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Subscribers welcome back our buddy to a brand new video. Today we are now in day 10 of the Winterfest event, and we have some very interesting information that has just been revealed by four-night themselves related to some new presents that you guys are gon na be able to unlock so we’re gon na be diving into some New rewards showcasing what those look like and how you guys will be able to obtain those on your personal for date, account and speaking of presents.

You guys have some debugs for my supporters and if you guys want to support me further, go to the item. Shop and siphon code go sinja and if you guys do, let me know in the comments that you use my code. So I can heart your comments and additionally, this allows me to give away more gifting and as well as with vivo giveaways, so make sure to do so. If you guys want to support me so now, with only a few days remaining on the winter festive, an epic answer decided to do some very big things now, as you guys know, last year, for the 14 days of forunate events, we also received an extension where You guys were able to complete challenges and your rewards much quicker and also much longer now this week, as of last year, Epic Games came back from their break and then they decided to implement that updates we’re.

Then we would obviously be able to get some more unlocks and also just have more time to complete our challenges. But now this year they have some more interesting things planned for us, which we’ve just found out, because we have the capability of being able to go inside of the four night game files. We then know the rewards and as well as with a brand new update, that 4 nights gon na be implementing, which then is gon na be releasing all of these rewards and also then extending the Winterfest event. So with all that being said, let’s jump into it.

So, as of today, all the epic employees are back from their holiday break, and that means they’re coming back with a bunch of new and exciting ideas, because if you think about it, we haven’t seen an update since the Winter Fest event, which has been nearly three Weeks now, as you guys know, epic games always loves to come back from these breaks, to give us a bunch of cool and exciting things, and now here today we figured out what that is. So the four night game files have just been updated and they have just shown that the lightsabers are gon na be taken out on January, 7th and here’s why that date is very important but quickly.

What do you guys think about the lightsabers? Do you think they should be taken out of the game or permanently added to four nights? Definitely, let me know down below, but this means that we’re gon na be seeing a brand new and fresh update inside of for a night on Tuesday. Now this also means we’re gon na have some newly cosmetic skin, some emotes and all of that. But on top of that we should also then be seeing a bunch of event related things.

That’S gon na be happening for the end of this season because, like I said in the prior videos, this season has now been extended and that is gon na be extended up until February 16th, which is gon na be kind of interesting to see what Florida has. The store for us here in the next month and a half the brand new update, that’s added this Tuesday is gon na be called V 11.40, and this is gon na be one of the biggest updates yet of the season. Considering it’s right after the Winterfest event, we haven’t seen an update in nearly a month.

They have a bunch of stuff in store for us and that my friends is some new items extended within the new Winterfest event, which I now want to showcase. As you guys can see, when someone entered the Winterfest cabin, he was able to get a 360 view of everything that is happening inside of that cabin. Now, as you know, when you enter it, you’re only able to see the presence and the fire plants, which is just right in front of you, but from this 360 view it actually showcases that there’s stuff to the left or right, and also behind that view, which To me, this is what’s going to be happening, so, on Tuesday, once we see the brand new update implemented, we should most likely then see an extension to the Winterfest event, which would that allow players to actually unlock the challenges a little bit further and also have Some more time to do so, as well as with get off the presents inside of the cabin opened now to me, you’re gon na have the default 14 presents to still unlock, so don’t worry about that.

But I also then believe with the extension of the event. We’Re gon na be having some more additional presents on the actual left and right and behind us, because, as you know, why would f8 games do all of this, and why would they actually change all of these things inside of the cabin? If there was not more things to come, in my opinion, it seems useless to decorate the entire cabin.

If most people aren’t able to see this, only this one person was able to see all of these different things to the different angles of the cabin. So what I think is gon na be happening is they’re gon na be dropping some more and exciting event rewards once the update goes live and the way you enter the cabin should be identical to how it is now, but this is how it’s gon na change. As you know, if you click the presents to the far right and then you click the Kratt shopback bling you’re, then able to see an entirely new angle from the actual cabin.

But what I then believe is gon na happen is maybe then you’re gon na be able to click these boxes on the far right, which would then take you over to the snowboards on the side of the cabin which would then allow you to open up some Additional presents for the Winterfest event because, like I said, if they’re gon na extend the event they’re gon na be able to give us some more additional presents for you guys to a lock. So now, let’s showcase some rewards you may see inside of the winter fast extension now, as you guys can see here, is a really cool style to the cuddle team leader skin, which is the 20/20 New Year skin.

As you guys know, we had the event inside of for 10 a couple days ago, so I think implementing a new style to this would be actually very cool. Inside of the Winter Fest presents for those that own the skin. Maybe they unlock a free style. I think that’d be something really cool, because that would also incentivize people to purchase the skin if they do not own it.

So to me, that’d be a really cool present inside a four-night, which is a free style. Now, on top of that, we also have a really cool, looking pickaxe, which is called a polar pole axe which has been inside of the files for quite some time now, right around the time where we got the leak related to all the Winter Fest rewards is When this was actually released, so to me this could potentially maybe be the de 20 reward, which we lock in a few days or potentially the final reward after the extension has then been implemented for the Winter Fest event.

We’Ll have to see what happens, but to me this would be a very cool looking set and also some cool looking rewards inside of the extension of the Winter Fest event. Definitely let me know your guys’s thoughts about this now, as I was saying before, we can definitely expect a massive season and event inside a fortnight considering they delayed this season for two and a half months, meaning that this season has been almost four months long at The end of it, it’s kind of crazy to think about now. To me, it just makes me believe that forward. I wanted to perfect the season event and they also wanted to add a bunch of exciting things before the next season, so they could have more time for the brand-new season once it’s then added to the game. Now to me I think this season has been pretty cool.

Overall, it’s a pretty good success. I would say I think it’s been a little boring when it comes to new weapons added, but I think the Winter Fest event and having like unbolted weapons and guns every single day has been a little bit interesting for a gameplay. But overall it’s been a decent season, I would say the least. Definitely let me know you guys’s thoughts if you’ve been enjoying the brand new season inside of chapter 2. Now, one thing that I did yesterday, which I thought was actually kind of crazy, is, if you guys head over to your challenges and you guys go to these stretch – goals challenges if you prestige, those challenges, you’re gon na be able to unlock 800,000 xp for those Challenges now I actually unlocked one of the challenges yesterday and the question I’ve seen a lot of you guys asking me is how many levels did I go up, so I went from level 337 to level 343.

I thought I’d get more levels for eight hundred thousand XP, but I went up six levels and especially for me being over like 300. Obviously it’s a little bit as you go along, so I went up a decent amount of levels. Obviously, if you were like a low-level and you unlock, this you’d get way more levels, but overall man, I think that’s kind of cool, and I wanted to update you guys on that, just because it was something that happened, and I saw a lot of you guys.

Actually asked me about this, considering most of you probably haven’t been able to do so. I thought it was worth mentioning. Also, there’s been a very big trend called the fortnight fashion show, which a lot of you guys haven’t, asked me over on my caffeine streams. So tonight we are finally gon na be doing one of those on my streams over on caffeine, which is gon na be down in the description below. So, if you guys want to be participating in it definitely come check out the live streams. The links will be down below go over there, follow it make sure you guys have the notification bell turned on click the star, so you guys are obviously following me.

Now we’re gon na be doing some prizes for the winners I’ll announce those later on tonight, but you guys know we do a big over here on the channel I’ll just say this: it’s at least gon na be a lot of ebooks. Alright I’ll just put it at that, there’s gon na be also some other prizes and whatnot throughout that which you’re gon na be exciting, and some pretty unique rewards that I think a lot of you guys would think is cool, so I’m gon na do a fashion. Show because y’all have been asked to me for the past week now to do a fashion show so fine we’re doing a fashion.

Show caffeine TV slash ghost engine later on tonight. Make sure you guys check it out. Links will be down below. I think a lot of you guys will have some fun doing that I’m actually kind of excited to see what that turns out to be with all that being said, ladies gentlemen, let me know what you guys think of the brand-new event, and let me know your Guys’S thoughts of the new, a brand new seasonal event, that’s happening in for, and I probably here in the next two or three weeks. So let’s see what happens. Thank you all for watching.

I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give it a like subscribe to the channel with the notification bell turned down and if you guys can support me in the item shop with code go Sencha would greatly appreciate it shout out to epic for allowing me To be a partner, they’re, amazing and amazing company, and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us for 2020. Thank you all for watching I’ll catch you on the next one, peace out, [, Music, ],

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