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Crimson Desert – Is It An MMORPG? Gameplay Revealed – 2020


What’S up guys welcome back i’ve literally just woke up, so this is probably going to be pretty rough, but either way. Yesterday we had the the game awards 2020 and with that came something i’d personally been waiting for gameplay of crimson desert, which is pearl, abyss’s upcoming new game, which it’s called in mmorpg. But from what i’ve read of the comments about this trailer and what i’ve read of the the fact sheet that they sent me, maybe it isn’t but either way, let’s, let’s watch the trailer. This is apparently a very long trailer, five and a half minutes. So this should be interesting, actual in-game footage which is nice.

This is what i’ve been waiting for: [ __, ], [, __, ] cinematics by the way in trailers, just in general, they can be hype, but i want to see some gameplay show me that real [ __ ] – if this is how the game actually looks, then I’M already i’m already hard, because this looks [ __, ], incredible, [, Music ]. So some people were saying that this trailer is weird because there’s no voice acting. I’Ve obviously not watched it yet. But i’d much prefer gameplay and just show me the game, and i don’t really need people talking about it like. Let me make up my own mind about what it is. I don’t need to be. You know, have a character narrating.

What’S going on, it does look real good nice little weather effects. Oh wow that looks [ __ ] incredible. I want to see some actual combat, though, is it going to be super flashy like bdo? I wonder if they didn’t add audio into this, because they didn’t want to spoil the story: [, Music, ], the [ __ ]. Oh here we go. Oh man that fps is real bad! Oh, that fps is so bad. I mean correct me if i’m wrong here guys, the combat does look kind of cool, but what is with the like? It’S like each animation’s got like a frame break like watch this scene in particular. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it looks like every time he enters an animation. There’S like a. I don’t know the best way to describe it. It’S like the camera stops filming for a second and then it gets cut on to the end. It’S very very, not fluid in terms of the animations like like look at it. It’S like he’s, jumping out with the animation then going back into it. That’S i mean it, the game’s, probably nowhere near being done, so there’s no point really going super deep into it, but just something that’s super noticeable and the combat looks really impactful the the screen shake though, and like the motion blur and stuff like that that [ __ ] needs to go, though like there’s just too much going on on the screen. It just looks like a blur which video kinda looks like anyway, but this just looks and i’m not going to say the combat looks bad, but just the way that it’s being presented with probably the options that they’ve got turned on and the low fps and the Animations not being super polished does make it look a little bit awkward, that’s cool! That’S really: cool [, Music, ], nice, [, Music ], oh, that was that was really cool.

What was that nice to be like uh, lightning giant? So the thing is here obviously to address the elephant in the room. All they’ve shown here is single player. Footage! That’S all that they’ve shown. I mean the game does look fantastic just in terms of like if this is real gameplay, which it does look like. It is because they’re showing us it being buggy they’re, showing up as uh low fps, [ Music ] i’d. Imagine they’d have like brushed that under the carpet if it was just like a cinematic and not gameplay, but if this is actual gameplay, which i do believe it is, then at least the actual game looks fantastic. Like the fps, the motion blur the the poor animation stuff, like that, the combat being a little bit too in your face uh that should that [ __ ], will probably be options. We can turn off. Optimization will obviously come stuff like that, but the big question is obviously: is this an mmorpg? Now, let’s examine the facts, so this is what they included in the the content creator fact sheet pack, i guess whatever we’re calling it basically genre open world action adventure. Now, if we go to the crimson desert website, officially, it’s literally called, i think when you, google, crimson desert um. Let me open this on another tab, so i don’t dock to myself. If you, google, crimson desert, they’ve, actually changed it.

They’Ve actually changed it. So look here if, when we, when we look on the link for crimson desert online, this used to say up until a couple days ago, up until before this uh. This reveal this used to say crimson desert mmorpg, i’m almost 100. It did and if you look at the genre on on wiki, which obviously is not the best indication, this says massively multiplayer online role playing game now the fact that they’ve changed this to open world action. Adventure carrying it worries me a little bit. But let’s talk about what they’ve actually said and not speculate, so what they’re saying for the key features of the game? This is the only important part we really care about for this video’s purposes: open world action; adventure, not mmorpg, immersive story, with emphasis on character, development, online features, seamlessly interwoven with the main story, content and multiplayer content, fast-paced, dynamic, catching action, combat true next generation, 4k, graphics And performance breathtaking character, customization that raises the bar for the gaming industry. So what we know of the game is that we’re playing a guy in a single player story called uh.

What’S his name like done something it i mean it doesn’t really [ __ ] matter. We’Re playing a character and then we have these other characters and apparently there are multiplayer they’ve literally said: oh mackduff, that’s the character’s name. They’Ve literally said: there’s online multiplayer sieges, there’s quests, there’s world bosses and stuff like that and then they’re saying breathtaking character. Customization. That raises above the gaming industry. So, if we’re in a single player playing as this character, i’m unsure how they’re gon na add on the multiplayer facets unless they’re doing some kind of there is a single player story and then there’s an end game. After maybe you make a new character, maybe the maybe it’s like a fantasy star online. Maybe it’s a lobby based mmorpg uh. If you want to call it that gaming mmo, which some people do i’m not going to gatekeep it. Maybe it’s like that. Maybe there’s a single player and then there’s a multiplayer as well or something like that, but they are mentioning multiplayer.

They are mentioning online content and then they’re mentioning story from what i can see from the story. I’M not super disappointed that this isn’t like a full-blown bdo clone mmo and the reason for that is, we have bdo already crimson desert can be something different, and this may be something that people have been asking for. So for all the people complaining saying. Oh, it’s not a an mmo. You people, probably don’t like bdo anyway, so why the [ __ ]. Do you care yeah? If it was i’m just gon na lay out for you guys in a really simple way. If this was bdo 2.0, you wouldn’t play it. The people complaining, so you know it’s not a real mmo. You wouldn’t play it anyway, because it would be exactly like bdo they’re not going to do anything different. It’S going to be monetized out of its ass. It’S going to be really grindy. It’S still a korean game.

It’S going to have all the same problems that the game had, and it probably wouldn’t have a super focus on story or like raid, slash, dungeon content. So with them doing it like this, maybe it won’t be the perfect mmo that you want as like a a traditional mmrpg fan, but let’s keep an open mind and say that maybe it will be something different that will be enjoyable from a team that have made Already impressive mmrpg world with worlds i will say, but one world with black desert online they’ve already done good. This game probably isn’t going to be just like bdo with a shared open world, but it could still be a good game. Let’S not write it off before we know anything anything tangible about it.

This could be something that’s not getting talked about in the way it should be, and there might be some features that we we’re definitely missing. So it looks cool as a game. I’M not going to talk [ __ ] about the game. Trailer too much. It looks pretty [ __ ] good. It looks like they’ve got a epic narrative there, there’s dragons, there’s [ __, ], lightning, thunder, throwing ogre things. There’S fighting against humans. It looks kind of reminiscent of the witcher 3 in a way, so i’m definitely interested but yeah. I guess i guess that’s all we have to say thank you very much for watching. As always guys. I did wake up over the course. This video a little bit so thank you very much stay safe.

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