Gearbox is gearing up (sorry) to show off gameplay of Borderlands 3 for the first time on May 1 (today!) at 10 a.m. Technically, the March reveal trailer had gameplay footage spliced alongside cinematics, but the latest stream will include hands-on gameplay. If you%u2019re as excited for Borderlands 3 as we are, you%u2019re definitely going to want to tune in. Here%u2019s how to watch the Borderlands 3 livestream.

These features include being able to slide, destructible cover, grabbing and climbing ledges, and knocking explosive barrels towards enemies. The guns themselves have also changed, for example, some guns can now switch between different firing modes, and the manufacturers’ weapons now have additional exclusive abilities. Enemies will also scale differently for teammates of different levels in co-op sessions. For instance, a level 10 player will see enemies around their level while a level 15 teammate will see enemies of a higher level so that every player is given an appropriate challenge and reward.

The first-ever Borderlands 3 gameplay livestreams on Twitch will also serve up the first-ever opportunity to try out a new Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension that will give viewers the ability to rifle through streamers’ loadouts, backpacks, and skill trees. Maybe more importantly for those of you who like loot, it will also give viewers a chance to pick up some nice pieces of kit in a rare chest promotional event.

Gearbox has also confirmed that they have partnered with AMD as a PC hardware partner, ensuring that the game will be well optimised for Ryzen and Radeon products, and make it likely that the game will feature bespoke FreeSync 2 support, which will deliver gamers an optimal HDR experience.

New gameplay details include the ability to crouch-slide and mantle up ledges; we also got a look at some skill trees and some of the new characters and their abilities in action. Gearbox also showcased the game’s new villains, the Calypso twins, and how it (sort of) brings back Handsome Jack.

Borderlands 3 takes inspiration from Titanfall, which is always a welcome point of comparison, and it brings back Sirens%u2013who are very important in Borderlands 3’s story (which didn’t originally start out on Pandora).

Borderlands 3’s release date is set for September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more coverage of the game, and check out the video below for a recap of the highlights of what we learned during the gameplay reveal event. The original story follows.