COD Warzone Halloween Event: Everything You Need To Know In Under 3 Minutes


It’S halloween time and call of duty is getting into the spirit of things with the new haunting of verdansk event. Here are all the horrific details you need to know about all the special stuff coming to warzone and modern warfare. Multiplayer the event is called the haunting of verdansk and well. The map is haunted thanks to the new nighttime. Look, you might see ghosts on the train track, creepy dummies on the tv sets and, more matter of fact, you can dress up and scare other war zone players yourself with some new bundles. The saw bundle lets you dress up as jigsaw’s creepy doll, billy, and it comes with some special gear and blueprints too also available.

Is the texas chainsaw massacre bundle which gets you a leather face, skin plus, more gear and blueprints other bundles will be available during the event, including warzone’s own urban legend, dr karloff, while you’re running around in costume, you can participate in the trick or treat event. It’S a scavenger hunt that places 16 specially marked trick-or-treat supply boxes around the map find all 16 before the haunting of verdansk ends and you’ll. Learn yourself. The pumpkin punisher legendary assault rifle blueprint. It wouldn’t be a call of duty halloween without zombies, and you can hang out with the undead in the new zombie royal mode instead of being sent to the gulag when you die you’ll instead, respawn as a zombie zombies can’t use weapons, but they can run and Jump better than the living and they have deadly melee attacks and thermal vision too, kill two players and collect their dropped syringes to return as a human.

Once again, as mentioned before, all of this plays out in the long-awaited nighttime version of verdansk. So, no matter what mode you’re playing prepare for a much darker look as for regular multiplayer, we’re getting two new modes and more on slaughter sees squads fighting over a juggernaut suit, while snipers only features snipers only. Additionally, the capture points and domination are scarecrows. Instead of flags and the dog tags and kill confirmed, have been turned into skulls. Finally, no matter what mode you’re playing you can turn your operator’s head into a jack-o-lantern by getting three kills in a single life, we’ll be checking out all the halloween action on gamespot.

So swing by to see all the spooky sights the haunting of her dance wraps up on november 3rd and get ready for the next call of duty, not long after that black ops, cold war is out on november [, Music, ] 13th.

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