What is more interesting is that Tyreen Calypso appears to be a Siren, making her an incredibly powerful and influential foe to square off against. In one of the quick-cuts, Tyreen can be seen wielding what could be her Siren powers, though the shot is easy to miss.

While Borderlandslore dictates that Sirens can only be female, it seems that Troy’s close connection to his sister may have given him some semblance of Siren ability, as he has similar Siren tattoos along his face %u2013 though they are red. He’s also equipped with a massive robotic arm, which is sure to pack a punch at close-range. It’s also worth noting that the Borderlands 3 Mask of Mayhem trailer also placed the Calypsos at the top of the mask, making them the focal point and the first thing fans were introduced to in the collage.

A new Borderlandsgame means new Vault Hunters to explore the world with. While some of Borderlands 3%u2018s new character class details leaked before the big reveal, the trailer did give some solid information about the four new heroes.

First up on the list is the new siren, Amara. It seems that at least some of her abilities will be melee focused, but she will also have a phase lock to keep enemies in place. An interesting ground-pound ability can also be seen in the trailer. Zane is known as the Operative, and is currently the one that is the most mysterious.