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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Huge Armor Mod Changes (Armaments) & Datto’s Thoughts


Hello all, yet another news update for you today, this time regarding mods, mod slots. I think there’s a lot of good in here, couple not as good, but still kind of okay, but I guess you’ll be the judge of that. Who’s ready to watch [11] minutes of mod and armor broll? Because it better be you or you are not gonna like this video. So… armor mods. One of the biggest community concerns of the past year has been making all armor mods that affect your weapons, energy neutral.

That means hand cannons, snipers, grenade launchers aren’t void, shotguns aren’t arc, autos aren’t solar, everything can be used with any armor energy type. Well, the community has gotten their wish. All of the weapon-oriented armor mods have been changed to be any energy type. In addition, all Arc Charged with Light mods now activate their second perk if you have any arc mods OR any other arc charged with light mods socketed in any other armor piece you’re wearing.

While I personally didn’t mind having to make decisions on my armor elements, this change is certainly going to make things a lot easier to manage for literally everyone who plays this game. This is great news to a lot of people and I think that’s all that really needs to be said. Fewer armor pieces needed, less farming required, less RNG, music to people’s ears I assume. However, this means that your mod inventory is gonna have a lot more pages because of normal mods and enhanced mods clogging things up. Or will it? You see, Bungie thought of that too. And that’s part of the reason why they’re completely ditching normal mods and replacing them with the enhanced versions of the mods.

The other part is because players often felt like they needed to stack multiple of the normal or even multiple of the enhanced mods to even feel like something was happening. So, instead of a normal and an enhanced, enhanced is now the new normal, and normal mods are gone. The new normal will be as strong as the current enhanced mods. As a result, the base mods’ energy costs have been adjusted upwards slightly, but they’re still lower than the equivalent Enhanced mods’ cost. Some mods will be moved around to create more competition for mod sockets. This is another great change, I can’t see a reason to be upset at this, but I do have one thing we’ll talk about at the end of the video. Less armor mod congestion in my armor mod menus, the benefits are stronger… what’s not to love? Well, allow me to bring you right back down into the depths of hell or potentially even higher into the heavens with this next piece of information.

Raid mods. Starting in Season 12, Last Wish, Garden and the new raid will drop armor that has a 5th dedicated armor mod socket that is exlusively for the mods related to that raid. Ok Datto, that sounds pretty good though, what’s bad about that? How about the fact that this is not retroactive? Last Wish and Garden armor obtained before Season 12, aka Beyond Light, will not have this socket, but at least we’ll still be able to use said mods in the socket they currently go into. And now… the big one. Anti-Taken mods from Last Wish will only function in Last Wish. Anti-Hive mods from Leviathan raids will be deprecated. Anti-Fallen raid mods from Scourge will be deprecated. Barrier Mods. Armament mods. They are basically dead. Why? Well, let’s start with the first part, the 5th mod slot. We all know how annoying it is to constantly switch back and forth between raid mods and non-raid mods. I have 2 full Garden armor sets, one with Garden mods penissssss, but from your fiance this time GET OUT and one without solely so I don’t need to swap the mods back and forth, it’s annoying.

The 5th slot makes it so I only need 1 set because the 4th slot that I normally needed to use for the raid mods can be used for anything, while that 5th slot can hold the raid mods. That’s great! That’s a great quality of life change in many ways. Now the raid mods will feel like a true bonus to your gear set as opposed to replacing your normal mods. The fact that it is not retroactive though… that’s not as great. People have been farming the raids for weeks now thinking that they’d be set for the future. And to be fair…

You still are, it’s not like whatever gear you’ve farmed is now completely irrelevant. But it is a pretty large inconvenience. I don’t know if this is an intended decision by Bungie or if this is the result of some behind the scenes engineering that just couldn’t make it work out though. Unfortunate to say the least. But let’s talk about the future non-power ammo dropping Ogre in the room. Raid mods. They’re dead. Last Wish mods aren’t, but let’s be real, they’re dead. And personally, I’m kinda happy that armaments are dead, but this is pretty much a love it or hate it decision. You’re either tired of Armaments or you love Armaments. No amount of arguments will ever change your mind, so I’m not going to try.

I think Armaments are at least top 3 in terms of reasons why Gambit is not fun. They create a lot of balance issues for designers, they have to design things in mind knowing that people could have potential unlimited power ammo. I’ll put it this way, they would’ve had to design the new raid with the knowledge that people could’ve had near unlimited power ammo and a permanent 20% damage reduction. And we wonder why Bungie can only kill us with one-shot abilities? Also, no one likes Armament mod, infinite machine gun ammo invader guy in Gambit, but I assume you knew that already, Greg.

The last note we have is the Combat mod slot. All armor released in Beyond Light, Season 12, all raid gear acquired after season 12 and all Armor 2.0 Exotic armor INCLUDING THOSE ALREADY POSSESSED BY PLAYERS will have a Combat style mod socket which will accept Charged With Light and Warmind Cell mods. This is huge for exotic armor. Often times, I found myself struggling with picking an exotic or a legendary that could fit one of those mods into my build. Now, exotics will come with an extra slot so you don’t need to pick. Could you argue that picking is part of the build design process? Sure. Do I think people are gonna be happy that they can do both? Yes. Charged With Light is going to be the future. Start mentally preparing for it. Warmind Cell mods are good too, but charged with light is really up there. A quick note here, the fact that Bungie can adjust exotics that we currently own with a slot, but not raid gear that we currently own makes me believe that this is an issue that they could not fix on the engineering side of the game.

I don’t think this was a design decision based on this, but I could be wrong. People will still be able to get Season 12 edition old raid armor before the new raid launches, unless the raid happens to launch the same day or they block people from getting old raid loot. But exotics have no power cap and legendarys do, so I assume things might be not as easy to tweak. Again, just an assumption, it could very well be a very specific decision on Bungie’s end. If only Bungie could clarify. In a tweet. Soon. Finally, all armor 2.0 armor obtained during Season 8-11 are having their seasonal mod socket turned into a legacy mod socket that can fit all charged with light, warmind cell, nightmare hunt, Garden and Last Wish mods. This was done likely because gear from older seasons is going to be outdated during the year and having to micromanage outdated gear would’ve been really stupid. Having to fix that slot every time a new season rolls around also would’ve been really cumbersome for Bungie. So, screw it, they’re all merged, no more memorizing what armor gets what mods, they get them all.

The only thing that is a little worrysome to me is the loss of decision making. A lot of these changes make it so you don’t really have to make decisions anymore. You just get everything, you don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to think about elemental types, energy types, stacking certain mods, exotics vs. legendaries, you don’t need to think about that stuff anymore. There are definitely plenty of decisions you still need to make in the game, what KIND of build, what mods go in the build, what am I sacrificing when I do X vs. Y, but you could argue that a lot of the more annoying or less player friendly decisions were the decisions that were toned down or removed. That’s the mod news video. Thanks for watching. Oh also, quick sponsored shoutout, you can now use code Datto at checkout for ASTRO as opposed to the link that I plug.

Or both. Or the link, it’s your choice. Also evolvepcs.gg, code Datto. Aight, I’m done, bye..

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