Destiny Curse of Osiris: Fighting Lion – Is It Good Now?


Fighting lion is destiny twos, most infamous weapon, mainly known for being terrible, but in the curse of Osiris update, they got a buff increasing its damage and generating ammo instead of pulling it from your inventory. So how is it doing now? Well, let’s talk about the core experience of fighting lion and using it how it’s supposed to work is you shoot a grenade splash, a bunch of damage everywhere, switch to a primary finish off the target and swap back to your grenade launcher to shoot again. Rinse repeat – and this did end up working pre, buff you’re, seeing basically one of the only clips I ever bothered to get of fighting lion functioning in this way. The issue was that it felt like it hit like a wet noodle in content that actually mattered with the damage buff.

We seem to have a bit of a problem because now, at least against these same random enemies in the etz, they are outright killed by the grenade launcher, which I guess is good. But if we’re talking about the synergy of the gun, then that’s actually kind of bad. If you kill the target, then you can’t hit it with any more damage to replenish your fighting lion. However, two good things: one, the increased damage, makes the effect we’re looking for better in higher-level content or content that actually matters. If you take this into the heroic strike, playlist and play smart, you are gon na have a very fun time with it too. If you outright kill your target, but then kill a different target quickly, even if it wasn’t damaged by fighting lion, you will still get the ammo to replenish.

I don’t know if that was the case. Pre buff, and I also don’t know if this is a bug or not. It seems like the conditions that fighting lion is tracking, are hit a target with a grenade and then kill another target with a gun and then, as long as you meet both of those criteria, you’re good, the increased damage was letting me one-shot red health bar enemies With shields in things like the normal mercury adventures, which I believe are 250 power level enemies now it doesn’t take much to kill those targets in the first place, but an instant speed kill is about as good as it gets. Heroic adventures will get little bit easier to manage, with fighting line as levels go up in the heroic strike. Playlist you’re not gon na be one shotting stuff, even if they have a void shield, but you will be doing enough damage to shoot a grenade switch to your primary kill them and you will have a new grenade waiting. The main issues you’re going to run into with fighting Lyon are pretty obvious. One you got to hit those shots missing. A grenade is brutal. I personally go for direct impact, hits on all targets, but it is a bouncing grenade. So you do have a chance to hit a target in the background. If you miss I’m terrible with bouncing grenades, I’d much prefer it just explode on impact.

So, if you’re, better with bouncing grenades, that’s great issue number two running out of primary ammo: nothing kills the high of smashing through enemies like an empty primary weapon. Titans, however, can utilize peacekeepers and an SMG to maybe have full SMG mo the entire time. You will have to play it a pretty close range though, but you’ll always have a full magazine of shots, which was ultimately my biggest issue. Number three is playing with other people. This is a great solo activity weapon, because you’re gon na have all the kills. For yourself, but if you’re rolling with a team, speeding through strikes or heroic anything, then you’re not really gon na get the opportunity to use this at its full potential. Not to mention that, if you don’t get the killing blow required to reload to fighting lion, you do not get the ammo, it does not work on assists. I tried this in the normal mode of Leviathan and it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t spectacular either.

I’D say: the gauntlet is where this is going to succeed, the most, because there are actually enemies bunched up and you can chain those shots, much more easily Royal pools and you can get a kill or two here and there. But it’s not a game changer and beasts yeah, you don’t need it. It has potential for callous, but if you’re doing a two throne for mind’s eye strategy, even on normal mode, if you fall behind at all, you’re gon na run into problems, especially if you’re not using your supers supers, are probably just gon na, be better for Calais. We’Ll see if this has any potential in eater of worlds, so is fighting lion good. Now I could say with a little bit of confidence that, yes, it is some level of good. Now it’s maybe not a top-tier god-tier weapon, but it’s definitely better and it’s something you can break out in those mid-level activities and have a bunch of fun with give it a shot. I think you might like it a little bit more now, thanks for watching I’ll, see you next time.

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