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Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard[Which is better for fps games]|ApexLegends,COD,Valorant…


Hello everyone and welcome to BraceSquad, if you are new here Hello, hello bonjour, my name is Brace , I will publish Apex Legendary videos every week, I am glad to have you here Since then, the controller, mouse and keyboard have always been important topics in the fps field I think it will be great if I give about this In the video, I will tell you all about them and help The pros and the pros and cons you decide whether to switch to either Is worth it, just a small disclaimer IM I do not seem to be a professional, I just want to share my experience, Because I am a PC player and I used to be an Xbox player. So the first thing about the controller is aiming assist Aiming assist is basically a program, controller players are easier to aim, Many people think this gives the controller player too much advantage, But I think it?s fair, because mouse and keyboard players can Aim at the entire mouse pad, and the controller?s joystick can only move so much, this Does not hide the facts.

Aiming assist is very powerful, I?m just saying it?s fair and can balance mouse and keyboard players in BR and the like Advantages obtained from the advantages, such as BR like apex , It not only involves shooting, but also factors such as movement and robbery It?s very important for you to win or lose the mouse and keyboard players to those sides A huge advantage so in my opinion It?s only fair that the controller players are aimed at Help at least balance it The second thing is that the motion controller players control their goals and actions With only two thumbs, while the mouse and keyboard players have two Complete weapons and so on, not even considered twice The mouse and keyboard are superior in sports The next thing is that due to the target assisted control players are tracking Players with mouse and keyboard are better at flicking Let me elaborate, You will see three types of goals.

Follow the leader And flick tracking just follow your target, At the same time align the crosshairs to the target. When you have target assistance Time, it will be much easier, Because it can help you stick to the target, I saw this crazy clip on Twitter and I think I should share Let?s show everyone what goal assistance can provide, So the next type of aiming is to lead lead means to lead the target And predict its movement so that when you A good example of shooting a shot precisely on the target is like someone jumping In the air, and then use a bullet gun or sniper for When they land, you will be in many montages and videos Seeing this type of lens because they are so cool and satisfying The last target I know is flicking.

Flick is switching to your target as soon as possible, For example, you might be looking at the left side of the screen, and When you flick, your goal is right , You try to catch the target as quickly as possible, And use mouse and keyboard Obviously easier, because of the high sensitivity, this That?s why games like Valorant and Counter-Strike will refocus Flick based on the goal is only to hit A lot of mouse and keyboard My penultimate point is that the controller is generally better for close contact And mouse and keyboard players are generally better at long distances , This is because the closer you are to the goal to help become stronger We have this top 1v1 match in Jmeyels last Saturday It?s interesting if you don?t know who Jmeyels is He is a great Apex Youtuber, I will link his channel in the description , In the game This is the Xbox player I hosted.

I have some games myself, and I noticed Yes, the controller is generally in a dominant position, this is because most controllers play Very smart, they know they have an advantage at close range, So most people taunt and induce the enemy to provoke them And then the controller player asserted their dominance in close combat , This is how I was eliminated too, yes, So I think the most critical point in fps games is the frame on c The upper limit of most competitive fps subtitles on urrent gen consoles?? 60fps to make the game at the lower end It runs smoother on hardware, but on a PC, its frame performance is comparable to your PC is as good, I usually run apex and many other games at a consistent 140-150 at maximum graphics settings Up to fps, even when recording gameplay instantly , The frame rate will never be lower than 130 fps, so the fps performance of the PC is superior Much, but this is before the release of the next generation game consoles ps5 and Series X, Maybe those game consoles will be able to run games as smooth as a PC, We just need to wait and see, I should also mention that because when plugging in the controller on the PC , Due to the huge difference in fps, the aiming assist effect you get Will be twice the frame rate obtained by the host, So please keep in mind, Whenever you play the controller on the PC, I want to highlight the main points.

Fourth, if you are operating on the mouse and keyboard and you are operating the controller player, Try to avoid close combat, They have an advantage cl range On the controller or mouse and keyboard, all three YOu can be beasts. All you have to do is practice and invest time, Because both have ups and downs. Two I strongly recommend learning mouse, keyboard and controller at the same time, Because it will not cause harm. In terms of both, I recognize many experts like TSM abralelie, they It?s all hybrids, and I?m also practicing to perform well on the controller, So I suggest you try it too.

One A PC is quite expensive, if your only goal is gaming, I suggest you buy a console because the next generation console is Just around the corner, their specifications look promising , Today?s video is like that. Thank you very much for watching If you like this video, please don?t forget to give it a The best way to support me and this channel, it also motivates me to make More videos, if you want to watch more videos like this, please download from Let me know in the comments below, if you have learned anything from the video, Just share the video to your friends or teammates will definitely thank you for Their thinking, If you have not subscribed yet, please subscribe last and turn on the notification, So that you never miss any other videos Hope you have a nice day in the next See you Ciao!.

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