Did the Pok?mon Twitter Leak a Direct Announcement? Now Deleted Tweet Shows New Sword & Shield Form


[ Applause, ], [, Music, ], hey everyone, Derek here – are the quick news update on Pokemon as something rather curious has happened on Twitter, one of the official Pokemon Twitter accounts, specifically at play, Pokemon, which focuses on the gameplay of the different Pokemon games, whether it’s the Video games, the trading card game, the mobile games or anything in between they show off some tips and talk about what players can do within these games.

However, this time the Twitter account may have tweeted out something a little earlier than they intended because they showed off a gift that featured a pink gastrin which isn’t actually available in sword and shield. Yet gasps trade on itself can be found within the game, but only the blue version – and this was scream capped by filly, beats you on twitter, so yeah. It’S definitely a mistake on their part, and what it seems to be implying, especially with a new direct coming in tomorrow, is that we might see new Pokemon within the game. However, it’s hard to say whether they’re gon na be brand new Pokemon.

As we said, gasher dawn was already in the game, just not the pink version and we did have an earlier tweet from Pokemon that featured both gallery’ and Ponyta and Kanto nyan ponyta, the latter of which isn’t actually available to catch within sword and shield. So it’s possible that the direct tomorrow will include new Pokemon within sword and shield, maybe not brand new ones that were done, the game already, but at least variations that weren’t featured yet.

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