Black Desert Ranger Class Rework First Impressions; Speechless..


What’s up guys Anders here with another video. Today we are going to talk about  the Ranger class Rework on test server. This will be a quick one  and will serve more as a preview since we will see changes in the future. I’ll have a Warrior  Rework video out on the channel if you are interested in what is happening with Warrior  and other class videos will come as they release them on test server over time. For this video we’ll look at Succession and Awakening Ranger.

I’m going to give you the  gist of what you can expect from the first week of changes, but remember these are the first  sweep of changes and nothing is final till all classes receive their Reworks. So if something  is seemingly undertuned or overtuned we may see changes in the future before they go live. I’ll start with Pre-Awakened Skills and changes to Succession Ranger and  give you my impressions of the changes. For Pre-Awakening a lot of the skill  Flows are gone or combined into the base skills and base flows. Evasive Explosion Shot now only gives Iframe on the first two motions meaning  you can now longer Iframe spam so to speak with the skill.

A huge nerf in my opinion. Evasive Landing Shot now gives Superarmor, a 5 second cooldown, a lot more damage than before,  Down Attack and Down Smash modifiers and fairly low PVP damage reductions. Still don’t expect this  to deal a ton of damage or to use for SA trading. It’s simply good chip damage while disengaging. Charging Wind now has SA on Absolute.

 You now gain a held SA after charging.  The absolute version gained one more hit of damage on the last two charges. Bypassing Wind now gives 10% Crit Rate buff for 10 seconds. It has a 6 second  cooldown, though it is spammable. For Succession Nature’s Tremble now  deals a lot more damage and has a 12 second cooldown, down from 14 seconds.

 Succession Regeneration also deals more damage in PVE, though 8% less in PVP and  has a 12 second cooldown, down from 17 seconds. Succession Penetrating Wind no longer has the -2  hits reduction on PVP, so more damage in PVP. Tearing Arrow in both Absolute and Succession  now have Split Damage, meaning they no longer evenly spread damage the more enemies it hits.  This means that 70% of your damage will still go through even after 7 or more enemies are hit.

I  read that as a buff to Tearing Arrow damage.

It also now has Down Attack modifier, where it used  to have Air Attack modifier. Nice change. Blasting Gust received a similar change,  now receiving split damage. It can now also be used in a similar way as  Succession in the Absolute form as well. Succession Ultimate Blasting Gust now has  split damage and more importantly Down Attack modifier back on the skill.

Huge for PVE zones  where you can knockdown enemies. Will of the Wind now has a DP -15  debuff instead of a DP -12 debuff. Spirit Healing passive now only gives  Stamina instead of also giving Mana Recovery on the basic attack, which is an odd change. Call of the Earth now gives the 9% Accuracy Rate buff for 20 seconds to not just yourself, but  also nearby allies which is a really nice change. Awakening Ranger on the other hand  has received three new skills.

The first one is called Steppe Wind,  a Shift + Spacebar skill that is an iframe into Superarmor disengage backflip skill.

It  has a 7 second cooldown and is a fairly good skill. You cover a good distance with it and  the iframe duration is about half the animation. The second new skill is called Elemental Galaxy  and is a flow large AOE skill with no sound animation at the moment, but is Superarmor and  has an 8 second cooldown. The modifiers seem decent for the skill with high multipliers  and relatively low PVP damage reduction.

The third new skill is called Guardian Wind  and is a ranged skill with two parts. The first hit is a Frontal Guard melee kick Floating CC  in PVE only and the second hit is a small ranged AOE attack with a Stiffness CC in PVP. Guardian  Wind is on a 12 second cooldown. You can use Steppe Wind beforehand to instantly go into  the range part of the Guardian Wind skill. The new skills are not bad, but outside of  the first skill I don’t know how useful it would be for Awakened Rangers.

Having  another Superarmor trade skill in Elemental Galaxy is interesting, and the ranged half  protected CC in Guardian Wind could be useful. Wind Step is now on a 2 second cooldown,  down from 3 seconds which is a big difference. The stamina cost remains the same, but the skill  is faster on continuous use. Rushing Wind is now on a 4  second cooldown, down from 6 seconds. Wailing Wind now deals less damage overall.

 Tempest also deals less damage, but has a lower PVP damage penalty so overall  you are doing 15% less damage in PVE and around 7% less damage in PVP with the skill. Waltz of Wind is another skill with damage reduced. Elven Rage now deals more damage and now recovers HP on hit instead of Mana and has the protection  gap removed, so it should be fully protected now. Nature’s Tremble now has a 12 second cooldown  instead of 15 seconds and deals about 7% more damage in PVE,  though around 3% less in PVP as well as having a DP -20 debuff instead of the DP -15 debuff. Heavenly Knot and Piercing Wind have been incorporated into the kit  naturally to save some Skill Points.

Each of the new three skills will cost 15 Skill Points  by the way, so not a lot of cost there. And best for last, Ranger now has Back  Attack damage on all her skills. So in conclusion, Ranger Rework has  been incredibly average for the most part. Awakening received some new skills to help,  some great cooldown reductions, but compared to Warrior Awakening which received straight buffs,  it’s really strange. I don’t know what to make of it to be honest.

There is still more than 2  months before this goes live, so we could see further changes in the coming weeks.  Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let  me know what you guys think about today’s video in the comments or over on our community discord.  We’re now public and accepting new members so follow the link react to the comments to get  your member role and say hello.

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