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Breaking BATTLE LAB MODE in Fortnite


There’S a new game mode called battle labs: let’s do some science [ Music ] like for the most part. It is literally playground mode except they’ve, added a certain something you can find it in llamas. Ah, there we go friendly bot Gwinnett so like we know how BOTS work, we’ve all killed them in games and stuff, like that in custom, games used to be able to versed 100 BOTS. Well, what if you could have like a hundred BOTS all on the same team? They like we spawn a boy. It’S like a normal bite. We can watch him run around. Look out Beauty, easy he’s, so adorable yeah, you can literally make make bots that are on your team and you can make a lot of bots that are all on your team.

You can also get BOTS that you can put on the enemy team, so you can have full-on bot Wars. They will just run around and loot stuff. This they’ve actually gotten so much smarter. Since my last fought video, they can build ramps. They know how to actually hit you with bullets, now, look at them alone, they’re, so adorable I’ll. Let him go or even a BOTS smart enough not to use a burst rifle. Look at these guys, they’re, so cute, so the enemy ports will attack me as well. If I let them kill me, what if we use spawn, you know a whole bunch of friendly BOTS all right get a whole bunch of friendly BOTS out there. Let’S say we get like 20 of them: 20 friendly BOTS. You know a whole massive herd of them and then we spawn a couple enemy BOTS and turn this into a battle royale. Oh, this is an actual war right now, oh, don’t kill me. Oh, this is mad. We’Re gon na have form fought for it. Yeah sick. This is wicked, I don’t even know who’s winning. My team might be losing right now, I’m not here yeah. So this is so much cooler because, instead of versing a lobby of a hundred individual BOTS, you can have two teams or like 30 fighting each other or I as one man can fight 65 BOTS, not sure why you’d do that, there’s no there’s no way!

You’D win in any way you just die immediately all right. Well before I decide to turn this into an all-out battle royale, I want to try the dumb stuff. First, all right, we’ll start by building a sky base. All right we’ve got a sky platform. I believe this hasn’t been truly scientifically tested, but if I just storm what’s here, they should probably won’t move. I don’t think they move unless they have somewhere to go unless they can detect like some loot, that they have to go, get yeah yeah yeah. We just keep spoiling them. You can have up to 60 bytes, so we’ll just cram this whole platform, full of bots yeah, get as many up here as we can. We should have. We should be able to get 60 BOTS up here all right, so we have a whole platform full of robots all right. So this is a whole platform full of bots. Are you already no problem there over water, so my whole plan was to kill these guys via a full damage.

I didn’t realize I built half of them over water. I guess I’ll just build like a little platform under them from to hit I’m such a, but I should be the one up on that platform: yeah they’re, just staying up there right you’re, just not moving at all all right. You can see what I have designs like. This is a very elaborate way to kill BOTS five full Tammy. I love how I play games like I discover you feature it’s like: let’s kill as many things as we possibly can all right. Here we go it’s coming down, let’s get a nice little front-row seat and there they go. I was really cool. I really enjoyed that. This is why I spent 25 years getting my lab coat. Look at all those a arse. It looks like an American Walmart. It’S raining a arse hallelujah praise the mirror, I’m sorry all right so worked out. You can get shockwave grenades in this game mode. So I want to say what happens if I spawn like 60 BOTS yeah, what what [ Music ] fun it by then see ya. You decided you wanted to do that. I didn’t force you to do that all right.

I guess we have to go a little bit higher all right. Let’S try this again and try not to break the bills. Probably like 40 years that’d. Be you guys one guy for a little little trip? That’S it wife the kill fate. Yeah um, some of them survived men. Oh, I forgot shockwaves. Allow you to live! Oh aren’t you guys lucky, I’m an idiot yeah! Oh that’s so beautiful that is actually so gorgeous. All right, so we are putting the finishing touches on what I like to call the bot launcher and we go down with the bot. Let’S go it’s a race. It’S rice, the bot got stuck and I’m a champion. Yeah boy. It’S a bot coaster. Okay hold him in to get on, but I want to join them. I want to go down with him. Let’S go bot yo! Oh, you can see him bouncing at the end. Are they destroyed it sure I cleared it. I’M good, I’m good, Oh mad! This is what I put eight years in science class poor boy. I’M gon na ask mad a smash. We built ourselves a bot roller coaster, now they’ve all free to run across the landscape. We have built ourselves a little hole in the ground. Let’S trap some bots we’re doing some science experiments with robots, throw friendly BOTS in here. They won’t be able to escape a lot of bites. Lauda little BOTS, no enemy bots are only friendly boys. Look at them, they’re all confused. They have no idea. What’S going on. All right we were at the bot limit. There is 60 odd BOTS in that hole.

Good luck, Brody, my god! Oh my god, laughs, bro guard here, cop hello, Casey, plays feel against console plays. Will he make it to the grass he made to the grid? Oh, my god, you lost about three: do it get a voice? No one shoots me out of the sky 18 times in a row yeah. Okay, honestly, how is some of these guys too hot all right, there’s 65 BOTS in frenzy farm like I haven’t, truly set the Horde on myself. Yet I want to see how long I can last trying to out-build them. How long will laser beam last against Skynet? Oh, this is already not good. I already don’t like this. I will try and see how long I can survive on the roof of this house. Oh this bullet, oh, oh, oh ha ha ha! Oh they coming for me, hey guy!

This isn’t good! I’M trying to see how long I can lost No all right. Oh God, okay, you guys! Look at all the bullets. That’S insanity! This is just how am I not okay there we go finally died. Okay, I’m gon na bury myself in a present they’ll. Never find me inside the present. I can hear all their footsteps. I mean a present inside the corn. There’S no way he don’t ever fight me, so you can make the loop poles from the LT m’s like sniper shootout, solid gold, high explosives. This doesn’t give the bots those weapons, but when they go round looting, they pick up explosives all right. I’Ve given the bots about now or to loot explosives. How many of them have what they’ve completely destroyed risky reals? What? Oh? Oh, my okay, relax relax! Oh, my god, calm Dan! Oh my, oh relax! No, that’s this! This build just fit just build more. Ah, this is what it felt like when max first came into the game. Okay, there’s only so much one gingerbread can do all right see. I might not have any hope at all against these people, but what about one of the best players in the world? Mr

Fresh we’ve had fresh white BOTS before, but that was like all the BOTS also fighting each other is just like being in a bot Lobby. Sixty-Five BOTS all tamed up under mine and Bradys control and hunted fresh, get him boys get a bus he’s stuck with our votes. Put him down. I can’t beat a fresh take him down. I can’t beat fresh in a 1v1, so I invented a robot that’ll. Do it for me, Johanna boys, fresh! Your mission is to defeat the bot horde. Oh Michael, oh my god, that’s impossible. If Oh fresh, I will give you four lives. If you manage to defeat all the bots I’ll, give you $ 1,000, I’ve never been able to beat fresh at anything. I have created you as a way to destroy him. Sweat will be irrelevant, but to take your place, oh my god, Hopkins.

What to fredtrip. It’S like I did going to beat me then one p14, oh my yeah, right freshers, are down two lives right now. I love the way the, but they just destroy everything in their way and I go to live reminded bro. There’S only 62 bucks left the crap dude, oh my god. Oh my gosh one more life fresh, there’s only us 61 bucks left alright, just watches fresh get around get laid. This is all this is all it took for laser beam to be fresh in a game. It was high as 65 terminators throughout fresh is only 58 left dude. Oh he’s actually destroying a couple. Hello, Wow he’s gon na cut all of him down it’s a school nice day, US Dollars and freshy boy, no dry, you’ve been a good guy. Well, did you white come on [, Music, ]

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