Festival of the Lost is HERE, are we back to Festival of the Cost status? How you feeling about it… me? Eh, you know. It’s fine. It’s not bad. Thanks for watching. Seriously, that’s all I really have to say about it, but we can chat a little bit I guess. Festival of the Lost brings some silly masks, a murder mystery which doesn’t come out until the 30th, the Haunted Forest activity and, of course, lots of new cosmetic, aka microtransactions. Let’s get that out of the way first. I think now that you can actually earn engrams through gameplay, I’m fine with seeing event specific micros. That was an issue with The Dawning 2017, we didn’t actually have Festival of the Lost in 2017, where you didn’t actually get engrams from completing a level. Not to mention all of the other microtransaction issues we had from the first 3 months of the game. If you recall, things were BAD back then with the microtransactions, like really, really bad. There’s a lot more forgiveness potential and even apathy towards micros when the game is in a good state and that’s pretty much what we’re experiencing here.

Game is good, I get holiday engrams when I level, so it’s fine. If people really want to buy engrams, go for it, but I don’t feel pressured to buy anything because I know I’m playing enough where I can probably get most items anyway. You should at least do the starter quest because you will get a free Fighting Lion with the catalyst for it, so grab that. The major activity of Festival of the Lost is the Haunted Forest, where you get 15 minutes to get as far into the forest as possible. The farther in you get, the harder it gets via modifiers. You’ll get a negative modifier, then eventually 2 negative, then 3… then 4… you get it. It’s an activity that actually makes some use of the Infinite Loading Zone. It’s a fun thing to do to see how far you can get in it, my best run was to 11, did it for an hour or two.

It’s definitely not something that is going to keep your attention for the 3 weeks that it’s here, but it was a fun time trying to get to the higher floors and seeing how far you could go. You only need to get to floor 7 for the triumph, of which Festival of the Lost has a full set of triumphs to go accomplish, which I think is nice to have. Is it anything super crazy? Nah, but I think you could turn this into something more where you could potentially just let the place scale up nearly infinitely and letting people see how far they can get with rewards attached. I guess my only complaint about how it is right now is that RNG can sometimes decide how fast you can go. Getting easy bosses back to back is a huge speed boost and ammo saver, but getting multiple tanky bosses can really slow you down. BUT, making it the same every time would be kinda boring. I dunno, it was fun, but nothing insane, fitting for a holiday event I suppose. If you’re looking for the super bro hot gamer tips, biggest things are: keep moving, kill everything and don’t manually res yoruself, let someone res you.

The reason is because if you die and aren’t revived by someone, you will spawn at the beginning, which is a big time waste. Ideally, at least I think it’s not bad, you should have 1 person running ahead to continue to spawn in enemies while the other two slay the adds. Having someone with a good power weapon to take care of daemons, along with the proper bonus on the helm is also really good. The goal is to get to 100% on that meter which is done by killing adds, nothing else matters, so you should try to clear everything, especially daemons because they give much more percentage. I’m not sure which strategy is best yet: going heavy with add-slaying supers, like Arcstrider, or going with boss-slaying supers. The bosses will easily chew up a lot of time, in this run, it was me on Melting Point duty, with 2 Blade Barrage hunters and we just annihilated bosses, but our forest segments were a little slow. Just keep moving. Also, be mindful of the modifiers that are active, last thing you want is to be instagibbed by a thrall, especially if you’re the one out in front. There are some rewards attached to the triumphs as well to make this feel like an all inclusive event.

The only reward from doing the Haunted Forest are the souls you get at the end, 1 per floor you complete, with a chance to find a chest in the actual forest which rewards a couple of souls, which you use to buy the Horror Story auto rifle and the other masks. Bounties all give 1 soul… which feels bad, 1 soul? I suppose the weekly makes up for it, giving 40 souls, where you need to complete 15 daily bounties to get it done. The Horror Story auto rifle is a Zen Moment/Rampage Origin Story auto rifle. Is that good? Yeah, it’s not bad. Do you desperately need it? Probably not, you’ll come across something else in the future most likely. Note that you can’t infuse the Horror Story auto rifle into other gear, but I assume it’ll act like any other high level item in order to boost your future drops.\par Masks have benefits that help you in the Haunted Forest, giving different perks depending on the name of the buff you have active, but they’re only active in the Forest obviously.

Pro-tip, if you have a mask with the heavy ammo finder buff, make sure you don’t have heavy ammo finder on any other pieces of gear active because the other pieces of armor will break the mask ammo finder perk, at least as of this video. Yeah, I don’t really have too much to say on Festival of the Lost. When Bungie first revealed what it was going to be, my main thought was, “aight, that seems exactly in line with what I expect a holiday event like Festival of the Lost to contain,” with a little bit of intrigue on the Haunted Forest. Played Haunted Forest and my thoughts didn’t really change. If I were to sum up my thoughts quickly, it would be, “ehhh, it’s fine. it’s not bad.” It is what I was expecting it to be, a fun little halloween event with some achievements and some cosmetics. Not much more, not much less and I dont’ think it needed to be this huge thing anyway, nor do I think it was designed to be such a thing.

We still have one more thing coming on the 30th and I’ll cover that individually if I need to, so there’s still a chance for a surprise. But otherwise, yeah, not much to really say from my end. I wish I could talk more, but I feel like this event is pretty self-explanatory. So, NOW thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time. .

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