BREAKING: First Credible GTA 6 GAMEPLAY details LEAKED ?? – (GTA 6 Trailer by May 2020)


Yo, what up mother lovers welcome back, and today we got the first credible, I would say: GTA 6 gameplay details all 20/20 considered this to be first of many, because it’s going down, and we also have our Rockstar employee, who did indirectly hint at the GTA upcoming Project, I will actually start this video off of a dead and let’s just get right into it, first of all, happy new year.

Secondly, if you’re new to the channel, I make Call of Duty GTA and gaming news videos if you’re interested subscribe, otherwise totally fine and if you’re excited for GTA 6 smash like if you’re not smash a dislike. But first of all I want to actually talk about this dud muffin by the name of Jim Jagger he’s a director of animation at Rockstar Games. So you know he’s credible. I mean he works with the big dogs while being under the umbrella of take two he’s making Benji’s with them, and he did put out this tweet an hour ago and it is pretty interesting, and that is the reason why I want to start this video off. But because he says the following new year: new job, why not kick the decade off in style by joining a friendly, creative environment, working on amazing projects like Red, Dead, Redemption and GTA, and obviously when he says Red, Dead, Redemption and GTA?

He just means like the current Red Dead Redemption, because, like there’s no way we’re gon na have Red Dead Redemption – three, it’s probably gon na happen, but let’s say not decade from not 10 years right, but he also says GTA, which is entrusting because he is only Talking about the current Red Dead, Redemption and GTA could be GTA, 5, GTA, online and or GTA 6.

But the the wipe that I get from this post is that they’re looking to hire more people for their current games and the current games being Red Dead, Redemption and GTA, he doesn’t specifically say GTA online nor GTA 5. So you know I’m kind of taken into account. They have what, if they’re just talking about the upcoming GTA game and the current GTA game, you know very possible thought. It was interesting thought I would share this with you, but speaking of the GTA 6 gameplay details leaked now.

This is an old post, but I will actually get you the new one, but it is important – and I want to give you the context, and I want to tell you why you should believe this, and also why you should not let your dogs out. It is important because take to actually send them these documents, which you probably have seen it. These are legal documents, nothing to fool with and in a nutshell.

Rockstar games said that they wan na be visiting South Florida Miami and they want to be there between the dates of October 14 and 18. They want to scout the place that wan na take photos, take pictures of the business interiors and whatnot, and they put this on blast by putting their twitter username as well. So you know they got a little bit of credibility because they provided the evidence right and the same day. They said that GTA 6 will take place in South Florida.

Why city and it will have nearby swans and silly small islands. It will be sent in three different eras, which is something that we heard from other sources as well like 70s, 80s, and maybe the 2000s, like. I don’t see this be like in 2020 right. I think it’s gon na be modern day as well, but it’s not gon na be like 2020 modern ish, that’s kind of like my personal assumption. Let me know how you feel about it in the comments below, but they also say that cars and buildings will change over time.

Map is bigger than GTA, 5 hurricanes could happen, and recently there was a leader, so the GTA 6 will be 40 times bigger than GTA 5, which was a clearly fake pause but check that video, because there was a leak post by an employee that was actually Deleted which I definitely believe in so I’ll link that video below and on the other hand, though, coming at the new leaks, they say that GTA 6 will not be ready in time for PS, 5 and new Xbox launch next year.

They posted that just yesterday, and you know what this gives me: a wipe that they were really going for the December 2020. I’M talking about the European developer, who did put everything on paceman and everything came through regarding the PS 5, but so far we heard nothing about GTA 6, but I do believe that the trailer will be in February, or I should say that he’s our trailer and The trailer will be by May 20 20 that supporting show Rockstar. They are hinting at it.

I did make a video a link it down below, but GTA 6 is rumored to take place in Miami, it will feature hurricanes, Gators and the map will be three times bigger, then GTA 5 and not 40 times bigger. So I believe this so many 30. Just because of their track record – and you know what three times bigger – that kind of makes sense like. Obviously, it’s not gon na be 40 times bigger, like duh, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below like and subscribe for, more check out our video on the screen and body

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