorrow. Actually so all that being said, i’m done, let’s just get right into it. If you enjoyed don’t forget to hit that like button, but first and foremost guys we have a there’s, there’s a bunch of stuff coming by the way this is. This is getting pretty big.

So we have, of course, the dawn bringers or the nightbringers or like the the new skin line, if you will coming out of the splash art, if you haven’t seen it yet, this is what it looks like and they actually released the in-game footage of these champions. Now and uh how they look like with their skins and stuff, so we’re gon na be taking a look at that right here. Let’S get it started, let’s go by the way, if you’re wondering who got it, it’s morgana, vex yone as dawnbringers and then lilia trinimur kane as essentially nightbringers. This is the morgana one. Of course oh people are saying.

Yoona is a legendary one, which i’m obviously very happy about. Okay, there comes vex the new champion, of course, damn it looks like ashley. I still really like your shadow. By the way, i will release vex gameplay later guys, so make sure you stay tuned for that here it is! Oh!

Yes, oh yeah! Oh oh hell yeah! Oh yes! This is backing up. Oh come on!

Give it to me! Oh yes, dude amazing! I cannot wait to play that you have no idea, i’m so excited that looks unbelievably gorgeous holy. Okay, the cane skin looks pretty sick. Also, okay, not as good as the yoni i’ll, be completely honest with you.

I think yone just completely destroys it super excited for that one, but this looks pretty good too. Hopefully they show the forms. Okay, here we go. This is the red king, oh okay, i actually kind of like that’s pretty aesthetic. That’S damn.

Aesthetic, i feel like blue, will look better, though definitely want to see blue king okay, the backing animation for wrecking oh hey, hey, okay, relax there, okay, okay, okay, blue! Can let’s check it out? Okay, i’m pretty sure it’s glitched or something or it’s just it’s like flip, so this is actually red cane. The one we just watched was blue kane, never mind, even though this one is blue and the other one is red. I’M assuming it’s like it’s uh, it’s like a reverse thing, never mind.

It was blue and then red that was kind of trippy. It says lily of course. First thing: don’t really care too much about it, but hey if you’re a literary player, it looks pretty good and then tryndamere. Oh, oh okay, kind of fierce. I mean the thing with training mirrors, there’s only so much.

You can do honestly like there’s not a whole lot of cool things. I kind of want to look at the only skin one. More time, though dude like i’m sorry but like come on. Oh my god like bro. Look at that tell me that doesn’t look unbelievably.

Like, oh, my goodness, that ultimate look look at this ultimate, though oh shh, hey, dude, that’s sick! I like that dude. That is an instant bye guys. I don’t know about you, but i am also we have championship jarvan, apparently coming in hot check it out. So if you’re wondering the championship skin well, apparently jarvan is it.

I don’t know if it was announced before or not, but it’s jarvan, it looks pretty cool. Actually i, like the aesthetic, it looks nice pretty nice. Nice, packing animation makes his own throne kind of, like zed in his uh other skin, pretty pretty cool all right following that, of course, guys. We have uh vex coming over to the pbe server today, which i did mention earlier. I will be releasing game plays up here, but in case you know it’s an up to date or whatever.

Let’S take a quick look of her uh basic rundown in the few seconds here of her abilities, the backing animation. Of course, i actually haven’t seen her backing animation, yet i still really like the shadow. I think the shadow thing was really cool. I wonder if that was hard to program anyway. Another big thing coming out of course, gon na be today guys is the legend of pentacles, the battle of pentakill right, the whole event that they’ve been teasing so far with pentakill um, essentially releasing a new album with pentakill, and everything like that.

It’S gon na be really exciting. I personally don’t have a lot of information. I don’t know exactly everything will be released and shown, etc. There will be some kind of live stream over here where you have to buy a spade. For instance, that’s going to be costuming, it apparently right some pretty cool stuff, but again the main thing i’m looking forward to.

As you know, the person that likes this kind of music is, of course, the album that should be releasing. So that’s gon na be something that’s coming out today as well, which is also obviously quite big. So again we have the new skins coming on the pbe server, which i actually might make a video for yone, i’m not sure. Yet we have the jarvan skin. We have vex coming out.

We have legend of pentacle today coming out as well, and we of course, have probably the biggest change to the balancing. I have ever seen for a long time. I’M not going to go through every single one of them, but we’ll go through some of them. So, first of all we have some buffs coming over so umbrella glaive uh. Well, actually i would say it’s a nerf.

The cost is going lower, but the lethality is going lower. I’D rather pay i’d rather pay for actual lethality personally, but i don’t know we’ll see how it feels predator, of course, with a little bit of a buff. Then you have the champion: nerfs, like aphelios ash, camille, jace, kalista lee sin getting a little bit of a nerf actually renekton and reducing his w stun uh animation duration, uh, the thresh trundle varus right getting some nerfs. Then you have my boy mundo, getting a buff. I actually like this.

I actually play mundo by the way, if i ever play top lane he’s like my champion’s, a goat, so so i’m gon na actually read this quickly. Oh, we talked about this before, where they kind of mini reworked his ultimate, but they actually brought this q only to jungle. Monsters, though, which is unfortunate, so it doesn’t help lane window too much and then, of course, a bunch of buffs coming over here right, like heist getting an e cooldown buff gang plane getting a little bit of a buff, nothing too crazy, yone getting a nice w Shield pressure champion hit by double the amount now, which is great, of course, with the skin coming out. You have to give a little bit of a buff to you, so people buy the skin, naturally just marketing 101, and then you of course, have zed right. The little buffs to uh jungles said, i think we had it for talon.

I guess it’s removed or something like that. Maybe they changed it, i’m not really sure um and then, of course, we have some champion adjustments like fizz kiana, lilia rumbletown. Here they are sort of my bad here’s where they are right. We have hyun and talon little bit of buffs to his jungle as well, and things like that so yeah, i don’t know guys a bunch of changes coming in. So let me know what you think about it down below.

If you guys enjoyed, don’t forget to hit that like button, and i will definitely catch you guys for the next video but until then peace

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