Iffans were overloaded by the amount of detail in the Mayhem trailer, then they are sure to be blown away by the officialBorderlands 3reveal trailer. Running nearly four minutes long, there are so many hints and clues packed into this trailer that fans are having a field day processing it all. From new clues about the new vault hunters to details about the possible new villains in the highly anticipated sequel, there are a lot of things to unpack.

If the recent Borderlands 3story leaks are to be believed, then the Calypso siblings are the main antagonists forBorderlands 3. The Calypso duo, Tyreen and Troy, seem to be the heads of the Children of the Vault. While at first glance there may be a few signs for the Children of the Vault in the trailer, a closer inspection reveals Children of the Vault everywhere throughout what seems to be Pandora. In the time afterBorderlands 2, it seems that the Calypsos have taken over the wastelands and made themselves known.