Black Desert Online – Guardian Awakening



This one says two one, two, three one, two, three: okay, welcome back to another blood test videos and this videos. I would do them right now, but this I have release um a little image of the new caste awaking and this is her awaken and this is what it going to be look like. So I have doing some research – and I found out that our weekend look like this guy right here and this guy is in the game of dynasty. Warrior 8 mm: let’s stay tuned and go watch how he used a little prep, how his use his weapon and to see okay. This might be like I’m the new class awaking.


This is just, I know, I know for sure they might do some skill or changing, or some kind of a different of animation or different affair. When was she using her awaking but to get the idea and to get the idea of how see using her own wiki this is. I got feeling to her awaking weapon. If this is her awakened weapon, then the video that we just wash there is smoke clip that we just was earlier, might be a mu, the same thing as her awaking kind of disappointment, because I was hoping for something that more stronger than that name and more Much better, but this is her awaking. This is the see. Is they gon na do some kind of changing, but on the announcement they say her awaking will come out January January 15 of of 2020.


So does it when her awaking is coming out for more? We don’t let this light share and subscribe to my channel. Are you comment down below? Are you satisfied with the awaking that they give it to her or you feel like I’ve heard this awaking is so disappointment. It doesn’t have the fun if this is her real awaking and they did not do any kind of changing. I might hurt you stick on my lawn, because long Alesi be able to way Airwalk or fry for like five seconds, and at least he holding to the blaze, which is much much better than this girl’s to awaken, unless they all suddenly do some kind of changing To her or waking or what else I will have to stick with my line comment down below what you’re thinking about her awaking see you in the next videos. Thank you. Goodbye

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